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Let's just throw in few things, and you can try finding more if you really wan't to try what it feels to be a stalker...

- I live in Finland

- Currently studying IT at Mikkeli University of Applied Science.

- Kane Lives!

- I like motorcycles, bigger the better, and I like driving them too. Not touching easy-riders though.

- Also like to watch anime. Figures, would I have account here if I didn't?

- When not watching anime, I'll propably be playing something. Or thinkering with electronics.

- About music: I prefer melodic death metal (Shade Empire, Kalmah, Norther) or death-/grindcore (In Flames, Sonic Syndicate), but I've found some good "attitude"-bands (Lamb of God, Divine Heresy, Mokoma). Also, sometimes I listen rock/J-rock (Exist+Trace, Moi Dix Mois, Lordi) or power metal (Sonata Arctica, Hammerfall). And there is some totally random things on my playlist that I find good(Caramelldansen) Try making me a music profile out of that :P couldn't do it. And fyi, this band rocks!

- I still buy CD's and anime DVD-releases.

That's about all...

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What?! No manga ratings?

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TechnoPenguin Dec 4, 2010

Kato, sullaki Garden of Sinners työn alla. Aivan helmi settiä!

Nyu Apr 14, 2008

thank you! I will start reading Elfen lied now!!! google is my friend... but I've typed in mangas before and just got torrent download sites which I didnt want but now thanks to you I know a site for mangas! yay!   what did you think of the Elfen lied OVA? I was just wondering cos you didnt rate it...

Nyu Apr 14, 2008

Haha well I love snow... so thats why I'd want to come there I suppose...   could you give me some translator sites for elfen lied??

Nyu Apr 13, 2008

I agree... second series of Elfen lied... NOW!   I want to go to finland... is it nice?

TechnoPenguin Dec 29, 2007

Joo vai että kiriä hommaan. Johtuskohan vaik siitä että en kato sarjoja, joissa on 150+ jaksoo  :D

Ja siisti kuva btw.