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Hey all this is my second account on here since I forgot my password for the last one and the email I had for it got hacked and closed down. Hopfully I shant have any problems with this one.

My name is Maka and I'm a pretty easy-going laid-back Otaku/HC Gamer. I love pretty much all genres of anime and games (except sporting games seriously buy a ball and go outside.) I've been into anime since before I knew that I was infact watching it, things like Dragonball (Z/GT), Beyblade, Digimon, Pokemon, basically anything on Toonami. The first time I had my eyes opened to the world of anime (to which I was blissfully unaware) was when my friend put Akira on and I said "Wow what is this" my friend replying "Anime you've been watching it for years." I was obviously shocked at my ignorance (although I was only  11 at the time) but marveled at the new exciting media. Ever since that fateful day I have been absorbed in it to the world of anime to the point where I live and breath for my next episode.

I class myself as an Up-to-dater (meaning someone who keeps up with the new releases as and when they are released in Japan.) I dont really find myself going through the back catalouge very often, to which I regret from time to time but who has the time these days.

I wish to find and chat with other Otakus to share recommendations, opinions and excitement over anime in genral. If you like my profile and would like to have a chat friend me and get in touch.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long winded bio and I hope to hear from all of you, my Otaku brothers and sisters soon.

Much Respect and Otaku Pride

Maka Uzumaki

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