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I live in the Netherlands and the name is Daniel. Anything else just ask since I'm too lazy to keep updating this plus I can't be bothered to write a long story.

First ever seen anime: I guess that would be teenage mutant ninja turtles.. or samurai pizza cats.. anyway i couldn't tell the difference between batman and a turtle so let alone remember those little details :P

First ever bought anime: Origine.. yes i know it's really late and all but i simply don't have the budget :'( .. nice movie though :D

Would like to have: The full hellsing dvd box... but its 50 euro for the box :'( (or more) would like to have kenshin too but that would cost about 300 euro with all the episodes :/ damn prices i hate you !!

Location: The Netherlands, Europe, Earth

Favorite Pc Games: Guild Wars, Dungeon Siege (1 & 2), Star Wars KOTOR, Warcraft 3

Favorite Genre: Fantasy/Comedy/Romance(only good ones.. no clichés allowed!! I did like School Days ^_^ )

Good things/habits: Friendly, helpfull, good self control

Bad things/habits: If i don't like you.... forget the above, lazy, not really social if i don't know you, addicted to cola & candy

Favorite Movie: Robin hood men in tights, Guest house paradiso, Boondock Saints

Favorite music genre: Rock, but I listen to just about everything.

Hates: Big crowds, being unable to move, losing(don't we all :P), hospital smell, dentist, dubs(not all but most), people who betray me, lookin into my empty wallet (i do tht alot.. just checking if i can buy a candy bar :'( )

Misc: Last but not least... since I can only have a top 5 animes you should just check my watched list and you can see the ratings for yourself :D

Currently busy with: School mostly. Still I try to find time for anime even though it can be hard.

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Quickben says...

haha thanks but trust me have hade many english speaker fail at it the first few times always end up calling my self steve^^  and well dropped darker then black since it become licenced and the fan sub i was using stopped subbed i ahte changing in the middle of a serie so=) and blood didnt fall to my liking for some reason didnt happen enought for my taste (didnt get to far though) and berserker i didnt like at all.

by the way you should try 3 x 3 eyes think you will like that one 

Aug 7, 2007
OverLord01 says...

Thanks for the comment! I like what i see on your profile page. Also I like your avatar. 

Feel free to chat with me some time when you are on. My addresses are on my page.

Jul 30, 2007
Reawen says...

Wow, just finished watching the rest of Witchblade. You're right, that does have amazing character development. The second half of the series was amazing! So thanks for putting it in your profile, 'cause I probably wouldn't have watched it otherwise ^_^

Jul 21, 2007
algelic says...

Greetings, fellow addict! Great taste in anime! ^^ Don't forget to make recommendations, even if you see that "someone else already recommended that anime". :) be active!

Jul 21, 2007
hontokawaiinekochan says...

Thanks for letting me know about this site! I hope you will find mroe good anime that I might like too ^^. Thanks for recommending so much already ne! <3

Jul 19, 2007