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SHpirate says...

Well, I think I've done well on my Pysch exam... Hopefully. ;) Kami-sama, Kami-sama, Kami-sama!!!~~~ :P

Jun 11, 2014
SHpirate says...

Maybe I shouldn't even talk to you then. :P Aww, thank God. ;)

Jun 10, 2014
SHpirate says...

Yaoi is awesome, nothing can beat it. Except for cute guys. I'm not a liar, I was being a good friend. :P I have my year 11 Psychology exam tomorrow so help me!~~~ I'm going to say something that you didn't even bother to say to me: hope you pass your exam. ;)

Jun 10, 2014
SHpirate says...

I'm kinda in the middle of hardcore and softcore. And aren't I nice enough to go to the library to send you a message. Btw, probably failed my maths exam... :(

Jun 5, 2014
SHpirate says...

Well, I'm not a hardcore yaoi fan like my friend, Neish (lilneish). I'm not going to say that to her!! Plus, she hasn't been at school lately. :P Oh, tomorrow I won't be able to talk at all because I have exams. DX Plus, I get the day off school on Monday and Tuesday.

Jun 4, 2014