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Hi there!I'm 17 years old and an average boy. I got hooked on anime a while ago when i found this Love hina sim dating game on the site 'newgrounds'. When i realised there was an actual anime series, I went crazy. I was overwhelmed by my first series :D That's why Love hina and romance series in overall will always have a special place in my heart. Since im a very corny guy, i realy enjoy Slice of life, highschool and romance series. When i start a series i really get absorbed by the whole series and their characters. some of the milestones in my anme/manga life are: Clannad, Kanon, Suzuka, and Kgne.I will never forget these series as they really had a great impact on me.Clannad and Kanon had these beautiful visuals and melancholic feel to them, which  had me mesmerized for many weeks. Suzuka was a beautiful journey about life, love and reality which struck me right in the heart.Kimi ga nozumu eien was the first series that actually got me bawlin like a lil kid.

After having seen Suzuka i decided to make a profile on Animeplanet since nobody in my school or area appreciates manga and anime. And it was one of the best things that ever happened to me :). I made many new friends and felt like i had finnaly found a spot where i kinda belonged.Which leads me to the next thing: As of this year i also started watching Shounen :D.A friend of mine actually convined me to make the step towards Shounen, through Naruto.I always thought that Naruto was one of those superficial 'kid' series (think pokemon). But i was completely wrong.  It struck me like a paper airplaine on the forehead of a teacher.It was nothing like what i had expected. it's very deep.Since Naruto i finnaly crossed the bridge towards Shounen. I started one piece aswell and it caught me just as badly. All of this has learnt me not to be so petty when it comes to starting something new :).Either way, i hope that the next few month brings many new good series :) 



-boom-    quoted by one of the manliest animes in history: Tengen toppa gurren lagann

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TheMajor5 Jan 16, 2011

Al, you go to a university with hordes of people and you will have a fun time.  Just don't have too much fun or you won't get any work done.

Dahl i have never heard of.  Let me break it down here Al.  I never used to read.  Not until maybe last year.  I read in spurts.  My reading is/was like rain in the desert, once a year and doesn't last long.  This history all being said, i have not read very much.  The little i have read has changed me in ways that make me want to read all the more.  I guess since HS i just never found reading interesting and only did it when i was board as hell.  Anyways, King is not my style.  Not a fan of horror.  Read Sword of Truth and you will know exactly what books i am into.  Take my word for it.

Don't ever say arouse in my presence unless it being about a fine woman.  LOL. To the point, i hope you will put it down or you will be like me who somehow manages to read like 8hrs a day if engrossed in the book.  Fascinated by the detail and story of SoT.  On the 9th book at the moment and it is simply blowing my mind.  I can't fathom how Goodkind comes up with such intricately woven plots and twists.  Simply astounding.  Sadly i have to read the hobbit but that is in my bright future.  I have heard good things about it and so i shall embark on the journey.  The movie is a two-parter.  Should be good.

I have heard of this before.  Someone else, either you or another, mentioned Asimovv and his robot tellings.  Indeed this has been added to my list as well.  I Robot was a beast movie to.  Will add that and Journey to the West to my list.  Will always take up a rec if they are right up my alley.

I just want to see what Big Mama looks like.  We only know 2 of what the 4 war lords look like.  I doubt they will fight though.  Big Mama, like any other war lord, does not waste their time with new pirates.  Just a glimpse of her would be interesting.

Suzuka, how i miss that manga.  Thinking back to it, i doubt there is a romance that can be compared to it.  The pace was absolutely perfect.  i have not read KNIM in some time.  When the guy was moved to where eba moved and she got a new bf and he was dieing.  I left there and have yet to read on.  Will start reading manga when i finish the books i want to finish.  Loved the ending to Suzuka though.  Wish i could buy the manga or something.

Emma Watson LOLOLOL.  She would be a fine surprise.  I would probably go for...shit too many to name.  My type though, lately i've become picky. Wait, i always have been picky.  Mainly because i don't care about getting a girl atm.  Like you said i'm in no rush and just kind of waiting for everything to come naturally.  Not in any hurry.  Though i have to say, my type would be brunette hair.  Love brunette hair.  Lately i've been befuddled with which would be better, short or long.  Frankly, shoulder length is pretty cute or long.  Could go either way LOL Hopefully they are not much taller but as law i would like em to be my height.  Fuck i need to gain a few more inches though. Also my main rule, this is crucial to my pickiness.  It may seem shallow but w/e, they can't way more than me.  I am in no way slightly attracted to girls with.........  you get my point.  If you are cool but i can afford to be picky :D.  Anyways ideal girl: brunette, alluring eyes, fine body: at least an ass or breasts or thighs, or belly., easy to talk to.  I have that feeling that when i meet the girl i will know, ya know?  Like when you see her and are able to talk to her you will just that this is the one.  Until then, i live it day by day.

AnimeRockz Jan 14, 2011

Yeh I wish I could relax during the weekend but it seems like we are bombarded with even more work :( The only thing I can look forward to is waking up late :)

My week was really tiring. Its only the first week we're back and I already had to do a test lol. How was yours? Oh, so you read books as well :) I've just recently finished reading a piece of Japanese literature that my cousin lent me. What kind of books do you like to read?

I like how you are studying a variety of subjects, its good to do :) School system in Scotland is very different as well but right now I'm studying English, Human Biology, Moder Studies and History. Oh, I do work experience at a Primary School and work with the younger kids. Last year I also studied French and Maths :)

I've still only watched 5 episodes! Not because I don't like it, I'm actually really interested but its just finding the time to watch with all this homework.

Hey, I'm actually watching Clannad :D Somehow I like it in a strange way lol. Its funny but its different from the usual genres of anime I watch :)

Vale ;)

TheMajor5 Jan 13, 2011

Enjoy.........studying?  What the fuck al.  AL DO YOU NEED A DOCTOR?  Quickly diagnose yourself and find a cure!  Well if you like helping the wounded and wearing a lab coat, all the more power to ya.  Though, you better think of what field you plan on going into, because frankly, there are tons of doctor fields you can go into.  Pediatrician, surgical and so on.  Not my field so i don't know all the branches but i know there are many of them.

Short stories are great.  Ray Bradbury specializes in short stories, then he has novels.  Fahrenheit 451, I LOVED IT. The only book i was assigned to that i loved.  I still love it and relish in the day i can talk to my brother about how awesome it is.  He is reading it for school now.  Bradbury also has a short stories book called The Illustrated Man.  It's sci-fi so not sure if you would like it.  I'm huge sci-fi guy.  the book goes into a psychological breakdown of how humans act when faced with the impossible.  Fantastic read.  Sword of truth though, i just powered through the 8th book last week and am now on the 9th.  Already 260 pages in, in 2 days and im super stoked to read more.

Sword of Truth books, AL, a warning is due.  They are as real as the author could make it.  To be more specific, the main character is not, never hurt, or somehow does miraculous things and saves the day.  These books are about a made up war and by god do they entail everything that goes on within a gruesome made up war.  It's not like a war book like WW2 or anything of that sort.  It's an epic sci-fi/fantasy/adventure incredible book.  They are best described, from what i can gather, as Lord of the rings adventure + Harry potter magic.  So imagine Lord of the Rings, with a world that has magic, of the sorts. Yeah i know, fucking epic as hell.  But only if it is your cup of tea.

Journey to the West sounds like DRAGON BALL Z, AWESOME.  Will definitely have to remind you to remind me about this later.  The other authors you mentioned i don't know of em, so you might have to explain a bit more what genre they are.

yeah, anime and manga are just phases for me, so im sure ill get back into them eventually but i'm not suffering because of it.  I love reading my book right now.  1)not spending so much time on the computer 2)  Greatly helps your comprehension and language skills 3) Just love these books so much

As for OP, IT CAME OUT YESTERDAY. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP.  seemed alot to read but the ending was cool.  I like how luffy is prophesied of destroying the entire island.  can't wait.  (also side not, my book SOT has prophecy in it and each book has a different problem but they are all linked by this giant war going on throughout the entire series.)

We will see on a new crew mate.  Honestly don't want one anytime soon.  9 people is the perfect amount to have.

Ahhh i am not ladies man either believe me.  Just cuz i sit next to them does not mean i converse with them.  I talked to them but i'm hopeless in that area.  really a pain.  Yes, it does give me more of a reason to show up because god damn they are soo hot then some are really cute and just make my day :D  As of now, i'm content just looking and don't feel like trying to get a girl of any sorts.  i'd like to honestly but it has to be the right person naturally.

AnimeRockz Jan 9, 2011

Its alright I was only joking :) I've been pretty busy myself with school work. I like to finish work before 4 o'clock unless its very important than watch anime later with my sister :D So what are you studying if you don't mind me asking?

Yeh I started watching Brotherhood but only because you said :P and I really like it. I don't mind that its going a bit faster at the start because it just means we don't have to see the bits we already have. But yeh its really cool so far!

Oh so are you reading the one piece manga then? My "measly" list :O lol I will give Clannad a shot then later. :)

DeDaan Jan 9, 2011

ja 2 en halve maand ^_^ lekker vakantie houden en Japan ontdekken in me eentje, niemand die zegt wat te doe.....Heerlijk =D