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DavidWP Aug 8, 2012

[In responce to the comment(s) you left on my Clannad After Story review] Think of it like this: in the first episode of Clannad Nagisa and Tomoya meet and he learns that she wants to re-establish the drama club, but they need more member to establish it - so Tomoya goes to find more people and meets the other girls, whom he then learns more about and after the drama of learning about them, they agree to help him help her re-establish the drama club. Then at the end of Clannad after the drama performance Nagisa and Tomoya start dating setting it up for After Story. The first 8 episodes of After Story focus on: Youhei getting a fake girlfriend to get his sister off his back: Yukine dealing with gang warfare and Misae's backstory which takes up about 3 episodes. After that it's just Tomoya and Nagisas' relationship developing, as well as Tomoyas' life after graduating from school.

Clannad's main focus was Nagisa setting up the drama club, with the side arks of the main female characters in between, but Clannad never lost track of what it's main focus was. Clannad After Story had no clear focus for the first 8 episodes, it was jumping all over the place; as for you saying the main focus was "about finding the folklore of the hidden world", please tell me where the focus of this was in the first episode when they where playing baseball? Or when Youhei was using Sanae to be his fake girlfriend? After Story got focus after episode 8 and didn't lose track of it. The first 8 episodes of After Story you could take out and it would still make sense, if you took a single episode out of Clannad then the whole story would fall apart - that;s why in my opinion Clannads story felt more focused.