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My Top 10 Anime of All Time

1 One Piece
One Piece

In my opinion, the best -still running- shounen to date, on par with DBZ.

2 Death Note
Death Note

Best psychological action thriller I have watched so far, hard to top in the genre and one of the best of Madhouse production for it's time. Must watch.

3 Great Teacher Onizuka
Great Teacher Onizuka

An old classic and a great lesson on life in general.

4 Beck

An absolutely lovable anime about following your dreams and passions.

5 Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Probably one of the best mecha anime ever made who became a veritable cultural phenomenon in Japan.

6 Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop

A 90s Sci-fi classic, and still one of the best sci-fi anime ever made.

7 Trigun

Following similar themes as Cowboy Bebop, another Sci-fi classic of the late 90s with a western twist.


One of the most disturbing yet satisfying psychological action experience in anime.

9 Golden Boy
Golden Boy

Another fun light-hearted classic of the late 90s, a must watch if you like old school ecchi and comedy.

10 Love Hina
Love Hina

One of the original harem romantic comedy who led the grounds for many others to come. An absolute hallmark title in the genre.


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