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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Sep 25, 2010


Story: As for the story, I must give it extra points for it's originality, But since it's made by the manga with the same name, (and since I read all the manga that's currently out) I feel slightly disappointed by the lack of plot development and episode order. To me, who read the manga, the way episodes appear seems like a random pick of plot segments in the manga that looked interesting to the makers of the anime and randomly putting them into the anime, additionally adding episodes that are important for the last episode, and the overall feeling is like the whole series is made topsy-turvy just to lead to the final episode. Nevertheless, I must agree with the makers of the anime on the pick of the sights, I would've put those sights in the anime too.

Animation: To be honest, I expected a little (VERY little) more from the animation. The characters are drawn chibi-mode and not moving or moving just slightly when speaking, and there are a lot of sliding-into-the-frame-sights (when the characters appear on screen they tend to just slide in, chibi-mode, no walking at all). Nevetheless, the important and dramatic scenes are very nicely done and they are always breath-taking. The scenery and characters are very colourful and make the whole concept enjoyable and fun, adding up to the natural humor in the series, which itself is fantastic.

Sound: ...should've been a 10, but the monotone background music dropped the rating a bit. There are only a couple of music themes that tend to repeat often and in variety of forms (and they're catchy!). As for the voice acting, the voices suit the characters perfectly and the seiyuu (voice actors) have done a brilliant job expressing every single, even the tiniest emotion of the charcters. All male characters sounded very naturally, while the female characters sounded a little stiff (with the exeption of Shizuko), but mostly because the part was asking for it. As for the OP and ED themes, I must confess that I've taken a liking to the two ending themes over the opening, but all in all not bad, nice catchy j-pop songs.

Characters: They're terrific. Really, you will remember the series mostly for it's characters, which are all different in some way. Sure, there are some minor characters that look like they were drawn when the creator (of the manga, because all the characters can be found in the manga) wasn't feeling very inspired and seems to have copied the design from the more important characters, but that can be easily overseen, especially because all characters are very well deveoped as individuals. Of course, many characters were made by typical anime characters stereotype design (geeks with glasses, idols, fangirls, cross-dressers, the one perfect guy, the other one as his rival, completely different from him, etc.), but there's been put so much effort into their development that they all feel quite original. Maybe the best exaple for this is Sakura, as a typical example of the naive crybaby girl, but she also seems to be incredibly ambitious and in the end everything goes her way.

Overall: A very relaxing romance shoujo anime that is sure to be enjoyed. Personally, this very anime made me familiar to the term "love" more than any movie I watched, book I read, or a story that somebody told me so far. Truly, this anime seems to be made to introduce the watcher to what exactly love is and all it's hardships and good sides.

6/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

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NoCheerios Mar 27, 2011

Sure to be enjoyed?


Wanginator Sep 27, 2010

I was going to add a review, but you basically said everything I planned on saying, and in a more organized way... and then some. Good review. Flowers of Moe... banzai!