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I can't believe I've been here so damn long, it feels like it was only yesterday I made an account.  I remember when was a porn site, and I found it all the more humorous since I forgot the hyphon.  That was hard to explain at work.

I adore this site and the service it provides.

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chii says...

lol well i have been working at this for like 15 years or so hehe. you can look at the 10 month mark as a goal to try and reach! 3 months ain't all that bad either though :D

your avatar is classy XD

Nov 1, 2010
Ranzell says...

Pose as a team cause shit just got real.

Feb 26, 2009
ZiggyZombies says...

thank you!


Feb 19, 2009
XiledLucifer says...

ill have to give them a watch, i trust your choices as i have watched cowboy bebop and princess mononoko and they were really fun to watch esp cowboy bebop. i dont mind the older anime, seems ive watched a fair bit of it without realising it, so long as the animation is decent quality ill watch pretty much anything right now.

Oct 22, 2007
XiledLucifer says...

Lol hi, yeah bleach is easly my faviourate anime so far... godly at the very least. Havnt watched meny anime though so it could change in the future... hell i hope it dose its means theres more even better out there. Sooooo thanks for the comment :P. have fun.

Oct 22, 2007