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Everyone who browses through forums and anime sites has certerly heard of Code Geass. Crowds of people singing the praises of it, as it's the best show so far. I've not seen it, and I picked the manga because I wanted to read this instead; here it came the dark side of CG.

Everyone knows the plot; in this case I have no clue on writing it as I use to do. All you need to know is that, apart from the good promises, it totally loses the way. Chaotic, confused, badly developed, this says all. With characters not defined and just totally shameful. While the story goes quickly forward forgetting things and introducing yet others, characters just follow its ruote without having a single spark of personality and self/people-awareness.

About the art, it was okay after all, even if a bit more of care and clearness in the body traits/scenery/robots wouldn't have wasted. But I can't complain about it, because the true thing in charge of the decay is the development. Of all parts.

Wanna try the acclaimed Code Geass and find your rebel side? Watch the anime. Now and ever, without even touching this. As I said at the beginning I haven't seen the show but I'm sure everything can be better than the manga. Everything.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
2/10 overall

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TheOmega Aug 28, 2012

The mangas are add-ons to the anime imo. Many as the anime was source in this case. Either way, CG manga is pretty much impossible to stumble upon unless u first watched the anime and wanted to search for a manga alternative; in that perspective I give this 10/10 :/ .

darczon69 Apr 1, 2012

Considering the manga came after the anime, I think it's a given that you should've watched the anime first.

I think of the CG manga in terms of an OVA...or an extra thingy to add to my Code Geass collection and definately don't consider it a "stand alone" read.

What I'm trying to say is, basically, the same thing as you: read this only if you've seen the anime and want to relive the (hugely modified) story once again. :D

PS: The tear-jerker scenes are surprinsingly well done :)

PSS: I still don't know why this isn't considered "finished" on A-P....

Sealreth Nov 5, 2011

guess they just dinn't want it excecly the same, anyway I don't mind for me its still a 10 out of 10

I don't mind if there are no armors, its epic even without them :P (have CG, CG nannally, CG Queen)

NoCheerios Mar 23, 2011

Ya, just watch the anime, it's excellent. Manga, I dunno....

diz1776 Mar 23, 2011

One case in which the anime far outshines the manga.