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Hi, everyone. :) I figured it was time for a new bio. :) 

Well, I'm not in forums or chats much, but feel free to leave me a comment if you want to talk to me. :D 

My mottos include:

**************MY ANIME RATINGS - AN EXPLANATION************** 

5 stars = I really enjoyed it, maybe spilled some tears (music plays a big role) 

4.5 stars= I generally really enjoyed it, although there were some parts that I disliked, or some parts that I thought could've been realised better (often lower animation quality or plot holes can take away the points; if I read the manga first, anime usually ends up with this rating) 

4 stars = It was technically good, but there were a lot of parts that weren't aesthetically pleasing; above average  

3.5 stars = average, with a few original ideas 

3 stars = completely average, dull, and sometimes boring 

2.5 stars = generally bad, below average 

2 stars = bad, both in realisation and idea (also, makes me uncofortable while watching) 

1.5 stars = really bad (dropped most anime with this rating) 

1 star = dreadful 

0.5 star = dropped in the first few minutes; unwatchable 


Hona na~~ 


[06, 09, 13, 14, 17, 22, 23, 37, 40-42, 46-48, 50, 57, 62-65 and finished pending]

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MOJ Apr 17, 2011

"Isn't the same debate going on in every religion? As long as it doesn't tell you that forbidden is good, I suppose it's OK to listen to..."

True indeed. That is the main argument people in favor present. As for classical music, i just don't find it exciting enough. Too relaxing for my taste but i do listen to it sometimes. I especially like canons and pieces by Mozart (that is what classical music is right? lol i don't know too much about music genres)

School...this biggest obstacle in anime watching ever...:P

shizumaru Apr 17, 2011

oh, it's alright. (:

MOJ Apr 16, 2011

Haha wonderful. No, i really appreaciate that you took the time and friended me :) It was a pleasant surprise.

Yes we do have a lot in common (except i LIKE anime that keep me awake all night in terms of suspense... :D ). I feel the same way about being serious and then going "all out". Works perfectly for me.

Well i am having a hard time with Music these days. Since i am religious, i am not sure wether music is allowed or not in my religion (the debate rages on, but no one is certian). Anyways i listen to mainly anything that can fill me with adernaline, wether it be techno or screamo. I hate any song that has "subliminal messages" in them. Oh and i am a conspiracy nut :) .

Pleasure to meet you and i added you as a friend too. Hopefully we can have more talks in the future

staruser Apr 13, 2011

lol thats cool...

staruser Apr 12, 2011

realy its cute it suit ur personality...

lol XD