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What the- I am gone for a month and AP transforms into an alien ship!! O.o ~~

Genki, yaroodomo?!!

Just kidding. 

Etto, finally rewriting my profile, I see. Well, for starters, let's cover the basics:

Reporter: Miss Who-We-Are-Supposed-To-Interview, what might be your name?

Me: Me.

Reporter: (O.o)

Me: Just kidding. Just call me Aki.

Reporter: Right. You do seem like you like to joke around a lot.

Me: Really? They often tell me I look too serious. Even my teacher told me girls should smile more.

Reporter: Ah, is that so? What is your age?

Me: You can see it over there. --->

Reporter: Ah.

Me: And never ask that question to a woman again, if you know what's good for you.

Reporter: I can see now how people say you're too serious...

Me: ... *jii*

Reporter: Kahem! So, your interests are...?

Me: Well, aside from anime and manga, I like movies, learning new languages and reading. My favourite literature is drama – I can read anything as long as it's in 'drama format'. I dislike travel journals the most. I like how Shakespeare is overdramatic and doesn't care if the Czech have a sea. I also like recreational outdoor activities like walking in a park (BTW, I was born in the Year of the Dog) and cycling. I'm trying to pester my single parent to buy me a bicycle. I also like speaking in 'monologue mode' when talking about myself or tutoring someone. I have experience in tutoring English.

Reporter: I see. And what about your dislikes?

Me: I dislike talking about my dislikes, because I dislike dislikes. But if I have to, I very much dislike travel journals, lack of morals in a person and depressing war-themed literature. If you're not gonna care if the reader hangs himself after reading your book, go... do something to change your perspective, or something. (=.=)*

Reporter: Then, what about anime and manga? Likes and dislikes?

Me: Quality. (+.+) Just give me quality – quality animation, story, character design, graphics, music, or all of the above. As of genres, I like out-of-frame anime & manga, those that have something unique to them; favourites are noitaminA, slice of life, mystery, adventure, both drama and comedy. Good music wins me over most of the time.

Reporter: Eeh... (^¸^)' ... Then, what about your taste in music?

Me: I listen to songs individually, then grade them based on the vocals, text, melody, genre and sometimes catchyness. Fav genres that I can listen to all the time are k-pop and jazz. Odd combination, I know. (-^-^-)

Reporter: (OMG she smiled!!) Eh, and lastly, since we haven't got much time left, what do you think an AP profile should look like?

Me: Hmm... Whatever you think is good. I like flashy ones, but please don't cause my computer to run slowly because of all the gifs. :p I also like those sprinkled with originality. (-^-^-)

Reporter: Thank you very much!

Me: Thank you!~

:p (<--- I shall make this my trademark; my Phantom Thief signature!! Xp) 

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chikoritaBH says...

I thought you ignored me... xDD Never mind... I'm glad you replied. :)

I have to learn, too... Last week, we spoke about the war in your country and about your political system. :) Really interesting things. 

How did I guess? Well... I know Muslims can't do those thing (eating pork, drinking alcohol etc...) :) Therefore I wanted to know if you are really a Muslim. 

Wow... you are really amazing! Your relation to legal drugs is really amazing... :) I admire you! xDDDD

I need you!!!!! I'm trying to quit smoking and you would be a good reason. xDD

Nov 24, 2012
Sasorikun765 says...

ahfsjkghsk sorry for the lack of an answer. 

the partner thing is no longer relivent ): but eh i got a friend out of it so thats great.

Also. Deviant art tells me its your birthday hun so Happy Birthday bby!! -huuugsss!!!- Have an awesome and and yeah love ya too~

Nov 16, 2012
chikoritaBH says...

Aahhhh, Aki-chan!!! Talk to me! xD

Nov 7, 2012
chikoritaBH says...

Haha... nice story... :D I graduated in Latin. :D I studied Latin at grammer school for 2 years. :D (the next 3 subjects of my graduation were history, Czech and German :D)

NO! Political science is so awesome! :D

Think about it! :D You would be near me. xDD

Why don't you drink, Aki-chan? Because of your age or religion? :D Well... we have a lot of meals with pork... But if you are a Muslim you won't eat it. :D I love dill sauce. And I recommend it! :D So tasty. xD And there are a lot of Chinese restaurants and Mc'Donalds. xD Haha... :D

Oct 25, 2012
Sasorikun765 says...

-hugs- Not sure if my email sent. If not i'll just rant here cause why not? 

Oct 24, 2012