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Konnichiwa! I am an 19-year-old college student who is majoring in Graphic design and minoring in Japanese (exciting!). I love anime! Well of course...all of us do. Im just looking for people to chat with and gossip about our favorite shows, and maybe make some friends!... have not been watching any anime outside of the shows shown on Adult Swim, so I would like to broaden my options...

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kmull Jul 18, 2008

For something serious with an awesome plot, head straight for Monster. This series marked the first time I recommended an anime to my brother (usually it's the other way around,) and he was way impressed with the find. I actually just finished The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and it was great (very funny). Just be warned, the first episode seems pretty awful and doesn't really make sense until you finally reach the end of the episode. If you want more recs, or if you are looking for something in particular (like something funny, or serious, etc) then let me know.

 Happy hunting :)

kmull Jul 17, 2008

What's up? Adult Swim is a great place to get your feet wet with anime - that's how I got started. Well, that and my brother is a pretty big otaku. You and I have a similar top 5, so check out my anime, and I can help you find some good stuff to watch.

ShinigamiSoup May 12, 2008

I'd probably forget the Japanese alphabet in a week if I tried to learn it lol or realize that unless I go to Japan I won't find a good use for it. Though learning Japanese would be amazing for the fact that I could import some crazy Japanese RPG's that I would have never been able to understand. And once you hear your favorite anime the real Japanese voices with English subs, you will never go back to the usual horrible English VO's. And you know you could always... download... some anime... (Runs away and hides in corner)

ShinigamiSoup May 11, 2008

lol well you gotta get the English subs turned on of course. Hell if it was just the Japanese I would know when people are saying hello, goodbye and sorry or counting to ten. I looked at the Japanese alphabet once... once, and then I ran away. So is there any specific genre of anime your into? Or do you just kind of watch whatever you can get your hands on? I don't think I have the adult swim channel, didn't know they had anime on it though. Only TV station that shows Anime for me is YTV lol only on Friday from like 8pm - 2am or something like that but you probably don't get YTV in CA.

lol switched up my automatic greeting, I never did finish Blood+ (tear)

ShinigamiSoup May 11, 2008

Yup Shinigami = Death God, I take it you watched the English dubbed version of Death Note if they refer to Ryuk and Rem as death gods. And I think they only mention Death Gods in Naruto when they talk about the third and fourth Hokages using their crazy forbidden ass kicking death god jutsu's, though I'm probably wrong. And on a side note if you're a huge fan of Death Note you should check out the two live action movies, they aren't the greatest but if you hated how the anime ended the movies kind of give a nicer ending. And the two hour long death note rewrite is amazing, it's an animated retelling of the Death Note story from Ryuk's point of view. Lol and when you get to your final year of college you will be begging for more time, hell I wish I could time warp back to elementary school, the last thing I want to think about is hey I get to work for 40 years now that I'm out of school. Your major and minor do sound fun though, I have zero artistic talent which drives me crazy. And gah I wish I could take a Japanese class all I know are like a hundred random words that I learnt from hundreds of hours of anime, I might take a night school class this summer in beginner Japanese though, I know my college offered a course like that earlier but meh I'm lazy as hell. Finally I agree VIDEO GAMES RULE!!!!!! I'm so freaking addicted to Grand Theft Auto 4 it's not funny, hell I bought Mario Kart Wii and its currently collecting dust in GTA4's shadow.

Gah, life sucks waiting for stuff to finish downloading... and dam this was a long comment. I blame the schools.