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I can't believe I've been here so damn long, it feels like it was only yesterday I made an account.  I remember when was a porn site, and I found it all the more humorous since I forgot the hyphon.  That was hard to explain at work.

I adore this site and the service it provides.

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sothis Oct 1, 2007

Hi Mainks! Doing the anime list is actually pretty easy... though I see you figured it out, awesome! ^_^ Very soon you'll have the ability to do a mini review for anything on your list, too.

Also, ahem... I am one of those wild ultima snobs you may have heard about... grew up playing them on the Atari 1040ST (shadowlords ftw!) and proudly proclaim that 7/7.5 are the best PC rpgs ever made -- it's also why I don't play any RPGs past them (and they are what, 12 years old now?) because all RPGs nowadays hold your hand and suck compared to Ultimas of olde.

But it is my duty to inform you that you suck, because Ultima online is a bastard child that Richard Garriot created, has gameplay like 8 (UGH) and basically gives the good Ultimas a bad name 

:( boooooo!!!

VivisQueen Oct 1, 2007

Vodka ninja, eh? Sounds... unstable. Lol. But awesome to see you introduced yourself in the forum. If you're like a friend of mine,a nd your list is quite substantial, then the lists will be a few days' job. But it's well worth it to have it all organised in some way. But don't forget to do recommendations for the stuff you've watched. PS. I am overjoyed to see Akira as your number one. It's one of my top favourites too (although not in my Top 5) and has a special place in my heart.

VivisQueen Oct 1, 2007

Lol. You won't believe how many ninjas there are on this site. Me, I'm gonna stick to samurai. We might not have cool costumes, but at least we don't have to sneak around in the shadows, which I assume gets well boring after a while. :P Anyway, glad to see someone start with their bio for once. Wonder what the rest of your Top 5 will look like... Oh, and welcome! Don't forget to join us in the forums afterwards.