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I can't believe I've been here so damn long, it feels like it was only yesterday I made an account.  I remember when was a porn site, and I found it all the more humorous since I forgot the hyphon.  That was hard to explain at work.

I adore this site and the service it provides.

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XiledLucifer says...

Lol hi, yeah bleach is easly my faviourate anime so far... godly at the very least. Havnt watched meny anime though so it could change in the future... hell i hope it dose its means theres more even better out there. Sooooo thanks for the comment :P. have fun.

Oct 22, 2007
Saoulmanblaster says...

Haha you seem funny! Just dropped to say helloo. And gz with berserk i like it too!

Oct 19, 2007
tetra says...

Woo! I am not the only one here that do live roleplay!

originally I was just going to sneak by your presentation since I saw your post in the forums ^^ 

Oct 2, 2007
sothis says...

Mine was also floppy disc! :D I'm talking about the Atari computer, not the console... we had the Atari and not the Commodore/Amiga. I still have the cloth m aps for a few, but alas, in the years a lot of my stuff was lost. :( I did play 2 a  bit but didn't like it too much. I remember we had 3 but it was copied, and all the characters would just say "honesty is a virtue I cannot help you", so I've been meaning to finally play that someday :p. 5 was definitely my second favorite, with 7 and 7.5 being the best evar. Pagan was indeed fucking garbage, UO was a clone, and Ascension, sigh. I put off playing it for years but finally decided to "just because", but got so irritated at the 3D bullshit that I watched all the movie files to see the ending ;)

Oct 1, 2007
sothis says...

Hi Mainks! Doing the anime list is actually pretty easy... though I see you figured it out, awesome! ^_^ Very soon you'll have the ability to do a mini review for anything on your list, too.

Also, ahem... I am one of those wild ultima snobs you may have heard about... grew up playing them on the Atari 1040ST (shadowlords ftw!) and proudly proclaim that 7/7.5 are the best PC rpgs ever made -- it's also why I don't play any RPGs past them (and they are what, 12 years old now?) because all RPGs nowadays hold your hand and suck compared to Ultimas of olde.

But it is my duty to inform you that you suck, because Ultima online is a bastard child that Richard Garriot created, has gameplay like 8 (UGH) and basically gives the good Ultimas a bad name 

:( boooooo!!!

Oct 1, 2007