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"It is time to move on. Good memories are not meant to tie you to the past.
They serve to push you forward.
We must try our best to move on, so we don't feel sad when remembering the past and live full lives.
We are currenlty in a sorrowful winter of parting, but the snow will eventually melt, and spring will come.
And then, the feelings we had will bloom again." 
                                                                      - Uta Koi, ep. 10 ~~

Genki, yaroodomo?!!

Just kidding. 

Etto, finally rewriting my profile, I see. Well, for starters, let's cover the basics:

Reporter: Miss Who-We-Are-Supposed-To-Interview, what might be your name?

Me: Me.

Reporter: (O.o)

Me: Just kidding. Just call me Aki.

Reporter: Right. You do seem like you like to joke around a lot.

Me: Really? They often tell me I look too serious. Even my teacher told me girls should smile more.

Reporter: Ah, is that so? What is your age?

Me: You can see it over there. --->

Reporter: Ah.

Me: And never ask that question to a woman again, if you know what's good for you.

Reporter: I can see now how people say you're too serious...

Me: ... *jii*

Reporter: Kahem! So, your interests are...?

Me: Well, aside from anime and manga, I like movies, learning new languages and reading. My favourite literature is drama – I can read anything as long as it's in 'drama format'. I dislike travel journals the most. I like how Shakespeare is overdramatic and doesn't care if the Czech have a sea. I also like recreational outdoor activities like walking in a park (BTW, I was born in the Year of the Dog) and cycling. I'm trying to pester my single parent to buy me a bicycle. I also like speaking in 'monologue mode' when talking about myself or tutoring someone. I have experience in tutoring English.

Reporter: I see. And what about your dislikes?

Me: I dislike talking about my dislikes, because I dislike dislikes. But if I have to, I very much dislike travel journals, lack of morals in a person and depressing war-themed literature. If you're not gonna care if the reader hangs himself after reading your book, go... do something to change your perspective, or something. (=.=)*

Reporter: Then, what about anime and manga? Likes and dislikes?

Me: Quality. (+.+) Just give me quality – quality animation, story, character design, graphics, music, or all of the above. As of genres, I like out-of-frame anime & manga, those that have something unique to them; favourites are noitaminA, slice of life, mystery, adventure, both drama and comedy. Good music wins me over most of the time.

Reporter: Eeh... (^¸^)' ... Then, what about your taste in music?

Me: I listen to songs individually, then grade them based on the vocals, text, melody, genre and sometimes catchyness. Fav genres that I can listen to all the time are k-pop and jazz. Odd combination, I know. (-^-^-)

Reporter: (OMG she smiled!!) Eh, and lastly, since we haven't got much time left, what do you think an AP profile should look like?

Me: Hmm... Whatever you think is good. I like flashy ones, but please don't cause my computer to run slowly because of all the gifs. :p I also like those sprinkled with originality. (-^-^-)

Reporter: Thank you very much!

Me: Thank you!~

:p (<--- I shall make this my trademark; my Phantom Thief signature!! Xp) 

[06, 09, 13, 14, 17, 22, 23, 37, 40-42, 46-48, 50, 57, 62-65 and finished pending]

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MOJ avatar MOJ

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 16, 2011

Haha wonderful. No, i really appreaciate that you took the time and friended me :) It was a pleasant surprise.

Yes we do have a lot in common (except i LIKE anime that keep me awake all night in terms of suspense... :D ). I feel the same way about being serious and then going "all out". Works perfectly for me.

Well i am having a hard time with Music these days. Since i am religious, i am not sure wether music is allowed or not in my religion (the debate rages on, but no one is certian). Anyways i listen to mainly anything that can fill me with adernaline, wether it be techno or screamo. I hate any song that has "subliminal messages" in them. Oh and i am a conspiracy nut :) .

Pleasure to meet you and i added you as a friend too. Hopefully we can have more talks in the future

staruser avatar staruser


Apr 13, 2011

lol thats cool...

staruser avatar staruser


Apr 12, 2011

realy its cute it suit ur personality...

lol XD

staruser avatar staruser


Apr 8, 2011

lol yeah...anyways i like ur new pic what anime dose it come off of?

staruser avatar staruser


Apr 7, 2011

so u change ur pic 2 huh..

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