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Last Exile

Okay! My second review! Ever since I saw a trailer for this anime, I was very interested in it! So it's only natural that I eventually got around to watching it. I don't know a lot about the "Steam Punk" genre that's really exploded in popularity in the anime community, but I am fascinated by it. The machines, the airships, the fashion! And here seems to be a good anime that really gives you a nice taste of it.


The Good:

I really liked the whole focus on airships. I'm interested in how they work. Seeing all the different types and sizes has really made me want one of my own!

The storyline. You see Klaus and Lavi go through a lot of tough times. One minute they are innocently competing in an airship race in their town, and then the next, they are in the middle of a war on a huge battle airship. I enjoy seeing what they have to face next, and how much they grow throughout the story!

The differences in social status. The main characters come from from a poor community, and it really hits home for me when Lavi comments on how "we don't have to purify this water before we drink it!." I think it gives us a lot of good lessons about how well-off most of us are, and we shouldn't be taking these things for granted. More anime need lessons like this!


The Bad:

The ending. The whole twist about their world just being one giant "space station" was really disliked by me. I wasn't really sure what happened there. I actually had to go read a synopsis of the ending on multiple sites before I finally had a grasp of what the ending was all about.

Not knowing whether or not Dio lived in the end just killed me!

The story was a little slow at times. It didn't take too long to pick back up, but there were a few episodes here or there that had me anxious for the plot to move along


I have to make a mention about our dear Dio. My tastes in a character have never evolved so much in a story as they have with him. I started off absolutely hating him! He was annoying to me, I didn't like his personality, his looks, and just wanted him gone. However, as the series progressed, I slowly started to warm up to him. "He's not so bad I guess." And by the end of the series, he was my absolute favorite character ever!

?/10 story
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8/10 overall
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