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New Profile: Well i WAS updating my profile but now the new design is here, i have to update it again xD so first, no the banner isn't staying as it is i just put it there so it's not blank, and i will fix my layout so no it's no going to look so messy :) will be a week or so though, i am busy with work atm ._.

Hiya every, welcome to my profile, im Madoka and hope you like the page :) My bio can be found at the bottom, i have done a quick move around and will be featuring anime above myself because, it's what we want to see anyway. This is a new layout im working on so sorry if it's not as bright as my old one.

Featured highlight explanasion: below you will notice a new segment to my page (or not notice it's new if your new xD) i have named Featured Highlighted series, which will feature any series (new or old, likely not airing as they should be finished) which i have watched (normally recently but others might appear) which i recommend strongly, with reasons for such. Im hoping this will bring attention to series which deserve it and encourage me to work hard with my thinking hat, this section will be updated randomly, sometimes it could be weekly, others monthly, if i don't watch anything really great it might stay the same for a month (which then i will find a older one). It will normally feature a "Featured Highlight" series and sometimes a runner up "Runner up Highlight" (not always), and sometimes a Featured movie (not always).

Featured Highlight series Rank 1 Of This Month/Week (June 19+):
Suisei no Gargantia
Rated 5 Stars
Full Trailer (see bottom for Shorter TraileR)

Suisei no Gargantia is one amazing series which has slipped through my net for so long which is a little sad to learn but may i tell you now it is one amazing series. The series focuses on mech pilot Ledo and his Mech Chamber, The series is based in the future after humanity had left earth and is on the move in space fighting an enemy called the Avalon, After a battle with them Ledo helps buy time for his squad to evacuate by buying time, he is knocked by a blastwave through space and one day awakens to earth. Earth has re-evolved and now live on the oceans, Ledo must learn to merge the new cultures and understand earthlings with the help of Chamber.

Now i wont deny im a fan of space but you might be thinking "Mechs?" well i did at first, im not a mech fan, some of you might not like space either, well don't worry this isn't about space, it's a story of someone stranded on a planet, the story has some strong feelings as we follow Ledo, Chamber and Amy (the main person who makes him welcome on earth and helps him along, a friend). The story covers some sad moments as Ledo learns of the Avalon and tries to merge with earth. It's never easy to explain what makes a series great but i assure you this one is worth the time, remember im not a Mech fan and i loved it (it's not about Mech's by the way, Chamber is mainly a translater for Ledo to understand people, he does have plot points though), It's full of great writing, well written characters, interesting plot and lots happening, the general feel the series generates is one of which i might say is quite amazing.

I don't often throw a 5 star around now days but this for sure earned it, everyone time i finished a episode i couldn't wait for the next and was real sad to see the series end.

One of the best "Person in a strange world" genres i have watched in a long time!
Deserbes Rank 1 hands down.


Here was full of content recently, it will be again shortly, i will slowly continue to update my profile page and rebuild this Segment!

So please don't bug me about it xD


I left the below as i haven't reviewed what is staying yet (most will)


If you like visual novels, like me know... I love them :D i played a few, not loads but the numbers are adding up, if you enjoy them, let me know i love talking about them D:

Now ima Add Random image of Nagato >:D

(thats pretty dam awsome) anyways i love 'The Disapearance of Haruhi Suzumiya', Yes the real reason Nagoto is sitting here so nicely is because it's my favourite movie ^_^


Like Music? Me Too :D Add My Last.Fm or just see if i have any music taste alike you? Or heck come by and just say hi or see what music i got on at that second ^^

My Last.Fm page


Thanks for visiting my page :)

I appreciate is so much i made this special image JUST for you guys :) ok actually i just put alot of images together but it comes with lots of feeling from me, i really appreciate your time :)

Thankyou For Visiting

Hope you like my choice for images, there is something for everyone there ;)


This is just a quick note on how i recomend stuff and how i like to be different fro others in this area. It's common for people who recommend stuff to only do it because shared genre types or minor things. so someone might say "if you like romance you will enjoy this because it's got some high school romance" or "these two are alike because both share a love story between a xxx guy and a tsundere girl", or "you will like these two because they contain gore", i don't just do this but actually explain what is alike. I never recommend by genre alone and rare link two series just because they contain a killer or gore or whatever. So if two series Genre match i wont recommend unless they are alike.

Of course rec's have to be short so i try to keep it short, "you might like xxx series because xxx and yyy share a similar plot and develop in a similar fasion, both contain a focus on mystery solving or similar comedy" is the sort of thing (in short) to expect, of course a little more detail will be present, that's just a example so i can't say much.

So just remember, i rec by how similar a series is and what aspects are alike, not that ganre the series is or if it is gorey or not. To end here, thanks for reading my page and thanks if you have made use of any of my recs :)

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NeiniAurora3500 says...

All cool!!

Our College has spring break this week, this'll be a good chance to get caught up on some of the big games, as well as watch a few anime series.

It is pretty interesting how L was doing that psychological profiling during that tennis game. Though it seems pretty much impossible to determine if someone is kira based on it. Even thou kira hates to lose, kira would be aware of this and might try to lose on purpose, but that would look suspicious as well and it creates a sort of psychological trap [its a term I came up with just now ;) ] It seems like they happen a lot in other sorts of things where one type of solution looks obvious, but then you think it could be a trap but then you wonder if they think that you'll think its a trap so it won't actually be a trap, but then you might think that they'll try to make you think it isn't a trap to try and make you think it isn't a trap and you'll decide its a trap. And it continues from there.

I don't think I have seen Phantom yet. I've heard Gen Urobuchi had some involvement in that somewhere so I will plan to watch it sometime in the near future. It is interesting to watch stories about assassins like in Noir. Based on what you said it sounds pretty good.

It is true that Nanoha has gotten the symptom of "grade inflation" or "rank inflation" Where 'A' normally would've meant perfect now requires 'AA' 'AAA' 'S+' 'SS' 'SSS' 'SSS+' 'SSS++' and so on. Even with the Limiter, Nanoha was around S+ if I remember may've been AAA, but if her students were B at the beginning of the season, they shouldn't be able to easily get to S. I wonder if it would be easier to just say if A or S is the best and leave it at that. Though it is cool to see someone get a SSS+++ rank in terms of ability. It sounds powerful. And yeah, Caro was the summoner if I remember, its always cool to see dragons or dragon-like creatures in anything. Her dragon (forget the name of it) Was able to level the field and cause major damage to the enemy.

I'm not sure if I was aware of that or not. I think I heard that they were doing a movie on StrikerS since the first 2 seasons already have movies. I will certainly watch it. Reading the manga for the Nanoha series also seems like a fun thing to do. If I'm able to find it in my local bookstore, I might get it.

That's part of the thrill of detective series, I'd agree. The villain, or an antagonist doesn't have special abilities and can't do anything supernatural. They are human like the protagonist (in most cases) and will go to prison if they are caught. Though they do a great job at hiding the truth and forcing the protagonist to discover it which brings a great amount of thrills to it. They are also still a major threat to the protagonist and will probably get the protagonist if they don't discover the truth and have them captured.

Yeah, I added Aselia pretty recently. Since I'm playing Aselia the Eternal and love the game a lot! I wanted to add a little change to my profile since its been awhile since I've changed anything. I'm guessing you've played Aselia as well since you recongnize her? If you have, how far have you played (Or how many playthroughs have you done)? Now that I think about it you also had her as a profile icon at one point. Very awesome CG  scene! 

Found out today that Anime Planet has partnered with Crunchyroll to allow users to watch anime on this site. It sounds pretty interesting. It apparantly has an auto-update feature that updates your anime list as you're watching the anime.

Mar 9, 2014
Anudevil13 says...


Some , You have been very great help! I could never get ISML on site, Ur explantion was clear and explained it properly :3.

And SYD is one hell of comedy, I agree im perverted so I'll love pervy stuff but man that was amazing, without almost 0 exposure they made an such an awesome comedy ( usually exposure scenes have biggest lol's in ecchi)

I loved the humor throughout series, the characters were lovable, all having distinct and nice personalities. It's one of few series where i havent liked  a single character, though I find tsuda sister sometime annoying :s

And nice:d, I have yet to get a superlong comment!, Hope we can make it there and respond accordingly :P and ofc Love & Peace! The great motto of Vash the Stampede :3

Yea , I dont mind crying characters - Like simon in TTGL but he's one of my fav characters- Reason? He got over it and lived like a man. Unless crybaby's keep crying i dont hate them.

And my Love logic is somewhat starnge especially incase of villians. If some villian manages all other to hate him, It makes me love him - it's evilness .

I have plenty of villians in my loved list- But I do have exceptions like Akainu etc who are just plain dicks!

Im doing well, Hoping same for you

Mar 7, 2014
Rifunger says...

Hey, I found you in the forums in the Nagi no Asukara thread. So i just looked up your page, and i just wanted to say, that i like your taste in anime. Im a bit the same x). Just wanted to say hi :D.

Mar 6, 2014
Anudevil13 says...

Hey mads (mind if i call you that?) :s

Anyways would like to give you a biiiiiig thanks for always helping me out at forums :3

1st with ISML and then with SYD which led into me watching that awesome anime! All thanks to you *bows*

So how's you? Hope we can be friends *-*

And Man your profile has some looooong comments xD , Sadly i haven't watched any of your top 5 anime (forgive meh) But i do have watched K-on and SYD just like you and loved them!

Well cya around here now (Ur officially accepted in devil's stalked list)

Mar 6, 2014
NeiniAurora3500 says...

It is true that not being suspicious at all is also suspicious L makes great use of that rule. It is great on how he doesn't completely rely on the evidence as well. As evidence doesn't guarentee that the culprit of something can be caught. Even when learning about the 13 day rule, he still had his doubts and wanted to test it. Its amazing how close to the truth he got thanks to his intuition. I guess the main reason that L figured out everything so quickly is that it wouldn't be as exciting for the viewer if L took several years until he narrowed Light as the culprit.

Noir is another one of the slow paced anime. It took more time to get into, but once I got into it, I was sucked in until the end. Sort of the opposite of Death Note in the regard of pace. Overall the interesting thing about Noir was how it was about 2 assassins who seem to have no relation to each other and eventually find out how connected they really are and how they deal with a secret organization who has controlled them their whole lives.

It is true that the choosen one is a very commonly done concept. It seems that people are in love with the idea of destiny. A Superman, a Link, or a gifted genius. Seeing gifted people with abilities beyond what normal would be considered are people that are interesting to hear about. Though it seems like many of the stories are about these kinds of people. For some reason I like to read/watch things about ordinary people, or ordinary people with special abilities where everyone in the world has power of some type with the extraordinary people being "A super among supers". It could just be me since it doesn't seem to be done much. In a video game as well, where I have a choice between getting the strongest sword in the game but it only being one of a kind, and a sword not as strong as the strongest sword but a strong sword you can find normally and get as many as you want. I almost perfer to use the other sword more.

That scene with Nanoha getting critically injured in the 3rd season was a good one. It was used as an example for the students to show the potential consequences of being too reckless. I wonder if it also doubled to show the viewer that while Nanoha is strong she is still human like the rest of us and isn't a God. The interesting thing about the third season was seeing how Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate were adults and had taken up special positions in the TSAB. Since they were all already very strong, they even had to have limiters placed on them. Having it focus on them teaching new students was a good move as it allowed Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate to remain strong characters without restricting their powers (At least to close to making them close to normal humans again), And still have a threat that doesn't have to be stronger than the 3 combined but is still dangerous because of their tactics and fighting the students. 

Anime like Bleach and Dragonball frequently run into problems with the strength of their characters. The antagonists are so strong that the protagonists go through crazy amounts of training just to get up to their level until they're able to level mountains and countries and when the antagonist is finally defeated, an even stronger antagonist appears that can blow up planets forcing the already strong protagonists to get stronger and so on... until they become Supergods. I hear Bleach's solution was to reduce the protagonist's level to a very weak one just so they can train again to get to the level they were at before. Though it sucks to see characters lose powers. A balance is nessacary because of that.

I kinda got off topic it looked like. Possibly from thinking about how Nanoha approches things from a different angle which is probably why the show is so good. Both setting new standards for the Mahou Shoujo genre and anime overall. 

How long have you been reading visual novels? Recently these past few months I've been getting into visual novels these past few months since I found a company called JASTUSA that localizes VNs into English. I'm guessing you've read things like Kanon and Clannad. Where do you get Visual Novels (and what system like PC or xbox)? So far I've read a fair amount of Nitro+ VNs like Saya no Uta. I'm interesting in finding more for the PC with official english localizations. If there's an official localization for Kanon and/or Clannad on the PC. That would be awesome!

Feb 19, 2014