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I do not update my manga list very well..... Also, I haven't been here a while, I want to apologise to some people who are waiting for my replies. Sorry, guys - it's exam season, please understand. ~~

Genki, yaroodomo?!!

Just kidding. 

Etto, finally rewriting my profile, I see. Well, for starters, let's cover the basics:

Reporter: Miss Who-We-Are-Supposed-To-Interview, what might be your name?

Me: Me.

Reporter: (O.o)

Me: Just kidding. Just call me Aki.

Reporter: Right. You do seem like you like to joke around a lot.

Me: Really? They often tell me I look too serious. Even my teacher told me girls should smile more.

Reporter: Ah, is that so? What is your age?

Me: You can see it over there. --->

Reporter: Ah.

Me: And never ask that question to a woman again, if you know what's good for you.

Reporter: I can see now how people say you're too serious...

Me: ... *jii*

Reporter: Kahem! So, your interests are...?

Me: Well, aside from anime and manga, I like movies, learning new languages and reading. My favourite literature is drama – I can read anything as long as it's in 'drama format'. I dislike travel journals the most. I like how Shakespeare is overdramatic and doesn't care if the Czech have a sea. I also like recreational outdoor activities like walking in a park (BTW, I was born in the Year of the Dog) and cycling. I'm trying to pester my single parent to buy me a bicycle. I also like speaking in 'monologue mode' when talking about myself or tutoring someone. I have experience in tutoring English.

Reporter: I see. And what about your dislikes?

Me: I dislike talking about my dislikes, because I dislike dislikes. But if I have to, I very much dislike travel journals, lack of morals in a person and depressing war-themed literature. If you're not gonna care if the reader hangs himself after reading your book, go... do something to change your perspective, or something. (=.=)*

Reporter: Then, what about anime and manga? Likes and dislikes?

Me: Quality. (+.+) Just give me quality – quality animation, story, character design, graphics, music, or all of the above. As of genres, I like out-of-frame anime & manga, those that have something unique to them; favourites are noitaminA, slice of life, mystery, adventure, both drama and comedy. Good music wins me over most of the time.

Reporter: Eeh... (^¸^)' ... Then, what about your taste in music?

Me: I listen to songs individually, then grade them based on the vocals, text, melody, genre and sometimes catchyness. Fav genres that I can listen to all the time are k-pop and jazz. Odd combination, I know. (-^-^-)

Reporter: (OMG she smiled!!) Eh, and lastly, since we haven't got much time left, what do you think an AP profile should look like?

Me: Hmm... Whatever you think is good. I like flashy ones, but please don't cause my computer to run slowly because of all the gifs. :p I also like those sprinkled with originality. (-^-^-)

Reporter: Thank you very much!

Me: Thank you!~

:p (<--- I shall make this my trademark; my Phantom Thief signature!! Xp) 

[06, 09, 13, 14, 17, 22, 23, 37, 40-42, 46-48, 50, 57, 62-65 and finished pending]

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chikoritaBH avatar chikoritaBH


Dec 9, 2012

Oh... an another novel... xDDD

Well... I remember I added you to my skype a few weeks ago... :D But (unfortunately) I already cancelled my skype... :) So the only choice is msn and my email(s).

[email protected]

I'm not cruel. :P But it's really interesting that something like that was possible to do in Europe in the '90s... :( Of course, I'm not happy there were wars in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. Please, don't think I'm cruel... I loathe violence. ;-)

What's sweet? :D That promise I would take care of you? xDD Of course... think about it... :D I know it's hard... to go to an unknown country and to be with an unknown guy... xDDD

I was always a bit curious to know more about Islam... I read a part of the Koran (Quran)... :D But I have never had any inclination to believe in God. I'm sorry if it's a problem... but it would be really difficult to change myself... ;-) Chiko must think about it... :D

Why did I start smoking? Friends... :) That's the reason..

chikoritaBH avatar chikoritaBH


Nov 29, 2012

Lol... you should study literature and then write novels... xDD You always write so loooooooong comments. xD

Hmm... what was so interesting? well... I think the whole Yugoslavia disintegration is really interesting. Wars, hatred, genocide. And the war in your country and the war in Kosovo are things which are so interesting!!! How the EU, UN or NATO solved your problems etc... :) I know nothing about your presidents... xDD We spoke only about Slobodan Milošević and Franjo Tuđman. Seems like your presidents are not so important for the political scientists. xD Well... except for Izetbegović. I remember him. :D

Of course, your political system created after the Dayton Agreement is so unique... xD I still dunno if it's a federation or confederation. :D

There should'n be any problem to go to the Czech Republic. I will take care of you. xDDD

I don't care about religion. I'm an atheist. Well... I was just curious. :D But don't worry, I think Islam is the best monotheistic religion. ;-)

Ahhhh!!!! You gave me a very very nice lecture. :D I know. Smoking is bad. xD

Sasorikun765 avatar Sasorikun765


Nov 28, 2012

ME? MANNLY? BWAHAHAHHAHAHA. sweety I am far from manly.

if my e-mail is derp it's because i'm watching Eurovision between replying and i get excited easily by this owo. 

Sasorikun765 avatar Sasorikun765


Nov 27, 2012

OK, i'll write my reply via e-mail hun~

chikoritaBH avatar chikoritaBH


Nov 24, 2012

I thought you ignored me... xDD Never mind... I'm glad you replied. :)

I have to learn, too... Last week, we spoke about the war in your country and about your political system. :) Really interesting things. 

How did I guess? Well... I know Muslims can't do those thing (eating pork, drinking alcohol etc...) :) Therefore I wanted to know if you are really a Muslim. 

Wow... you are really amazing! Your relation to legal drugs is really amazing... :) I admire you! xDDDD

I need you!!!!! I'm trying to quit smoking and you would be a good reason. xDD

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