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Hi, everyone. :) I figured it was time for a new bio. :) 

Well, I'm not in forums or chats much, but feel free to leave me a comment if you want to talk to me. :D 

My mottos include:

**************MY ANIME RATINGS - AN EXPLANATION************** 

5 stars = I really enjoyed it, maybe spilled some tears (music plays a big role) 

4.5 stars= I generally really enjoyed it, although there were some parts that I disliked, or some parts that I thought could've been realised better (often lower animation quality or plot holes can take away the points; if I read the manga first, anime usually ends up with this rating) 

4 stars = It was technically good, but there were a lot of parts that weren't aesthetically pleasing; above average  

3.5 stars = average, with a few original ideas 

3 stars = completely average, dull, and sometimes boring 

2.5 stars = generally bad, below average 

2 stars = bad, both in realisation and idea (also, makes me uncofortable while watching) 

1.5 stars = really bad (dropped most anime with this rating) 

1 star = dreadful 

0.5 star = dropped in the first few minutes; unwatchable 


Hona na~~ 


[06, 09, 13, 14, 17, 22, 23, 37, 40-42, 46-48, 50, 57, 62-65 and finished pending]

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Sasorikun765 says...

Oh lord dont be sorry. I checked my inbox at like midnight and almost did a backflip. Holy crap its been ages! (Unfortunatly i couldn't reply imediatly cause i had exams). 

Holidays were good. Now i just finished my exams and i am commencing business week where our school makes us create a cafe in groups and sell food to the lower year levels. its really awkward XP. But i get to wear a cool business suit to school so thats cool.

Oh gosh your so lucky finishing school. Congratulations and have fun at your graduation!

I think you should totally do it. It sounds like a heap of fun and it helps make more anime friends which are generally a good thing! What is your manga about? Good luck on it, it should turn out great! I myself haven't drawn for a while but i got inspiration from Arata Kangatari and lo behold i drew my best drawing to date~ ^.^ But yeah definately try to get the manga magazine down, it sounds like a great idea. 

I've missed you too. It was so exciting to see your reply. Contgratz with the boyfriend! Thats awesome! I in total contrast have come to the fact that i am totally asexual. whoops. As for my writing. Well... i got annoyed at my old writing style so i have started all my books from the beginning (also upon reading this i have changed Gemini's title to Genesis cause that name is like ten times more fitting and yeah). I'll let you read it after i get a few chapters of... well anything done. School holidays are comming up soon so that wont be too long. 

So ttyl <3 

Jun 20, 2013
FFAith says...

Hey, don't know if you remember me, but we used to talk to each other a lot and just trying to find the people who I used to talk to and such. Anyways just wanted to say hi.

Jun 17, 2013
VampireStyle says...

It's ok.... and thanks a lot. :)

Apr 7, 2013
Sasorikun765 says...

jsdfisjghgd.  And now im late im sorry D: I have had the window up on my computer every day and i never got around to typing anything askmfldsn lazy TK.

I wouldn't be mad. I don't think im in a good position to be mad whoops~ Its all good i know how you feel owo.

I got paranoid that i never sent anything and that i was the one that was late and then i was worried that i was annoying you and you didnt wanna talk to me and aksjfbsjkdbgjkd I'm sorry. I am feeling relitivly good. I am in Queensland on a holiday so  i have been occupied by beaches and good weather! As for the dolls.... keep them on standby. Can never be too careful with those.

Ew year 12 sounds horrible. So much work you poor thing. And wow alcohole and drugs... isnt that horrible ): good thing you didnt take it D: Even if your sick not good.

Describing it like a slice of life anime makes it sounds rather fun and amusing despite the weather. ANd omg your making your own gown that is so cool!!! Consider me jealous that well i cant wear dresses let alone make them (damn gender expecations shit).

Well i feel like i should give update on my life. I'm on holiday and the weather is beyond perfect~ Its warm but not with a killer sun to give me killer sunburns :). And  my hotel is beach side. Despite the lame waves here its totally fun and woo eyecandy from my window. and best thing is at night there is always this cruiser ship taht goes past my window and its all lit up and gorgeous *_*. 

You forgiven ^.^~ I understand heh. SO i need to go beach now so bai XD

Apr 6, 2013