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*holds a cute pen up, yellow with a teddy bear-shaped rubber at its rear, while a sparkly background engages all around her; she smiles, and gently presses the tip of her pen onto a cutely fashioned letter sheet; she starts writing* 

"To all my dear friends and the people who want to contact me... 


*suddenly, huge waves splash behind her as her expression grows intense and a daring grin washes over her face; she exclames in a loud, half-heartedly apologetic voice*

"Aaaah, what to say?! Well, life's happen'd. And y'know, times like that stuffs happens and people havta move on, yaro? Hence, I want to tell everyone "sorry" for taking forever with my replies to y'all." 

*the pirate gets knocked on the head with a fist of a more formal-looking version of herself that suddenly appeared behind her; the new character grabs the pen, bumps the pirate out of the chair and starts writing while mumbling irritably to the side - "Be more polite when apologising!":* 

"First off my dear friends, 

I am sorry for not replying to your comments in quite a long while (I imagine the newest was a week ago, and the oldest one can even be from half a year ago, I hope it's not more than that). I feel that "I have been busy" cannot hold the amount of apologetic feelings that I feel towards you. I also know that I owe you at least an explanation.

I am 19 years old. Life has just started happening as I have reached a steady phase of youth where I don't have to pay too much mind to the hormonal changes on my face that kids would laugh over and stuff like that. I feel quite inspired to make something out of my life now when I feel like I have the opportunity to fly, and have a legitimate (Pirate: Oho, not "legit?") excuse for all those grown-ups who say that I should pick a safe road in life. I say, 'Live and try to follow your dreams while you're still young and able - you won't stop thinking about it anyways'. 

*kahem* So, in accordance to that, I have decided to go bravely after what I want to do and all the things I believe in. Thanks to that, my online social life has suffered quite a blow, while my social life in the physical world has not changed significantly, so fret not, I have not moved on entirely.

I will see your posts and comments that you leave for me quite fast, but it might take me forever a long time to reply unless you say that you really want me to contact you soon. In that case, my conscience would not let me sleep. So yes, please do not do that if at all possible."

*holds the pen up with no idea how to close the letter off; her face shows a blank expression; the pirate grins deviously*

*with a gasp of realisation (after re-reading the letter), she continues heartily* 

Second of all, to all the people who wish to contact me, 

I am guessing that you have pretty much understood that I might take a long time to reply to your messages. But, the thing is, it is generally easier for me to make friends than keep them, so it just might happen sooner. 


I am really trying to give your messages a priority. *fretting over it* In fact, uhm, ah, I-- 


*you have reached the limit of your letter; please contact your operator for more information on how to leave more effective apologies* 


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FFAith says...

July 10th? lol must have been a while then, well anyway thats fine but just trying to reconnect to people who ive been talking to.

No no no its okay, I understand school and stuff. What are you studying in school? like your major?

What ive been doing is just concentraing on learning i guess not trying to put too much stress on myself.

Any other big news that I missed?

Dec 26, 2013
Sasorikun765 says...

//fearfully pokes head out form behind a giant rock. im sorry for being so late please dont hate me omg i feel so bad jaskndkjdgfd ):

Yeah you hit the nail on the head with distractions XD Lately my only reason for using this site is to talk to you, though maybe this holudays i might get time to watch anime. hopefully XD Woowies that sounds like a lot of work. as long as your happy with it i guess hehe. speaking of which, what are you studying (im sorry if you've told me before my memory is so bad). I wish you good luck! I believe in you that you can beat all the people in your class! -punches the air motivationally- 

That chapter a week totally didnt last very long. its more like a page now but oh well its better than nothing. Me great?! ahahahha thankyou but i dont think im that great heh. mock exams? gosh uni sounds more daunting everytime we talk. Best wishes from me and i look forward to the mail. When you have time of course~ ^.^

Nooo dont follow the light. The light will steal your cookies! still not friend contact but that wont last long cause yay! holidays started today! year 12 next year. totally scarey causeim taking all hard subjects OTL. 

KJjkdsfnjk the fact that you deem my name worthy of remembering hehe. (you seem so shifty about that >.< XD) Ttyl Aki. I didnt look either hehe~ GL and HF!<3 <3 <3 

Nov 29, 2013
Sasorikun765 says...

Hiya. No worries with the lateness, i dont wanna be a distraction or bother at all owo. Besides im kinda late too XP. The sad thing about distractions is that they are finaly gone!!... but i have exams to study for so no capitalising on the writing time ):. i barely have time for anime now either (the are all so far ahead of me blarg. i need catch up time.) Hows uni been? Gosh how exciting being in a new environment.

:). If i take my time i probably wont get anywhere lol. But im managing at least a chapter(ish) a week. I guess thats better than nothing. Oh well after exams i have all the time in the worl. 4 more days!! I envy that you have time for school work and character maps. Oh well im happy that ill at least be able to see this lovely work XD. I find that the scanning idea would be a good idea. Less extra work for you (plus im intrigued to see your handwriting). Sounds like a good idea to me~ 

Ty for the luck~ (though sadness i havent seen friends for a while ): stupid studies). Nooooo. come back to the night!! The darkness is calling to you.Good luck with Uni and your shooling and of course the projects~ I cant wait to see your work! ^.^ 

Nov 9, 2013
Sasorikun765 says...

Whoops im uber late sorry! //clumbsily grovelsOh yay its been a while since we exchanged e-mail. I'm rather interested in what you've draw ^.^.I on the other hand have done vary litte. I have tried writing but games are so distracting and school takes up 6 too many hours of my day XP.

Honestly and realistically i'd rank you 1st but its hard to lower my two friends who are like sisters to me. heheh ^////^. Yeah my new work... looks at half finish chapters of 6 stories. Yeah I've been trying to write but after i finish hw its usually really late so little time (I'm writing rn though. Yay for Friday Night!). OHh i like that one too. As of this anime season i have been dragged into comedy genre so that sounds really appealing XD. 

Here here! Best thing i have heard in a while. Un-weird is too boring. 

Ill be patient i promise~ I have learnt th hard way that dragon helpers/editors are no fun :/ (shes gonna eat me if i dont write soon D:)

I shall Aki! And likewise to you dear <3 

(converted you to what?) (hey its 10pm. for once its nto an obscene hour of the morning XD) 

Sep 13, 2013
Sasorikun765 says...

Summer in Australia is great. For everywhere but Victoria. The joys of being at the bottom of the world where its always cold (exagerations ahoy!). I'm feeling kinda better but its still cold ):.

Yeah i refuse to talk to him cause about 10 minutes after i sent the last reply he turned into a little... monster. 

Hehehe~ Damn you're always right. 

Still got another year and a half to wait for those yo. Still chained to school books for a while OTL. 

So about a week ago when you sent this i happened to be at a party and i had down time so i descided to check if you responded (cause i do that a lot when its your turn XD) and That comment litterally made my start crying at the table. I can't really find words to explain my feels to your trust in me (Everything that is good in the universe posibly ^.^). And while on that topic i am pretty sure i rank you as my #3 too next to my dragon editior and someone i was basically born with. I usually do... almost all those to get my ideas. Dream magic is my favourite one. Living out my ideas is the best fun. And i so love your taste. High stakes are totally requirements in any of my novels. And i would be honoured to be your helper ^.^! If you wanna send more details i'll give you a review for ya~~ (hopefully i can be of some help)

Yeah. I'm happier being single. Less stress over messing things up. I can focus on my happieness as a singless person hohohohoho~ (and wow does my happieness need work ~lol~) Oh? which career might that be? *shifty eyes*

I'd love to have you as a helper. Goodness knows i need one with my levels of motivation. *is the eptiome of lazy* I'm attempting to write now but... yeah im so lazy and have hw too //sigh (darn schooling X|) 

Anyways hope to hear from ya soon~ I should probably do my hw before it hits midnight hehe. <3~

Jul 18, 2013