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SHpirate Aug 31, 2014

Well it doesn't mean I wasn't affended. :P Nah, I don't actually get affended by words, I just don't care. Yui was alright, not the best. Robin has a few funny moments, especially in the Skypiea arc when she saves Nami but says all those negative comments. Aww, poor you getting so much homework. Over the weekend I had a massive media assignment to do and while I was working on it I watched 10 eps of Spice and Wolf dubbed. And I'll most likely finish the series tonight because I still have more to do. :(

SHpirate Aug 27, 2014

S-Slut...?! How dare you call me a slut!!!! :P I don't know, there was just something I didn't like about Yui. Wow, that is a lot of homework. I would just collapse and die if I had that amount of homework. Robin is pretty funny in a weird way. Her comments like "I hope they dn't get eaten," are hilarious. XD PLus she's pretty funny in the next arc you're up to. And in the next arc there are so many ZoSan moments.... *nosebleed* Good luck with all of your homework btw, even though you did call me a slut. :P

SHpirate Aug 21, 2014

I actually didn't like Yui. I don't know why, there was just something annoying about her. I have way too much anime I want to watch this weekend. ;) Yeah, you need to watch One Piece. You're nearly up to the funniest arc. Plus, there's Robin in it~~ XD I have just been really lazy so I guess I can forgive for not messaging me. :P

SHpirate Aug 17, 2014

There is so much anime that I need to watch. OMG ANGEL BEATS WAS AMAZING!!! :3 I was in tears at the end. I loved TK, he was definitely my favourite character. You should watch Blue Exorcist. It is amazing. And short. ;) I plan to watch Haruhi very soon, I just have so much I'm in the middle of watching. My brother and I actually had a very long conversation about anime last night and he was telling me to watch all this anime. My friend put all the episodes of Noragami on a usb for me. I find that Yukine actually resembles Hazuki Nagisa from Free Iwatobi Swim Club, appearance wise. You should also keep watching One Piece. I'll tell you this now since it isn't a spoiler as it only occurs in the manga in cover story arcs. Enel flies to moon to "endless varse". Pretty boring. Ace hunts for Blackbeard which is awesome. And also everyone in Baroque Works besides Crocodlie, Mr 1, Bon-chan and Mr 3 escape from prison and the rest are sent to the prison Impel Down. Thought that I would just inform you. ;)

SHpirate Aug 14, 2014

Plus this week at my school is Lit Fest so the library has been closed plus I haven’t been well lately so I’ve had to go home sometimes and on Wednesday we went to the International Film Festival so I was only at school for half of he day then went on the excursion. I’ve also read a yaoi manga about a leather fetish and another one called “I’ll tie you up, kiss you then f you.” :3 I’m pretty good at my voice actors. I love Tetsuya Kakihara (Natsu). He also does voices for yaoi anime so YES! XD I watched this anime called Polar Bear Café/Shirokuma Café. It had SO many VA’s I knew. It was basically fan service for me. It had Hiroshi Kamiya(Yuzuru – Angel Beats, Levi – Attack on Titan) in it. X3 Think a little bit of me died while I was watching it. XD