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*holds a cute pen up, yellow with a teddy bear-shaped rubber at its rear, while a sparkly background engages all around her; she smiles, and gently presses the tip of her pen onto a cutely fashioned letter sheet; she starts writing* 

"To all my dear friends and the people who want to contact me... 


*suddenly, huge waves splash behind her as her expression grows intense and a daring grin washes over her face; she exclames in a loud, half-heartedly apologetic voice*

"Aaaah, what to say?! Well, life's happen'd. And y'know, times like that stuffs happens and people havta move on, yaro? Hence, I want to tell everyone "sorry" for taking forever with my replies to y'all." 

*the pirate gets knocked on the head with a fist of a more formal-looking version of herself that suddenly appeared behind her; the new character grabs the pen, bumps the pirate out of the chair and starts writing while mumbling irritably to the side - "Be more polite when apologising!":* 

"First off my dear friends, 

I am sorry for not replying to your comments in quite a long while (I imagine the newest was a week ago, and the oldest one can even be from half a year ago, I hope it's not more than that). I feel that "I have been busy" cannot hold the amount of apologetic feelings that I feel towards you. I also know that I owe you at least an explanation.

I am 19 years old. Life has just started happening as I have reached a steady phase of youth where I don't have to pay too much mind to the hormonal changes on my face that kids would laugh over and stuff like that. I feel quite inspired to make something out of my life now when I feel like I have the opportunity to fly, and have a legitimate (Pirate: Oho, not "legit?") excuse for all those grown-ups who say that I should pick a safe road in life. I say, 'Live and try to follow your dreams while you're still young and able - you won't stop thinking about it anyways'. 

*kahem* So, in accordance to that, I have decided to go bravely after what I want to do and all the things I believe in. Thanks to that, my online social life has suffered quite a blow, while my social life in the physical world has not changed significantly, so fret not, I have not moved on entirely.

I will see your posts and comments that you leave for me quite fast, but it might take me forever a long time to reply unless you say that you really want me to contact you soon. In that case, my conscience would not let me sleep. So yes, please do not do that if at all possible."

*holds the pen up with no idea how to close the letter off; her face shows a blank expression; the pirate grins deviously*

*with a gasp of realisation (after re-reading the letter), she continues heartily* 

Second of all, to all the people who wish to contact me, 

I am guessing that you have pretty much understood that I might take a long time to reply to your messages. But, the thing is, it is generally easier for me to make friends than keep them, so it just might happen sooner. 


I am really trying to give your messages a priority. *fretting over it* In fact, uhm, ah, I-- 


*you have reached the limit of your letter; please contact your operator for more information on how to leave more effective apologies* 


[06, 09, 13, 14, 17, 22, 23, 37, 40-42, 46-48, 50, 57, 62-65 and finished pending]

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Soccerlove180 says...


I'm soo sorry that I haven't been on in a long while. I think I'm finding a balance. =)

How has your summer been so far?? Are you still taking classes in the summer? Um... how is did the competition go? Did you enter it??

Just message me whenever you get the chance. XD

Jul 20, 2014
KyokiXJapanFreak says...

hahaha I guess the cute jumping hamburger is a little hard to erase for your memory XDDI remember that I liked talking to you too! Yeah, my name is Hannah and I turned 18 a couple of weeks ago, and yeah, I'm the one from Britian :P I am indeed challenging myself in the arts, however I've decided that I definitely want to be a film editor. haha we definitely have some creepy dolls left somewhere in the house- not entirely sure where though XD

I guess it would overall be easier to talk on Skype. It would be great to catch up. If you want to add me, my Skype name is the same as my 'new' account name which is mentioned in my profile :)

May 5, 2014
KyokiXJapanFreak says...

ahah, ahahah.. oh my god... I've logged back in here after about 2 years and the last message I received was from you. I can't believe its been that long! I also think I never replied to your last message, so sorry for that ahah.But omg time goes way too quickly!! I wonder if you remember me? I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't xD I'm Hannah, and we last messaged in May 2012 so.. wow. I don't really know what to say other than the fact that, even I don't really watch much anime anymore, I would love to talk to you again! It would be weird but nice to catch up on things?I don't know ahah I've kind of lost a lot of friends in real life since then and now, so that's kind of why I logged back in. To see if I could get forgiveness and have more friends and stuff again :DI noticed that you logged in recently so I thought, you know, why not! Since you're 19 I'm guessing you must be in Uni and stuff now? So I can understand if you're busy! I hope this isn't too weird or anything! ^^

Apr 15, 2014
Soccerlove180 says...

Ah... Sorry! So sorry for such a late reply. I haven't been on much... I will definitely make an honest effort to be on more. =)

That's so awesome that you're working on a manga. And university classes can keep you very busy =3

I seriously cannot express just how much I adore your profile picture! I'm just like =3 um... if I could do one of those burshing cat faces, that's what I've been like for the past several minutes. XP It's just too cute! What manga is it from?

Mmhmm... *nods head* True story.

Apr 4, 2014
Sasorikun765 says...

Whoops.... hiii. I'm late again ^.^". I'm sorry! //bows head in sorrow.

Of course you are thought of highly! I consider you one of my best friends~

My pace through education is doing nothin~ and suffering the consequences later... which i did. and now they are making me study (damn speciallist math.) Disney pride!! Well gaming doesn't achieve too much either. Well except carpal-tunnel (how on earth do i spell that). Regardless, anime is always a good procrastination~. Lol im not sure if frills will match my eyes but the strong sunscreen might be a good idea since i look the most lovely shade of crimson with 30+. Omg sunglasses are no fun, they give me the weirdest tan line around my eyes XD. Beat them allergies! Crush them with legal medication! Say what!? at uni, the most subjects we can do is 2 ): its so limiting and it sucks. So much science and art but not enough opportunities. 

Follows in originality. //puts on moon glasses. Yes moon glasses. >)

i have exchanged the coffee for tea. Less caffine? Oh well im sleeping better. (Hopefully my coherance has improved as a result... maybe? XO)

Progress! YAY! Though mine is going to get ruins due to my leaving to go on holiday in.... 9 hours? yay for 4am wakeups! //crys with happy and sad tears. Oh well im going to a place with much better weather. Take that rain! //cackles

(I am 100 levels of sorry, upon reading that text i feel my intelligence drop. lets never write like that again me. Sorry! i hope this is an improvement)

next time i talk to you is shall be in queensland (well depends on how long it takes us to reply hehe). Bye bye~ xox <3

Apr 3, 2014