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Love and hate

19 OCT

Every once in a while a character comes along who both intrigues and infuriates me. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's come across them. The characters who you can't decide if you like them or not or have qualities you like as well as qualities that piss you right off. Here are five characters that have this effect on me...

5. Cid from Devil May Cry: Oh Cid, even though you were a hideous, weak and evil demon I still found you to at least be kind of amusing. Of course that changed during the finale when I found out he was the main villain... Bullshit! This guy has henchman qualities only, he didn't deserve to be the final bad guy...


4. Road from D. Gray-Man: I absolutely love her design but I'm torn on her personality. On one hand she's a dark, twisted and immature girl, while on the other... she's just a total bitch who I kinda want to punch.


3. Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo: I like her when she's going insane, fighting with Ryoko, or acting in a manner that she usually abhors. Unfortunately she's constantly reminding everyone that she's a goddamn princess or acting incredibly self righteous.


2. Bianchi from Reborn!: I absolutely despise the constantly repeated gags involving this character. They make her come off as a total idiot. She seriously can't tell that Lambo isn't her ex-boyfriend (who she already killed) or that she makes her brother feel sick? And don't get me started on this so called "poison cooking." If people can tell that the food is poisoned, you're doing it wrong.


1.Light Yagami: Yeah, yeah, I know. This guy is my second most hated character but I already admitted to him being a great villain and I can't bring myself to overlook that. There's also the Light from when he gave up the book. This is the Light that I liked, the one who was usure of himself and questioned whether or not he was Kira. I especially loved seeing him work togethor with L. It really makes me wonder which Light was his true self. Perhaps the book has some dark effect over the human mind... Or maybe he was just in denial...


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