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Characters that I adore

My top 5 favourite characters. I guess it's kinda pointless since I only have like 10 on my loved characters list, but I felt like ranking them anyway.

Interesting, unique and short anime

Just a small list of short anime that I enjoyed and would recommend to people who like weird and/or unique anime. Most of these are under an hour long so you won't feel like you've wasted much time even if you don't really enjoy them. I'll...

My top 10 favourite manga

This list is currently under construction. I've just recently started buying manga again so I plan on updating this and expanding it once I complete a few more titles. As with my anime list, I want to limit this to stuff I've completed...

My top 20 favourite anime series

Only listing the stuff I've completed (with the exception of Hunter x Hunter) Does not include Movies, short films, single episode OVAs, etc.