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11 SEP

Okay, here's the deal... I came up with this nick 5-6 years ago when I signed onto another anime-forum. I took the part Mang from manga and added ina... the ina-part was supposed to have something to do with anime but I can't remember the connection.

Today I changed my skype-name to mangina... it didn't take long until a friend of mine suddenly asked why I was called mangina. I explained why and got a reply back "do you know what a mangina is?" ... So, basically... after 5-6 years I got to know that the word actually exist and that it has a meaning (never heard of it before).

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Surise avatar Surise
Mar 23, 2014

Just happened to come across this and I'm laughing so hard I might faint :-------DDd

liamb1996 avatar liamb1996
Oct 11, 2013

Thats unfortunate but hilarious i must say!

Panta avatar Panta
Aug 8, 2013

This is why you Google words before you use them.

MrAnime avatar MrAnime
Jun 30, 2013

poor manny, Can't even win for losing...

NicoNicoDesu avatar NicoNicoDesu
Jun 20, 2013

Wait... what does it mean?

... Do I want to know?

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