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SHpirate says...

Plus this week at my school is Lit Fest so the library has been closed plus I haven’t been well lately so I’ve had to go home sometimes and on Wednesday we went to the International Film Festival so I was only at school for half of he day then went on the excursion. I’ve also read a yaoi manga about a leather fetish and another one called “I’ll tie you up, kiss you then f you.” :3 I’m pretty good at my voice actors. I love Tetsuya Kakihara (Natsu). He also does voices for yaoi anime so YES! XD I watched this anime called Polar Bear Café/Shirokuma Café. It had SO many VA’s I knew. It was basically fan service for me. It had Hiroshi Kamiya(Yuzuru – Angel Beats, Levi – Attack on Titan) in it. X3 Think a little bit of me died while I was watching it. XD

Aug 14, 2014
SHpirate says...

I'm really sorry I haven't been able to talk to you for about... a week... I think... XD I've been a bit lazy. ;) But Under Grand Hotel was so good~ And you know that I have to tell you about all the yaoi that I read. ;) And S;G is so good. Although I got really confused a lot because of all the sciencey talk. XD Question, how well do you know your voice actors (English & Japanese)?

Aug 13, 2014
SHpirate says...

And I may or may not have become a hardocre yaoi fan when I was on holidays; after reading a manga called Under Grand Hotel which involved a guy doing "something" to another guy with a broom handle..... XD I still really need to work on my Juvia outfit. I'm just too lazy. And after looking at your anijme list, all I can say is this... Finally someone who has watched Steins;Gate! Like none of my friends have seen it. :(

Aug 5, 2014
SHpirate says...

I'm only sadistic when it comes anime guys getting injured. ;) I still need to get my Juvia outfit ready. I'm starting to just hate school. I have the worst class ever. :(

Jul 27, 2014
SHpirate says...

But you know I love telling you things that you really don't need to know. :P I can't wait until Supanova next year, I'm so excited. ;) And I'm really sorry for the lack of messages lately. I've been really busy (another word for lazy) and I've been really sick lately but I'll do my best to message you. :)

Jul 24, 2014