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New Profile: Well i WAS updating my profile but now the new design is here, i have to update it again xD so first, no the banner isn't staying as it is i just put it there so it's not blank, and i will fix my layout so no it's no going to look so messy :) will be a week or so though, i am busy with work atm ._.

Hiya every, welcome to my profile, im Madoka and hope you like the page :) My bio can be found at the bottom, i have done a quick move around and will be featuring anime above myself because, it's what we want to see anyway. This is a new layout im working on so sorry if it's not as bright as my old one.

Featured highlight explanasion: below you will notice a new segment to my page (or not notice it's new if your new xD) i have named Featured Highlighted series, which will feature any series (new or old, likely not airing as they should be finished) which i have watched (normally recently but others might appear) which i recommend strongly, with reasons for such. Im hoping this will bring attention to series which deserve it and encourage me to work hard with my thinking hat, this section will be updated randomly, sometimes it could be weekly, others monthly, if i don't watch anything really great it might stay the same for a month (which then i will find a older one). It will normally feature a "Featured Highlight" series and sometimes a runner up "Runner up Highlight" (not always), and sometimes a Featured movie (not always).

Featured Highlight series Rank 1 Of This Month/Week (June 19+):
Suisei no Gargantia
Rated 5 Stars
Full Trailer (see bottom for Shorter TraileR)

Suisei no Gargantia is one amazing series which has slipped through my net for so long which is a little sad to learn but may i tell you now it is one amazing series. The series focuses on mech pilot Ledo and his Mech Chamber, The series is based in the future after humanity had left earth and is on the move in space fighting an enemy called the Avalon, After a battle with them Ledo helps buy time for his squad to evacuate by buying time, he is knocked by a blastwave through space and one day awakens to earth. Earth has re-evolved and now live on the oceans, Ledo must learn to merge the new cultures and understand earthlings with the help of Chamber.

Now i wont deny im a fan of space but you might be thinking "Mechs?" well i did at first, im not a mech fan, some of you might not like space either, well don't worry this isn't about space, it's a story of someone stranded on a planet, the story has some strong feelings as we follow Ledo, Chamber and Amy (the main person who makes him welcome on earth and helps him along, a friend). The story covers some sad moments as Ledo learns of the Avalon and tries to merge with earth. It's never easy to explain what makes a series great but i assure you this one is worth the time, remember im not a Mech fan and i loved it (it's not about Mech's by the way, Chamber is mainly a translater for Ledo to understand people, he does have plot points though), It's full of great writing, well written characters, interesting plot and lots happening, the general feel the series generates is one of which i might say is quite amazing.

I don't often throw a 5 star around now days but this for sure earned it, everyone time i finished a episode i couldn't wait for the next and was real sad to see the series end.

One of the best "Person in a strange world" genres i have watched in a long time!
Deserbes Rank 1 hands down.


Here was full of content recently, it will be again shortly, i will slowly continue to update my profile page and rebuild this Segment!

So please don't bug me about it xD


I left the below as i haven't reviewed what is staying yet (most will)


If you like visual novels, like me know... I love them :D i played a few, not loads but the numbers are adding up, if you enjoy them, let me know i love talking about them D:

Now ima Add Random image of Nagato >:D

(thats pretty dam awsome) anyways i love 'The Disapearance of Haruhi Suzumiya', Yes the real reason Nagoto is sitting here so nicely is because it's my favourite movie ^_^


Like Music? Me Too :D Add My Last.Fm or just see if i have any music taste alike you? Or heck come by and just say hi or see what music i got on at that second ^^

My Last.Fm page


Thanks for visiting my page :)

I appreciate is so much i made this special image JUST for you guys :) ok actually i just put alot of images together but it comes with lots of feeling from me, i really appreciate your time :)

Thankyou For Visiting

Hope you like my choice for images, there is something for everyone there ;)


This is just a quick note on how i recomend stuff and how i like to be different fro others in this area. It's common for people who recommend stuff to only do it because shared genre types or minor things. so someone might say "if you like romance you will enjoy this because it's got some high school romance" or "these two are alike because both share a love story between a xxx guy and a tsundere girl", or "you will like these two because they contain gore", i don't just do this but actually explain what is alike. I never recommend by genre alone and rare link two series just because they contain a killer or gore or whatever. So if two series Genre match i wont recommend unless they are alike.

Of course rec's have to be short so i try to keep it short, "you might like xxx series because xxx and yyy share a similar plot and develop in a similar fasion, both contain a focus on mystery solving or similar comedy" is the sort of thing (in short) to expect, of course a little more detail will be present, that's just a example so i can't say much.

So just remember, i rec by how similar a series is and what aspects are alike, not that ganre the series is or if it is gorey or not. To end here, thanks for reading my page and thanks if you have made use of any of my recs :)

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tsumiki says...

And we don't even get paid!!!! We should get paid to learn all this stuff since we're going to get paid in the future, haha my teacher's are always saying "if you don't have time to complete homework because of work then you should quit because school is more important blah blah blah you suck" okay... maybe not the last part, but I think that they shouldn't give us homework because at my age I need a job because my parents often get me to pay for my own things so I can be independent! Ugh! If only I was the Prime Minister! Pay the kids and throw sticks at the mean adults, not huge sticks though because I wouldn't want people to die O.O

I was a bit freaked out by Another to be quite honest, the deaths weren't scary but watching that after School Days I was dazed by which anime was which since I watched them immediately after one another :P Now I have work and can't watch so much on the weekends T^T

Menma is one of my all time favourite female characters! Oh goodness, Air, that series is so wonderful, whenever I'm feeling down I always watch the part... you know the one where the mother fights to get the daughter back and when she's taken away the daughter starts screaming and crying, it makes me so happy! Oh gosh I love it so much!

Not only was he great but I thought Fujimoto's backstory was also well thought out, or maybe I am remembering incorrectly, but I love how he stays at the kindergarten until the end because of his past! And he's always looking out for Kobato even if she is really clumsy, I love those kinds of guys :D

What type of characters are your favourite? I think mine actually change all the time, one day I'll like Tsunderes then some other days I'll like nice characters ^_^ I guess I just like who I like :3

Really it's hard to find peopel with same interests? :o I have soooo many people I talk to who are exactly the same as me :P They're all way older than me though ^_^ I think I only talk to 2 people close to my age, do you know anyone in real life who likes anime? I'm sitting next to two people right now who flipped out when they saw this site and started talking about anime... they're still going xD They're in the year above me though so we're not all that close but I'm shocked and happy :D

Sorry I can't really compete with the length of your messages haha, I try :P

Mar 18, 2014
NeiniAurora3500 says...

Yup, there isn't really a way out of the psychological trap without analyzing the logic for hours upon hours until you hypnotize yourself. There's something unique about detective types of series. Its different from an epic fantasy type of anime or game, yet manages to be just as thrilling. Finding out about more of these types of series will be interesting. I don't know for certain but I sort of remember hearing some type of rumor about a When They Cry 5 coming out, to continue the Higurashi and Umineko saga. It will be interesting if it comes out soon at some point.

Whether the new Nanoha focuses on Vivio or on retelling StrikerS, it'll be awesome. Vivio is pretty facinating and adorable. If its related to the manga (Vivid I think it was called) It'll be mostly focused on her. Many of the characters in the series are awesome, (though the main antagonists of the 1st and 3rd seasons were pretty cruel).

I have seen Kamisama as well as Gosick. I actually watched Gosick since I heard it was similar to Kamisama. It is different from Death Note, in Kamisama it was more interesting to focus on the character of Alice and her lifestyle, while the mysteries were interesting, they didn't feel as powerful as ones like the ones in Death Note or Umineko. Some of Alice's quotes were pretty funny as well especially when she went outside (still inside the car with her stuffed animals) and said "The Light, the air, and everything outside is my enemy" I laughed pretty hard during that episode as well. It was "the baseball episode" It also reminded me of Haruhi and Angel Beats, which had similar types of "baseball episodes"

The types of mysteries in Gosick felt slightly stronger than Kamisama, but similar to Kamisama I found more interest in the relationship of Victorique and Kujou (I think his name was) It had wonderful developement and some of the other characters also grew on me. Slowly uncovering the truth behind the reason Victorique was inside that tower helped to support the thrill behind their relationship.

It is interesting how Death Note, Kamisama and Gosick. Were all detective/mystery types of animes, but the reasons I liked each of them varied. It seemed like in Death Note I was more interested in seeing how Light carries out his ideals and how he continuously evades suspicion. Though aside from Light and L the other characters didn't stick out too strongly. Whereas in the other 2 I was more interested in all the characters and seeing how solving the mysteries helped to strengthen their relationships. It does bring me back to that question of whether characters or story are more important.

It seems like if the characters are amazing but the story is average, I remember it as a great anime and these normally get 4 or 4.5 stars when I rate them. The vice versa is true as well. Though it seems like if either one of the above is poor, the anime becomes bad. I suppose its hard to say for sure why you liked something or didn't like something. Reviews are supposed to help people with that.

Awesome to hear! Aselia is a wonderful VN/RPG. It is hard to find people who have even heard of this game. When I saw an ad for a game called Yumina the Ethereal (maybe you've also played it?) in an anime magazine I got, I decided I had to get it for some reason. Then I discovered other VNs through JAST, and I found Aselia since it looked like similar creators were involved in making Yumina. It was a great price for such a big game as well. It is pretty sad how many new games cost $60 upon release but many of them only have 4-10 hours of gameplay value (with barely any replay value even!). While Aselia was only $24 and has well more than 60 hours of epicness.

9-10 playthroughs, that is pretty awesome, I plan on doing at least that many playthroughs as well (to get all routes, get Super Hard Mode Eternal skills for all characters, and eventually become capable to face those very strong dragons) I like the strategy that's part of the game as well. It is fun trying to arrange the squads in a formation that seems well balanced as well as having a "Captain" for each squad be one of the main spirits or etrangers. As I am now, I can't imagine facing that Neutral Dragon in the Rasheed Tunnel (since its lvl 60 with 99,999 hp) and my party is only lvl 30. Do dragons get stronger on higher diffculties or do they remain the same?

I'm on my 2nd playthrough right now and doing Aselia's route. On the 1st playthrough I went in blind and got Uruka's (Main black spirit) route since I didn't know about the walkthrough that came with the game. I plan on enjoying this game to its fullest with its story. I'm kinda scared to do Lesteena's route since she probably won't be able to become eternal like the spirits can and be the only one who still remembers you.

The Sibyl System is an interesting idea. The anime shows the problems that could come with it, basically depending on the user's state of mind a lot and the 1 in a million chance a person's crime coefficent can't be measured by the system. Though to the opponents of the idea I say our current justice system is still pretty flawed as well. Having a collective mind who can judge people fairly and without bias is something that is required to have an ideal judge. This system also is very good at preventing crime from even happening if someone even thinks about commiting a crime. The enforcer idea was also pretty interesting, thou it is pretty sad how some of them like Kougami are forced into it because they had a tramatic event happen to them which raised their crime coefficent, but from what I could see in the show, when they weren't hunting criminals they had a pretty good life. Better than being imprisoned.

It still isn't a perfect system of course, when it is better able to analyze the core of a person's being rather than their mood, it will be much more effective, but it is a new idea and tries to find a way to make the justice system much better. Since the system can't judge people like Makishima since they are able to take a "3rd person view without bias" From Makishima's actions, it seems like the types of people in the Sibyl System are sociopaths. The idea of being judged by such people is pretty scary. I can't think of much else that has played with an idea like that. Though there are things like "1984" and "Brave New World" That explore strong governments, they're mostly corrupt. The various quotes from famous authors and philosophers were also another thing that made this anime very interesting. There were several I haven't heard of before. It is an anime that creates interesting thoughts.

It seems like with systems like this it comes down to the whole balance on freedom and order/security. To get more of one, you have to sacrifice part of the other. The Sibyl system values security a lot, and has to sacrifice some freedom to get it. Though too much freedom will cause anarchy, as the mobs did when they got the helmets from Makishima. Its been a pretty big question for centuries I believe.

Hopefully I didn't make the paragraphs too big, its tough to read those types of papers that don't seperate anything into paragraphs. I try to make new ones whenever I move on to a new subject otherwise split the subject into 2 parts if it becomes too big.

Mar 17, 2014
AngelBeatsYui says...

 Well it is expected for Yui fans to love LiSA, and I also thought that Yui's part in the anime was the cutest as well as the most intriguing. The ending of episode 10 was so sad but amazing, i'm hoping they introduce her in the manga soon!!

Mar 17, 2014
tsumiki says...

Hell yeah school should be more considerate of our precious anime watching time, seriously if you get really behind like I am with One Piece it's hard to ever catch up! T^T seriously some people just don't understand how hard we actually work to fit as much anime in as we possibly can!

I've never met anyone who actually like school day, it's just... bleh, I watch School Days then Another and seriously I'm glad I watched it in that order or everytime I think of another I might have thought of School Days O.o What the heck is wrong with some people?! :P

Every time I come to write you a message I feel like crying from seeing that picture of Menma :'( I really love that anime too, I think I like an genre but the type of romance with sad endings, i really adore sad ending for some reason, i don't know why I just think it's amazing that anime series can make me cry when I hardly ever cry in real life :D

Sometimes when I'm sad I just watch the last episode of Kobato and cry and smile and cry some more and listen to the beautiful songs! How could someone drop it?! I have the manga of it as well, I love it so much if I could go into any anime it'd be that one, Fujimoto is so cool, I like male characters that are like him, cold but actually really soft deep down! ^_^ haha sorry I'm just rambling on!

Long messages are the best, even though I have to open 2 tabs to reply to everything properly :P Just brightens my life, especially when it's about anime we both enjoy :D

Mar 15, 2014
AngelBeatsYui says...

Yay another Yui fan!!! I'm glad you found me, your Akarin picture is so cute and your a LiSA fan too!! I think we will get along quite well!! Your profile is so detailed also!!!!

Mar 14, 2014