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Konnichi Wa! Hajimemashite! Boku wa Maikeru desu! Douzo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! (Hi! please to meet you! My name is Maikeru(Michael)! Please treat me favorably!) and no, I'm not Japanese XD Anyways, yeah, My name is Michael or in Japanese Maikeru! I started watching anime and learning about Otaku Culture just the beginning of last year (2010. Since then I've been completely addicted to it. You can find me in alot of different anime/Otaku based sites such as "" and "" as well as the many others I will find and be joining. Anyways, I stumble on "" from one of my friend's website link on their Myanimelist profile. After looking around the site, it looked very promising and well orginized so I decided to join! Anyways, to make a long Bio about myself short, I hope to meet other casual anime fans and fellow Otakus during my time here in anime-planet! I accept random friend requests! I hope we can all be good friends!





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