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11 SEP

Okay, here's the deal... I came up with this nick 5-6 years ago when I signed onto another anime-forum. I took the part Mang from manga and added ina... the ina-part was supposed to have something to do with anime but I can't remember the connection.

Today I changed my skype-name to mangina... it didn't take long until a friend of mine suddenly asked why I was called mangina. I explained why and got a reply back "do you know what a mangina is?" ... So, basically... after 5-6 years I got to know that the word actually exist and that it has a meaning (never heard of it before).

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Skylos avatar Skylos
Jan 7, 2013

... I thought you changed the "v" from VAGOOO to "m".

lol, I didn't know that it was actually a real word xD

Happy belated Birthday :D

Etue avatar Etue
Jan 7, 2013

I felt like posting a blog comment.

Happy colours day.

Jensling avatar Jensling
Dec 16, 2012

wow.... I'm just amazed that it took 5-6 years of using it as a nick before you actually found out xD

Kyuuchan00 avatar Kyuuchan00
Oct 26, 2012

aww noo i didn't know it exists either but as i read what it was i felt so sowwy for you right away >//3//<

Aranneas avatar Aranneas
Sep 11, 2012

sometimes, there are things it is better to not know about the world we live in

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