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About me; I'm an otaku (light) from Sweden. I like everything from anime, manga, jrock/jpop to japanese culture and many many other things related to japan. I'm studying physics, mathematics and chemistry at the university (I'm an engineering student) and hence I don't have much money left over for my hobbies which made me stop buying and reading manga (at least for now). Since I've got the question multiple times, I thought I'd just pop it here... I haven't chosen my major yet but it's likely to be one of the following;

I used to draw a lot of manga but lately I haven't been drawing at all. I've started drawing some again! (Link to 2x OLD pictures available in my blog) Okay, no. I just can't draw (unless I'm drawing a gift for somebody). Here are the only four pics I've drawn since I was 12...

My username... [11th Sep 2012]

Okay, here's the deal... I came up with this nick 5-6 years ago when I signed onto another anime-forum. I took the part Mang from manga and added ina... the ina-part was supposed to have something to do with anime but I can't remember the connection ina was from anime backwards...

Today I changed my skype-name to mangina... it didn't take long until a friend of mine suddenly asked why I was called mangina. I explained why and got a reply back "do you know what a mangina is?" ... So, basically... after 5-6 years I got to know that the word actually exist and that it has a meaning (never heard of it before).

My favourite jpop artist is KOTOKO, who has sung OPs and EDs to many animes and eroges. Her music style is a bit mixed so in case you didn't like one or two of her songs there's still a chance you'll like the third. I'll also have to add D'espairsRay and BUCK-TICK here, they are awesome! In general, I mainly prefer listening to rock/metal and whatever is included/branched within/from those genres.

As for gaming, I'm not into eroges... actually never tried em so I can't judge either! Might be fun, who knows? My favorite genre within gaming is RPG but I somewhat feel like the gaming undustry is going downhill in lightspeed now. The best game I've ever played was Final Fantasy VII (seven). At the moment I'm not gaming that much at all atm; I played some Diablo III and I was one of the first people to reach Inferno on HC in EU but now I'm pretty much not playing at all. I'm currently Paragon Level 430+ on HC but I stopped playing. I used to play a little SC2 HoTS with my best friend but we've both gotten tired from that by now. Also worth mentioning might be that I'm staying away from MMORPG's because I don't want to get stuck in any of those again. (I had about 450 days time spent logged in into WoW when I quit that game).

Subs / dubs:

I just felt like mentioning this. (In genetal, I dislike dubs, be it anime or not) I prefer english hardsubs to softsubs and I HATE dubs with one exception; Dragonball. The first time I watched Dragonball it was eng-dubbed and I guess it's because I got used to the characters' voices that I think the eng-dubs are ok in that serie. The eng-dubs are actually great there! (I love the VA of vegeta, doing it totally awesome!)

My anime ratings:

5 stars - Totally amazing, a must!

4½ stars - Also amazing though it had some flaw(s)...

4 stars - Really good, time well spent!

3½ stars - A little better than just any time-waster (aka 3 stars)

3 stars - Decent.

2½ stars - Okay if you've got lots of time...

2 stars - Might wanna start questioning how much time you actually have.

1½ star - Didn't 2 stars scare you away?

1 star - Seriously... don't.

½ star - NOOO!

Loved / (Hated) Voice actor(s)/actresses

I love good voice acting and simply love the VA's I like the most.

Loved / Hated Chatacter(s)

I tend to love characters whose personalities I really find intriguing and characters that I just simply like (a lot).

I also tend to dislike characters which I believe have poor design or annoys me while I'm watching.

I thought I might as well drops this here as well! ^-^

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AyshaShahanie says...

Of course, it's ok whenever you're free. If you're not good at drawing under pressure, just send me the best drawing in from your older ones.

Sep 16, 2014
AyshaShahanie says...

It's ok. I just haven't heard from you. Nothing but curiosity backing up that question, so don't get the wrong idea!

Wow, is it still the same girlfriend you told me about? Someone called "Sunrise" or something (sorry for not remembering, I seriously have short term memory loss). If so, I am so happy for you two.

And don't worry yourself over being unable to respond, I was away for three months overseas, with no internet at all. So, it hasn't had an impact on me. I just wanted to remind you of the art competition that we were going to do. Are we still going to do that?

Oh, I'll see if I can find it first, and then try sending it to you, ok?

Sep 9, 2014
AyshaShahanie says...


Remember me? Yeah, we haven't talked in a while and for some reason, it seems like you didn't get my forum PMs.

So, yeah, hi!

Sep 6, 2014
Asia1 says...

Hi. How are you? :) You wrote you like Asian culture, I take it you listen to Asian music also, what bands?

Aug 15, 2014
Sianeka says...

Ah, good reason to like to visit there! And now I see why so many trips lately!!!

Aug 10, 2014