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I live in the Netherlands and the name is Daniel. Anything else just ask since I'm too lazy to keep updating this plus I can't be bothered to write a long story.

First ever seen anime: I guess that would be teenage mutant ninja turtles.. or samurai pizza cats.. anyway i couldn't tell the difference between batman and a turtle so let alone remember those little details :P

First ever bought anime: Origine.. yes i know it's really late and all but i simply don't have the budget :'( .. nice movie though :D

Would like to have: The full hellsing dvd box... but its 50 euro for the box :'( (or more) would like to have kenshin too but that would cost about 300 euro with all the episodes :/ damn prices i hate you !!

Location: The Netherlands, Europe, Earth

Favorite Pc Games: Guild Wars, Dungeon Siege (1 & 2), Star Wars KOTOR, Warcraft 3

Favorite Genre: Fantasy/Comedy/Romance(only good ones.. no clichés allowed!! I did like School Days ^_^ )

Good things/habits: Friendly, helpfull, good self control

Bad things/habits: If i don't like you.... forget the above, lazy, not really social if i don't know you, addicted to cola & candy

Favorite Movie: Robin hood men in tights, Guest house paradiso, Boondock Saints

Favorite music genre: Rock, but I listen to just about everything.

Hates: Big crowds, being unable to move, losing(don't we all :P), hospital smell, dentist, dubs(not all but most), people who betray me, lookin into my empty wallet (i do tht alot.. just checking if i can buy a candy bar :'( )

Misc: Last but not least... since I can only have a top 5 animes you should just check my watched list and you can see the ratings for yourself :D

Currently busy with: School mostly. Still I try to find time for anime even though it can be hard.

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OverLord01 Jun 21, 2008

Thats good! I am glad you are getting your internet back. Its hard to go without it for a while for so long. You tend to go through withdrawls from it. But its good you have it back. :)

Also I hope you moving goes smoothly. It can get pretty bad in a hurry if the stuff isn't packed up right in the right way if you know what I mean. Moving can be sometimes a bad experience. So as I said I hope yours goes smoothly and without any trouble. Talk to you again soon man.


hontokawaiinekochan Jun 20, 2008

so what if my bio does? :P

he has me on msn so anything he wants to know he will get to know lolz. Beside - if people wanna know they will ask. so I dun care much xD

*ends her break from inuyasha*  

123 episodes left x-x

Migandas Jun 20, 2008

Don't bash Bleach please, or I will get rude... *Grin*

I do watch the Anime, and read the Manga so I do know how good it is, and how good it will become. I agree that fillers suck, but well, nothing we can do about it, can we? The newest Bleach chapter (Came out today) was so freaking good, that I actually hopped up and down on my chair! People tend to drop the serie when there is a filler arc, but I just bite my jaws together and bare with the pain.

But I already checked your profile two times. (One time because I was curious, and one time because Neko gave me a link, and I could not remember your name... *Grin*)

Your top 5 has Wichblade on 4? I really find that amazing. I personally found it acceptable but I am almost 100% sure that I will not rewatch it. As for Blood+, it was good, but when Saya went lost around episode 30 (?) it was tumbling down hill like a rock. But that is my personal opinion.

With "Origine" you mean "Origin: Spirits of the Past" I suppose? I have not watched Spirits of the Past so I can't judge it, but it seems that it is regarded as a cheap ripoff from Princess Mononoke. I liked Mononoke, so I don't know if I will feel good about Spirits of the Past.

I love rock as well. <(^_^)> AC/DC !!! 


OverLord01 May 24, 2008

Good to hear from you man! I to am doing well. My little brother is in town right now and I am pretty busy with him as it is. That and work too.

Kinda sucks your internet was down and I hope you got it back in working order again somehow. You watched Episode 7 of the show huh? Well thats pretty cool that you got to see it. I need to work on getting it too and viewing it myself from my brother.

Well I hope you are doing well and we will talk again man.


hontokawaiinekochan May 2, 2008

Finished watching clannad. Damn; so good >3<Next will be true tears and maybe Ah! My Goddes. xD