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25 MAY

So I finally finished both seasons of Seikon no Qwaser... Worst fucking series I've ever seen! There's just so much wrong with this show that I don't even know where to begin... The premise of using breast milk as some sort of power source is probably the worst part. It's just an excuse to have boobs being sucked on screen constantly. It's incredibly wierd and stupid... The characters are all painfully cliche or simply unbearable to watch and the plot was pretty much non-existant (especially in the second season.) The animation and music were both really good though... but that just pisses me off more because they are far too good for this series... The censored version is also atrocious. I ended up watching a few of episodes like that and it wasn't much better. The censoring seems completely random and is done in the worst ways possible. Half the time it looks like people are glowing randomly and you usually can't see what's going on at all. Other times it's only the censored areas that glow or random bars of light cover everything up. It just doesn't make any sense considering the content. Either way both versions were hard on my eyes... Luckily I had Fullmetal Alchemist to read (which is awesome.) So that helped keep me sane... somewhat. Curse you Thrawn! One day I'll have my revenge!

*Takes deep breath* Okay... rant over... I feel slightly better now.

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