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Angel Beats!

One of the best

If someone is going to make own anime, then they should watch "Angels Beats" to see what good series looks like.

Usually when I start to watch some anime, I often find myself having problems with watching the next episode. A lot of series are not interesting enough and they feel very random. "Angel Beats" is different. The first episode strongly moved me and I couldn't stop myself from watching the whole series. The creators made a very good job and i can really see that!

Action + music make a very good harmony. There is no boring fillers. I was often surprised by twists in the plot. The humor is really good as well - especially the flying chairs and the team's daydreaming during classes.

Few words about the characters: I was a bit disappointed of the fact that I couldn't meet some members of SSS closer. Many of them played a big role but the rest like Shiina, Takamatsu or Noda were only appearing from time to time without anything bigger to do. Too bad because I would like to know why Shiina liked the cute toys or what problem Noda had.

Now few words about Yuri. I heard a lot of comments about her being like Haruhi Suzumiya. I disagree with it. Both characters are leaders, both are getting angry easily and they look similar, however there is a big difference between them in everything else. Yuri is a girl bearing traumatic experiences. She is protective, caring, smart and mature. She worked very hard to save everyone from "disappearing". She was also respected as a leader even by much older people. I won't write too much about Haruhi because the fans of her would be mad, but she is definitely not like Yuri.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
10/10 overall
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