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I can't believe I've been here so damn long, it feels like it was only yesterday I made an account.  I remember when animeplanet.com was a porn site, and I found it all the more humorous since I forgot the hyphon.  That was hard to explain at work.

I adore this site and the service it provides.

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October 1, 2007

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Oct 1, 2007

Lol. You won't believe how many ninjas there are on this site. Me, I'm gonna stick to samurai. We might not have cool costumes, but at least we don't have to sneak around in the shadows, which I assume gets well boring after a while. :P Anyway, glad to see someone start with their bio for once. Wonder what the rest of your Top 5 will look like... Oh, and welcome! Don't forget to join us in the forums afterwards.

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