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I'm Cat , 18 yo and live in Sarasota, Florida. Will be going to SCF Bradenton for college comming up this fall. I've Been into anime and manga for several years and will be going to Japan summer of 2017! 

My fav animes are Rurouni Kenshin , Yu Yu Hakusho , Inu-Yasha , HxH , FMA and Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun. 

Fav Mangas include Rurouni Kenshin , The Gentlemens Alliance Cross , D.Gray-man , Vampire Knight , Tail of the moon , Special A and Yu Yu Hakusho. 

Nobuhiro Watsuki is a huge inspiration to me, so is Arina Tanemura and Yoshihiro Togashi. 

I enjoy manga , j-pop, historical books, making art , singing , cooking and dressing up semi-formal/ corperate casualy. 

Feel free to wright me , ignor me or stalk me as you please.


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Madiz says...

I have revenged the most hated list and rightfully put the devil back on top, let us rejoice and be glad.

Sep 8, 2016
randomredneck says...

"Congrates  fandom for voting Sakura Haruno; a dedicated ninja to her village and comrades, as being worse than man whores, rapists, serial killers and psychopaths!"

You're welcome.

Aug 1, 2016
TheophrastusBombast says...

I don't see why she should NOT be the worst anime character. This disgrace is whiny, selfish, mean, weak and a huge cry-baby. She is an annoying fangirl who would do anything for a guy who tried to kill her thrice. This girl made fun of Naruto not having parents in front of her darling sasuke who is an Orphan. She even broke up with her best friend Ino who stood up for her and protected her from bullies and this insensitive and mean girl broke up with her just because she happened to like the same guy. She is that horrifying shoujo character who is a huge fangirl of a good-looking guy misplaced in a shounen manga

Jul 27, 2016
Sianeka says...

The thing that is great about anime-planet is that the community's always here! So if you have to leave for a while then come back it isn't a problem trying to hook up again with anime-minded folks!

Not everyone likes the same things, so if you end up not really feeling anything for Angel Beats!, that's fine!  I haven't yet seen or read Skip Beat! I've had it on my Want to Watch list for a little while; gonna move up priority on seeing this soon!

Good luck getting all those drawings done. I'm envious of your talent to be so creative!

Aug 10, 2014
WonderBoom says...

Haha don;t worry bout it. And that sounds tough, any art kind of thing that needs to be graded is tough :P Good luck!

Aug 9, 2014