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KiraRin Jun 26, 2009

Heya Maxy!

Been a while since I went down to Lulworth, the last time was to Durdle door to take some photos, because its so pretty ^^

Enjoying the sunshine a lot, but my poor dog is getting too hot. Having to take him for walkies late in the evening when it starts to cool down a little. Either that, or down to Beta park to throw him in the sea :P

How is the anime watching going? I'm living it up old school and watching Ulysses 31 (from the year  before I was born >.<). Need to write a site synopsis for it, and then use my new site reviewer status to write a review for it :D



KiraRin Jun 3, 2009

Heya Maxy!

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine too, can't believe its so nice at the moment. But its going to rain this weekend, so no bbq on the beach ;_;

Onto anime, you really should watch Gankutsuou and Kemonozume. Both have slightly unusual animation styles, but the story is absolutely amazing! I haven't met anyone who dislikes Gankutsuou, so it must be good!

Take care ^^


therik May 15, 2009

Some chatter about a Brit party? 'Sup man. I'd welcome you like the others did, but you've been here longer than me, so it wouldn't really make sense. Love the bio, anyway. Simple and to the point.

Take care



VivisQueen May 14, 2009

What's this a Brit party and nobody invited me?! Welcome, Makkusu - saw KiraRin's message and had to snoop. And then I noticed you're a fan of Advent Children and couldn't refrain from commenting. YAY! FF rulez okay and all that. I watched Complete just last night and all I can say is it's twice as good as the original. It makes a hell of a lot more sense because of all the extra characterisation scenes e.g. Denzel, Cloud, and Zack (yup, Zack!) have far more prominent roles. Oh, and the ending gets slightly reinvented as well and is more consistent for it. So if you haven't checked it out yet, DEFINITELY do so. Like NOW.

Oh yeah, and welcome to Anime-Planet! ^_^

KiraRin May 14, 2009

Hey there new boy!

Just had to say hi to a fellow anime loving Brit. Where abouts in the UK are you from? We all seem to be spread far and wide! A couple from Blackpool, one from Bath, one in London and I'm in Bournemouth.

Anyhoo, if you need any anime recs or a sig making, gimmie a shout and I'll see what I can do ^^