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*holds a cute pen up, yellow with a teddy bear-shaped rubber at its rear, while a sparkly background engages all around her; she smiles, and gently presses the tip of her pen onto a cutely fashioned letter sheet; she starts writing* 

"To all my dear friends and the people who want to contact me... 


*suddenly, huge waves splash behind her as her expression grows intense and a daring grin washes over her face; she exclames in a loud, half-heartedly apologetic voice*

"Aaaah, what to say?! Well, life's happen'd. And y'know, times like that stuffs happens and people havta move on, yaro? Hence, I want to tell everyone "sorry" for taking forever with my replies to y'all." 

*the pirate gets knocked on the head with a fist of a more formal-looking version of herself that suddenly appeared behind her; the new character grabs the pen, bumps the pirate out of the chair and starts writing while mumbling irritably to the side - "Be more polite when apologising!":* 

"First off my dear friends, 

I am sorry for not replying to your comments in quite a long while (I imagine the newest was a week ago, and the oldest one can even be from half a year ago, I hope it's not more than that). I feel that "I have been busy" cannot hold the amount of apologetic feelings that I feel towards you. I also know that I owe you at least an explanation.

I am 19 years old. Life has just started happening as I have reached a steady phase of youth where I don't have to pay too much mind to the hormonal changes on my face that kids would laugh over and stuff like that. I feel quite inspired to make something out of my life now when I feel like I have the opportunity to fly, and have a legitimate (Pirate: Oho, not "legit?") excuse for all those grown-ups who say that I should pick a safe road in life. I say, 'Live and try to follow your dreams while you're still young and able - you won't stop thinking about it anyways'. 

*kahem* So, in accordance to that, I have decided to go bravely after what I want to do and all the things I believe in. Thanks to that, my online social life has suffered quite a blow, while my social life in the physical world has not changed significantly, so fret not, I have not moved on entirely.

I will see your posts and comments that you leave for me quite fast, but it might take me forever a long time to reply unless you say that you really want me to contact you soon. In that case, my conscience would not let me sleep. So yes, please do not do that if at all possible."

*holds the pen up with no idea how to close the letter off; her face shows a blank expression; the pirate grins deviously*

*with a gasp of realisation (after re-reading the letter), she continues heartily* 

Second of all, to all the people who wish to contact me, 

I am guessing that you have pretty much understood that I might take a long time to reply to your messages. But, the thing is, it is generally easier for me to make friends than keep them, so it just might happen sooner. 


I am really trying to give your messages a priority. *fretting over it* In fact, uhm, ah, I-- 


*you have reached the limit of your letter; please contact your operator for more information on how to leave more effective apologies* 


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dBo0ii says...

haha no problem i know from experience how hard it becomes to check messages and things XD

haha yeah sure when i have some of my assignment papers finished ill try and upload them so you can see XD

wow really? well i guess i can say that your the first person outside of my personal friends that i know is doing the same course as me so maybe if you need any help drop me a message and i might be able to help XD

Photoshop and all those digital editing programs is just a matter of practice and you get use to it XD, i was like that aswell not knowing where anything is or what anything does but just a matter of practice and you get use to them Xd

i like to draw alot using those edit softwares as practice and usually upload to deviant art, but i had a bit of problem with my last deviant art account so i lost it, but once i've started to draw again i'll upload them and message you the link XD

yeah i was especially worried going to university to study a creative career since your not always able to find a job so i took business management aswell but, man those classes are killer XP

interesting comparison ^^

haha its fine a reply anytime is fine ^.^

Mar 22, 2014
FFAith says...

Im not knowledgeable about drawing and stuff rather I just like to look at my friends and other peoples artwork. But I hope youre off to a good start,  while I will cheer you on thats all I can do right now.

I havent thought given much thought to what im going to do just going through daily life, but do not worry about me.

How are your scores and grades in university? are you being a good student?

Mar 22, 2014
cronus7 says...

Django over here too.

If you're not THAT into jazz, then what are you THAT into?

I'm into everything. In moderation.

(ok, not everything, but I can listen to just about any genre without disliking it. The thing I dislike more than anything is mediocre stuff... 3 chords)

Be careful- other stuff messes up all your main stuff until everything is just weird stuff.

not that weird stuff is bad, but you don't wanr ALL your stuff to be weird stuff.

I have a lot of other stuff on my plate too.

besides fried chicken and mashed potatoes 'n gravy.

Like school.

And stuff.

Stuff is the best filler word because it fills the sentence more than all the other stuff!

Mar 20, 2014
Sasorikun765 says...

no hard feelings at all! aslfksdjf I'm happy you got around to replying though! I tried to be early this time but... hehehhe *rubs back of neck sheepishly* i suck i know~

Dunno how to interperate neutral...I think i will be pleased that its not a negitive mood ^.^ (optimism!). As for me, lets throw chipper out the window. I am ecstatic! My everything is looking up today. (I feel that replying to you completes the perfect day fabulously).

School is... working? lol im doing average i guess. eh i can't complain. Yay fellow disney lover! I feel less weird for being 17 and disney! o: you are so lucky you are picky wiht games. I am currently playing 5 games, one of which is an MOBA so no endpoint. I have concluded that i am too succeptable to procrastinating. (Tales of Xillia is too pretty  nuuuuuuu!!!). My retreat was much better than i first thought. I survived buuuut my skin ): it died ): i had sunburn rivaling the colour of a lobster ): //snaps non-existant pincers. Drawing and writing is much more quite (im so damn lazy lately. its either school work or gaming lol). :D Congratulations on uni! //tosses streamers. Its awesome that you are having so much fun. Though gosh it sounds so full on. so many subjects o.O

I'm sorry in my derp i can't seem to find reference to the 10 years form now bit. (pfft im not sleep deprived). me thinky it's the arty thing? 10 years is all good though i bit long. take your time~  alll is good .(omg this paragraph is made of weird im sorry).

After much consideration i have changed my uni plans to accommodate something i actually like as opposed to something that will get me a good job. (cause while interesting bio-chemistry is not my thing) 

Woopsie too late. i did the coffee thing to finish all my homework a couple weeks ago. //sobbs into obilivion. why did i take that hardest subjects. (my english is suffereing lol). that image makes me feel like im going to war. *scrolls up and sees "war cry"* whoops derp. and after almost dying cause i almost lost this whole paragraph i bit you adue...adoo?  yeah bye suffices. (im sorry its 1am i'm not used to this anymore [omg i actually fixed my sleep pattern]) 

TTYL~ BYE~ <3~ xo~ 

Mar 7, 2014
FFAith says...

No its okay, late replies do not bother me at all so dont worry about that.

I'm not in school right now taking a break and need to sort out what im going to do.

How are your drawings coming along?

Its okay to talk a lot about it but I guess you cant leave out the working part of it.

So hows university so far?

Mar 3, 2014