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Koi Kaze

Aug 20, 2012

Koi Kaze is a pretty adult themed show from the get go...Be prepared to have your feelings of socially acceptable behavior (Morality) battle with your empathy (Understanding or approving the love bond between the brother and sister)

I will say, the short but sweet series moves at a fairly slow, methodical pace, until eventually reaching a climax that may not answer EVERY question, but it will leave you satisfied, if not still a little confused about how you felt about the shows themes in their entirity.

Story: (9/10)
The main point of the story, is obviously the unorthadox bond between Koshiro and Nanoka, and how they each react to their realization of how they feel about one another.

The evolution of Koshiro's feelings over the course of the program adds to the question... "Is it really wrong?, ... Do I bless their emotions or condemn their actions?" It seems so pure and right, even though by all socially acceptable means, their relationship isn't.

Koi Kaze raised quite a few questions, at least as far as Koshiro and Nanoka are concerned... "Should love be acceptable between siblings, though not socially or morally acceptable, despite the purity and trueness of their feelings?" For some, the question would be easy, but putting yourself in such an awkward position is nearly impossible.

I thought that this was a very powerful depiction of what that sort of situation might be like for all of those involved, and gave a pretty disconcerting mix of emotions on how to feel about the main plight of the show, when normally, the emotion that you might 'supposed' to be feeling, is much more clear and easy to understand.

Animation: (8/10)
I think the thing I noticed the most about the animation quality of KK was the movements of hair, and all the times that the characters facial expression may make a very slight change.

There is also alot of detail done to express the difference in lighting, from shadow casting by streetlight, to slightly shadowed faces sitting near the window when the sun is setting.

The intricacy was what impressed me the most, and also no two characters sharing too many similarities.

Sound: (8/10)
The music is normally fairly melancholy, which suits the slow paced, serious mood of the show. Comedy comes in meager portions, and the main protagonists (Koshiro and Nanoka) are pretty much always engaging in a serious situation.

The Seiyuu also seemed to escape alot of the overly excited style that is in shows depicting the lives of Middle school students, in favor of a more realistic exchange of conversation.

The Intro and Outro both use the same style of music that is seen most in the show. The intro uses a slow paced Piano with a slightly sad sounding girl singing.

Character: (10/10)
Koshiro's poker face and short, blunt, apathetic answers are at least underlined by his character narration. Which is a nice way of adding to the storytelling.

Nanoka seemed very disconnected from everything and everyone else around her. She was obviously obsessed with Koshiro, and being a young girl so confused about her emotions in such a taboo situation, she handled it as adult as she could have. When she finally confessed, it was very beautiful, and heartfelt.

The interaction of Chidori with Koshiro and Nanoka later on in the show also adds alot of questions about the morality of the two, which of course it should, unless you faithfully believe that love is beyond any restrictions, even blood. I think that's the main thing I liked about the show...there was no clear message, it was just a romance between siblings.

From the beginning, this is definately the strength of the program. Koshiro's plight is extremely well illustrated by the sudden breakup with his girlfriend, and his realization of feelings he's never had before surfacing in the wake of meeting a 15 year old girl.

Overall Rating: (8.75/10)

An unorthadox and rare jewel depicting a questionable, but honest love affair..

9/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.8/10 overall

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