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Series I'm scared to start/continue

28 NOV

Bleach: Right now I only plan on finishing season three. The series almost ends perfectly there (I'll just pretend that Aizen dies of pneumonia or something) and I really don't want to have to go through all the horribly long filler arcs. Even the main arcs feel like they aren't going anywhere...

Naruto: Another long series that I would consider watching if it weren't for the horrible filler arcs and the fillers that end the series. Seriously, I know there's a sequel, but ending a series with filler is just lame...

One Piece: All I hear about this series is how great it is and judging from the random chapters I've read in Shonen Jump that's most likely true. I've started it, but I'm already so familiar with the first 40 or so episodes that they're now kind of boring to sit through... I can't skip episodes but I really just want to get to the good stuff...

Dragonball Z: Season 1 just reminded me of how the anime stretches fights out for an ungodly number of episodes... I would like to get to the end of the Cell arc though. I suppose I could just start Kai but... blue Popo... Noooooo!

The Prince of Tennis: Got the first boxset but damn, this series is way longer than I expected it to be. Honestly, it doesn't seem as interesting as other sprots series like Slam Dunk and Eyeshield21. I prefer rooting for the inexperienced rookie, not some cocky kid who's already an expert...

And that's all I can think of for now.

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griffioen avatar griffioen
Nov 30, 2011

Well it could by that my love for one piece is speaking. But u should definitely watch that, don't be afraid it will become awesome. Things that I always wonder about is people who don't want to watch series because they have so much fillers. I mean it is their own choice, but you can skip them. Well anyway I have never been bothered by that. It is more that I need more of those long anime's that I can watch for a few weeks and be totally addicted to it.

chii avatar chii
Nov 28, 2011

lol i see a fear of long anime trend here :P

phnsr avatar phnsr
Nov 28, 2011

This looks like the list of stuff I'd never even bother with, since they're too long and I know they're filled with filler to the max (there's some Eyeshield 21 for your enjoyment, since I'm watching that currently :)). The only exception is DBZ, which doesn't have that much filler, but has the longest fights in the history of the universe. Go Kai, it's much better.

turtleduck avatar turtleduck
Nov 28, 2011

I loved watching Naruto because its what started my obssession with anime but then somewhere after the 126 episode I was unable to contiue watching it. Then Naruto: Shippuden came out and I followed that up to episode 56. The manga is better because it doesn't spend a whole episode on something that could be done in like 10 min. Its dragging on too long I am also scared to continue the series.

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