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Hi, everyone. :) I figured it was time for a new bio. :) 

Well, I'm not in forums or chats much, but feel free to leave me a comment if you want to talk to me. :D 

My mottos include:

**************MY ANIME RATINGS - AN EXPLANATION************** 

5 stars = I really enjoyed it, maybe spilled some tears (music plays a big role) 

4.5 stars= I generally really enjoyed it, although there were some parts that I disliked, or some parts that I thought could've been realised better (often lower animation quality or plot holes can take away the points; if I read the manga first, anime usually ends up with this rating) 

4 stars = It was technically good, but there were a lot of parts that weren't aesthetically pleasing; above average  

3.5 stars = average, with a few original ideas 

3 stars = completely average, dull, and sometimes boring 

2.5 stars = generally bad, below average 

2 stars = bad, both in realisation and idea (also, makes me uncofortable while watching) 

1.5 stars = really bad (dropped most anime with this rating) 

1 star = dreadful 

0.5 star = dropped in the first few minutes; unwatchable 


Hona na~~ 


[06, 09, 13, 14, 17, 22, 23, 37, 40-42, 46-48, 50, 57, 62-65 and finished pending]

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401 total

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KyokiXJapanFreak says...

ahah, ahahah.. oh my god... I've logged back in here after about 2 years and the last message I received was from you. I can't believe its been that long! I also think I never replied to your last message, so sorry for that ahah.But omg time goes way too quickly!! I wonder if you remember me? I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't xD I'm Hannah, and we last messaged in May 2012 so.. wow. I don't really know what to say other than the fact that, even I don't really watch much anime anymore, I would love to talk to you again! It would be weird but nice to catch up on things?I don't know ahah I've kind of lost a lot of friends in real life since then and now, so that's kind of why I logged back in. To see if I could get forgiveness and have more friends and stuff again :DI noticed that you logged in recently so I thought, you know, why not! Since you're 19 I'm guessing you must be in Uni and stuff now? So I can understand if you're busy! I hope this isn't too weird or anything! ^^

Apr 15, 2014
Soccerlove180 says...

Ah... Sorry! So sorry for such a late reply. I haven't been on much... I will definitely make an honest effort to be on more. =)

That's so awesome that you're working on a manga. And university classes can keep you very busy =3

I seriously cannot express just how much I adore your profile picture! I'm just like =3 um... if I could do one of those burshing cat faces, that's what I've been like for the past several minutes. XP It's just too cute! What manga is it from?

Mmhmm... *nods head* True story.

Apr 4, 2014
Sasorikun765 says...

Whoops.... hiii. I'm late again ^.^". I'm sorry! //bows head in sorrow.

Of course you are thought of highly! I consider you one of my best friends~

My pace through education is doing nothin~ and suffering the consequences later... which i did. and now they are making me study (damn speciallist math.) Disney pride!! Well gaming doesn't achieve too much either. Well except carpal-tunnel (how on earth do i spell that). Regardless, anime is always a good procrastination~. Lol im not sure if frills will match my eyes but the strong sunscreen might be a good idea since i look the most lovely shade of crimson with 30+. Omg sunglasses are no fun, they give me the weirdest tan line around my eyes XD. Beat them allergies! Crush them with legal medication! Say what!? at uni, the most subjects we can do is 2 ): its so limiting and it sucks. So much science and art but not enough opportunities. 

Follows in originality. //puts on moon glasses. Yes moon glasses. >)

i have exchanged the coffee for tea. Less caffine? Oh well im sleeping better. (Hopefully my coherance has improved as a result... maybe? XO)

Progress! YAY! Though mine is going to get ruins due to my leaving to go on holiday in.... 9 hours? yay for 4am wakeups! //crys with happy and sad tears. Oh well im going to a place with much better weather. Take that rain! //cackles

(I am 100 levels of sorry, upon reading that text i feel my intelligence drop. lets never write like that again me. Sorry! i hope this is an improvement)

next time i talk to you is shall be in queensland (well depends on how long it takes us to reply hehe). Bye bye~ xox <3

Apr 3, 2014
dBo0ii says...

haha no problem i know from experience how hard it becomes to check messages and things XD

haha yeah sure when i have some of my assignment papers finished ill try and upload them so you can see XD

wow really? well i guess i can say that your the first person outside of my personal friends that i know is doing the same course as me so maybe if you need any help drop me a message and i might be able to help XD

Photoshop and all those digital editing programs is just a matter of practice and you get use to it XD, i was like that aswell not knowing where anything is or what anything does but just a matter of practice and you get use to them Xd

i like to draw alot using those edit softwares as practice and usually upload to deviant art, but i had a bit of problem with my last deviant art account so i lost it, but once i've started to draw again i'll upload them and message you the link XD

yeah i was especially worried going to university to study a creative career since your not always able to find a job so i took business management aswell but, man those classes are killer XP

interesting comparison ^^

haha its fine a reply anytime is fine ^.^

Mar 22, 2014
FFAith says...

Im not knowledgeable about drawing and stuff rather I just like to look at my friends and other peoples artwork. But I hope youre off to a good start,  while I will cheer you on thats all I can do right now.

I havent thought given much thought to what im going to do just going through daily life, but do not worry about me.

How are your scores and grades in university? are you being a good student?

Mar 22, 2014