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My rating system


Because why not?

I typically base my ratings on how much I enjoyed the series/movie and how good I felt it actually was. So even something that I'm not really fond of can get a high rating from me.

5/5: I reserve this rating for my favourite series and movie. They have to not only be awesome but also be very inspirational to me. The series and movie stick with me long after I watch them and they simply hold a special place in my heart.

4.5/5: These series are excellent. They have no major issues and are pretty much perfect to me. The characters are well developed, the story is interesting and the music and animation are great as well.

4/5: Not perfect, but still a really great series overall. It may have a few minor problems here and there but nothing too serious.

3.5/5: A good series. A few more noticable flaws and maybe a few boring moments but still an anime worth watching.

3/5: It's fine.  The problems are much more noticable and I may struggle to get through a few episodes occasionally. The positives still outway the negatives here though and I still enjoy it.

2.5/5: Meh. That's about it. I also reserve this rating for series that I can't come up with a proper rating for, like with Popee the Performer.

2/5: Kinda sucks but there are still a few good things to appreciate. I'd suggest skipping it though.

1.5/5: It sucks... that is all.



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