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wonkuenoemos says...

sorry for my late reply maniak-san.

ahahaha.. Me too. The loading is too long when I try to open it. It seem just mine which has a loading problem, cause when I try to open another user profile the loading isn't like mine. Dunno why?! :| 

just bear with that, ok? XD

You like CS (counter strike)? wow.. me too. but now I like pb (point blank) than cs. :D

Mar 11, 2015
wonkuenoemos says...

Ahahahaha... Seem we have some similarity.Yokatta.. XD

Do you have recommendation what is the best free game you have ever playing? May be I should try it too.. kishishishi..

Feb 18, 2015
wonkuenoemos says...

No problem maniak-san.^^

I like playing game too. But I loves free game the most. XD

Feb 16, 2015
wonkuenoemos says...

Thanks for your share maniak-san.

you're a gamer, aren't you?!^^

Feb 15, 2015
wonkuenoemos says...

I hope I could control my desire to watch anime nor read manga too. Cause I'm now in addicted state.. :|

Btw, thanks for following me Maniak-san. I've folback you~ :D

Hope we'll get along well.^^

Feb 11, 2015