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Chi's Sweet Home

12 MAY

I decided to watch this anime because I wanted to relax with something what would be nice and cute. Chi's big eyes made me interested.

What can I say? This show is for children but it doesn't mean it can't be good.

The story - you won't find any complex problems, any big drama, any romances and any pervy moments. The epsiodes are easy to understand for the youngest anime fans and tell about the Kitty's life like eating, finding new place to sleep, sleeping, getting new toy, playing with new toy, watching someone sleep, doing pee, going outside, coming back home etc.

The characters - they are simple. Kitty named "Chi", mommy, daddy and their little son. They have mild, warm and friendly personalities. Sometimes the other characters appear but it doesn't happen often.

The only thing I didn't like - the episodes were way too short (only 3 minutes).

If you think of something relaxing to watch or you have a little child and you search for nice anime - "Chi's sweet home" will be a good choice.  

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