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Bimpy avatar Bimpy


Jun 30, 2013

Good,,, Its a great site. I like it alot, and use it all the time...! And yeah, with this site too keep track of what you have watched and stuff is awesome, and stuff you wanna see.. And if you like an anime, you can see recomandiastions so you can find more anime you maybe want to see, and can be as good as the anime you have seen, or even better - but also wors xD IT HAPPEN..I have seen Dear Boys, its a good anime, and yeah baskeball is funn to play

Bimpy avatar Bimpy

Nice Avatar!

Jun 25, 2013

Thats good :) The driving was fun, I earnd some money and was happy about it so... But how do you like the site? Nice avatar,,, you like that anime dont you? Fave character? :)

Bimpy avatar Bimpy


Jun 15, 2013

Hey, how fun <3 Well,, Im a driver this weeken so Im having it funn as well ^^ Have a great weeken you too :D have some funn for me 2 ....

Bimpy avatar Bimpy


Jun 14, 2013


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