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"It is time to move on. Good memories are not meant to tie you to the past.
They serve to push you forward.
We must try our best to move on, so we don't feel sad when remembering the past and live full lives.
We are currenlty in a sorrowful winter of parting, but the snow will eventually melt, and spring will come.
And then, the feelings we had will bloom again." 
                                                                      - Uta Koi, ep. 10 ~~

Genki, yaroodomo?!!

Just kidding. 

Etto, finally rewriting my profile, I see. Well, for starters, let's cover the basics:

Reporter: Miss Who-We-Are-Supposed-To-Interview, what might be your name?

Me: Me.

Reporter: (O.o)

Me: Just kidding. Just call me Aki.

Reporter: Right. You do seem like you like to joke around a lot.

Me: Really? They often tell me I look too serious. Even my teacher told me girls should smile more.

Reporter: Ah, is that so? What is your age?

Me: You can see it over there. --->

Reporter: Ah.

Me: And never ask that question to a woman again, if you know what's good for you.

Reporter: I can see now how people say you're too serious...

Me: ... *jii*

Reporter: Kahem! So, your interests are...?

Me: Well, aside from anime and manga, I like movies, learning new languages and reading. My favourite literature is drama – I can read anything as long as it's in 'drama format'. I dislike travel journals the most. I like how Shakespeare is overdramatic and doesn't care if the Czech have a sea. I also like recreational outdoor activities like walking in a park (BTW, I was born in the Year of the Dog) and cycling. I'm trying to pester my single parent to buy me a bicycle. I also like speaking in 'monologue mode' when talking about myself or tutoring someone. I have experience in tutoring English.

Reporter: I see. And what about your dislikes?

Me: I dislike talking about my dislikes, because I dislike dislikes. But if I have to, I very much dislike travel journals, lack of morals in a person and depressing war-themed literature. If you're not gonna care if the reader hangs himself after reading your book, go... do something to change your perspective, or something. (=.=)*

Reporter: Then, what about anime and manga? Likes and dislikes?

Me: Quality. (+.+) Just give me quality – quality animation, story, character design, graphics, music, or all of the above. As of genres, I like out-of-frame anime & manga, those that have something unique to them; favourites are noitaminA, slice of life, mystery, adventure, both drama and comedy. Good music wins me over most of the time.

Reporter: Eeh... (^¸^)' ... Then, what about your taste in music?

Me: I listen to songs individually, then grade them based on the vocals, text, melody, genre and sometimes catchyness. Fav genres that I can listen to all the time are k-pop and jazz. Odd combination, I know. (-^-^-)

Reporter: (OMG she smiled!!) Eh, and lastly, since we haven't got much time left, what do you think an AP profile should look like?

Me: Hmm... Whatever you think is good. I like flashy ones, but please don't cause my computer to run slowly because of all the gifs. :p I also like those sprinkled with originality. (-^-^-)

Reporter: Thank you very much!

Me: Thank you!~

:p (<--- I shall make this my trademark; my Phantom Thief signature!! Xp) 

[06, 09, 13, 14, 17, 22, 23, 37, 40-42, 46-48, 50, 57, 62-65 and finished pending]

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Sasorikun765 avatar Sasorikun765


Jan 22, 2014

Hello~ sorry im late again... well its an improvment from last time ^.^". Anyways how are you feeling~ (im in an oddly chipper mood for some reason :D)

(no worries~ im glad just to get your message hehe)

I am still on break though its my last week of freedom. I have luckily had the chance to watch things! I have been binge watching Disney classics (i just doused myself in a pot of lame). Though i spend more time gaming, not sure if that is really relaxing hehehe XP. i am on my 2 month summer break atm and dreading my return. i have to go on a retreat with school this year ):. no civilisation for 3 days. the horror. though i figure it'd be interesting for my writing. How is uni going!? I hope you are on top of your work and doing great. I'm retaining my post of cheering you on from the opposite side of the world ^(o.o)^ Don't worry about the promised stuff if you dont have the time. As long as you have 'me (you) time' (sorry that doesn't make much sence A_A") between your drawing. 

My page a week is more like a paragraph a week then a chapter the next. Inconsistancy for the win! I hope uni is as fun as people say. im getting the vibe that is really relaxed about everything and the people are really cool. Unlike high school were the people are evil and the rules are tight~.

17 in 9 hours! wowies thats intense. congratulations on managing that! hehehehe (coffee is good. the coffee talk is making me smile uncontrolably XP) //Dramatically sets off running into academics with a war cry!

Hope to hear from you soon~ <3 <3

FFAith avatar FFAith


Jan 14, 2014

Graphic design? thats pretty interesting, im not a good drawer to begin with lol. but ill cheer for you. Hows the school life going so far? is it overwhelming?

since i missed your birthday, happy late birhtday.

no big news from me either, just want to take it easy for now.

What else have you been up to?

Sasorikun765 avatar Sasorikun765


Jan 1, 2014

A rather late Merry Christmas. ad Happy New Year~! Happy holidays yo, xox

FFAith avatar FFAith


Dec 26, 2013

July 10th? lol must have been a while then, well anyway thats fine but just trying to reconnect to people who ive been talking to.

No no no its okay, I understand school and stuff. What are you studying in school? like your major?

What ive been doing is just concentraing on learning i guess not trying to put too much stress on myself.

Any other big news that I missed?

Sasorikun765 avatar Sasorikun765


Nov 29, 2013

//fearfully pokes head out form behind a giant rock. im sorry for being so late please dont hate me omg i feel so bad jaskndkjdgfd ):

Yeah you hit the nail on the head with distractions XD Lately my only reason for using this site is to talk to you, though maybe this holudays i might get time to watch anime. hopefully XD Woowies that sounds like a lot of work. as long as your happy with it i guess hehe. speaking of which, what are you studying (im sorry if you've told me before my memory is so bad). I wish you good luck! I believe in you that you can beat all the people in your class! -punches the air motivationally- 

That chapter a week totally didnt last very long. its more like a page now but oh well its better than nothing. Me great?! ahahahha thankyou but i dont think im that great heh. mock exams? gosh uni sounds more daunting everytime we talk. Best wishes from me and i look forward to the mail. When you have time of course~ ^.^

Nooo dont follow the light. The light will steal your cookies! still not friend contact but that wont last long cause yay! holidays started today! year 12 next year. totally scarey causeim taking all hard subjects OTL. 

KJjkdsfnjk the fact that you deem my name worthy of remembering hehe. (you seem so shifty about that >.< XD) Ttyl Aki. I didnt look either hehe~ GL and HF!<3 <3 <3 

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