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Hello all, I guess I'm supposed to tell you a little about me here... So I will.


My name is Eli, I am currently 16 years old, I (obviously) like love anime and I will occasionally read manga (usually only when I get impatiant with an anime, or I want to see how it differs/ how it continues).  I like to play Tennis, I recently got into skateboarding but am succeeding at it to no avail.  I put hot sauce on nearly everything i eat (don't ask why, I won't be able to answer you), I like Granny Smith apples (because they're delicious), and my favorite beverage is orange juice (because it's simply fresh).  I am 5'10, over average in physical activity, have actually wasted much more of my time on anime, as I have watched many of them twice, and long running anime aswell.  My favorite videogame series is Zelda, my favorite Pokemon are Porgon 2 and Haunter, I will battle you in Pokemon any day, and I also play online in SSBB;  I am awful at First Person Shooters, and the only game systems I have are from Nintendo.  I am willing to chat, I am ffriendly, and I like to meet new people;  I read alot, write lots and I get fairly good grades (Would get better if I did my homework).  I listen to many different kinds of music, I have quite the vast collection, and my favorite games to play on the computer are Minecraft and FlashFlashRevolution.



...I'm sorry if it seems that this was a long description of me, but I figured if I was going to tell you about myself, I might as well tell you most everything I thought was important.



and I know I'm super sexy, but I'm taken so... Sorry! ;)

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