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Hello Fellow Earth User... or whatever planet you might be from (being on that subject, Neptune is a pretty cool planet, right?)

The Name is Madoka... well at least on this site, you can use my real name if you prefer (i wont post it here though because I'm a tease o.o... clearly), believe it or not, i love anime! Seriously though, i enjoy most genre, my favourite are quite large but vary from Slice of life, School life, Comedy and mystery. Mystery or detective type genre are great, i love the mix from casual to serious, i also love how the two blend, take Gosick, it starts quite casual, whilst the cases can be serious the tone the series takes is laid back but it quickly whips into an amazing series... It's not like i am forcing you to watch it or anything! As said, i love most genre, so just because it isn't a favourite doesn't mean i wont love it, heck some of my overall favourite series aren't always amoungst them genre, i am happy watching most stuff.

Character wise, i have unique tastes (apprently), I can be picky on characters, whilst i like more than dislike, i still find a bad character can and will ruin a Great series. My favourite characters usually are either the lets say spirtful type (not as in a spirit!) or in other words the energetic and playful type, apprently these aren't so popular but i love them, ever watched Little Busters!? Well if so, im talking about Haruka type characters (Neptune from Neptunia, Yui from angel beats ect). Otherwise, i like a lot, i wont deny i usually like cute loli characters just because they are adorable, yes my next one was i like cute characters :D Essentially if they aren't annoying or really plain, i will like them, some i even love just because their hair (i love pink and blue hair colours :D).

I am big on the forum here at AP, whilst i have been away for a month i like to discuss airing shows there so if you use the forum feel free to say hi sometime.

My favourite series overall is probably Yuru Yuri but let me be honest, there are so many contenders it is impossible to choose, so i will give it YY just because i love it and it's rewatch value is great but know i have many favourite like Nagi no Asukara, Gargantia, Gosick ect.

Well thanks for reading this pointless intorduction to me, in other news, I'm a random person who talks about anything from your favourite series to how much cold water makes me cold to how bad my foot itches right now *scratches*, but if you prefer i can be normal (somehow) as well. I live in the UK (England to be precise) so yes, im a British person *SHOCK*. Aside from anime, i love Japanese Culture and music, I'm huge on Japanese history and whilst not the best on knowledge questions i just love hearing about history and folke tales from Japan, my favourite JP music artist/band is Nano.Ripe (some will know them for doing OP/ED's for series like Hanasaku Iroha (another of my favourites) and Non non Biyori).

I will update with images sometime soon D:

One more thing, i am a huge sucker for a sad ending, now i could list of some sad series here and now but i can't do that as i don't want to throw spoilers your way (yes i know it's not a spoiler to say a series endings sad but it does give insight), now sad is vague, i like sad from lonliness to heartbreak to death of a character we grow attached to and also though it seems odd but even just to seeing a good series end like say GJ-bu were half a group graduate whilst splitting them from their club members, yes i know it's not sad but i think it a sad scenario as it is a upsetting thing to split friendships like that (it must be done right though, a normal graduation and all ends doesn't cut it). So yeah i like sad stuff!!! I-it's not like i'm a sad or lonely misserable person... i just think a series has more 'feeling' put into it and it helps us connect better, i like feeling them emotions flow okay! It's hard to explain .__.

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If you are like me, you love something new, this applies to our profile pictures, i find myself change mine and then want another new one 3 days later, not because i dislike my current but because i found another great one. I feel bad sometimes dropping a cute/sad/funny ect image so quick so i decided from now (December 2014) i will log all my previously used pics here, so they are never lost in time. Sadly i can't revive many of my older ones before hand because i just don't have them anymore. Anyway so here are the pics from now onwards.

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tsumiki Dec 13, 2014

You're weird, you're weird, you're weird, you're weird, you're practically glowing with pride now right? xD

I'm on YouTube listening to music right... I can't skip the ad.... what is life... 30 seconds of my short life has been wasted... Penguin-sama avoid YouTube as much as possibly (ha...ha..... avoid) it wastes your seconds!!!! :o

You can't make me just do whatever you don't wanna do! *Magical Girl pose* O-okay fine.... I'll do it.. but it's not like I'm turning the TV on for your sake, I also wanna watch TV! :p I don't think that can be called "A passion for animals" if you're fine with some animals dying xD   I have realised recently I have a passion for red animals, like; red foxes, red pandas, scarlet Ibis (the Ibis at my school are really freaking scary! my principle saved a couple of Ibis babies from a drain and the father attacked his head.... which was kinda funny because the principle is a jerk, but in this situation he was only trying to help... I think that they could sense that he is a jerk!), ohh and if you don't know what a Northern Cardinal is they're cute but weird you should look them up!! :o

I'm getting distracted by musiiiiiiic!!!! xD Wait that's a good question, have I already asked this, I think I have and I think you said you like OPs and Jpop stuff? If this is not true please fill in the following form; The type of music I like is___________________________________

How could you not think ruling people's lives, I'm thinking about creating a reverse harem with the worlds fittest boybands... well maybe not the "worlds fittest" because that might include that One Direction group and heaven knows I do not need that in my life! I have the disease of typing, in person I do not speak much >:D I'm too busy plotting destruction of the world (which wouldn't make sense because I am also in this world so I would also be destroyed....?)

My brother just reminded me I promised him a game of chess... but I thought he'd forget TT^TT I just said this was important and he walked away "all you ever do is talk to people online, you barely even talk to me anymore!" he's so dramatic! xD (he's 9? I think.... yeah! 9) 

Hahaha I think you'd make a good butler, a butler with character, no one needs someone who just does exactly as their told! You need someone who says "why should I?" or "do it yourself" it'd be funny!! xD

I don't ignore 99% TT^TT Penguin-sama don't think such things or your brain will turn into red wine and mashed potato :o

Yeah!! I remember that now! Oh my goodness that was ages ago!! I can't believe you remembered!!!!!!!! (I actually don't know why I'm so excited xD) Well I'm fine with you living outside my house but this microphone business... you're trying to capture an audio of my voice right? Because hardly anyone hears me talk >:O you're evil!!!!!

Hahaha, well I'm unsure of the hobos whereabouts right now but I hope he's kinda... less homeless xD

So people would at you, and with that amazing device that makes you a 15 year old girl, you'd look like one of my friends or something teenagers rule, (more adds on YouTube! >:( obviously I am not too happy about this ) What if some old pervy guy hit on you while were disguised as a girl and I wasn't there to magical girl kick his butt :o (also I thought you weren't too chuffed about crossdressing? unless your views have changed since then :p heheh) You'll never return to the shadows, I need the code, it's a way of life, without it my existence is nothing!

Fine, I'll find some other people to be the homosexual supporting cast, you can just be the guy who's eyes don't even get drawn because you're so not important (I feel so mean!! Forgive me!!!)

This laughing at people without cake plan... it's a bit dangerous, be careful who you laugh at, if you laughed at me for not having cake... I would fly kick you (I don't really know what that means but my friends say it a lot and it sounds dangerous as all heck!) xD

I just squished a mosquito and I feel the horrible guilt of murder in the pit of my stomach, I don't know why, I really hate mosquitoes but I usually just let them take my blood and leave me with painful itchyness :o

My brother actually bit my too long ago so I think I should try and become immune to biting again... I need to work hard on this or it'll never happen T^T Who would bite their adorably fun and loving Onee-chan?! TT^TT I'm pretty sure it wasn't a bite out of love either!  Anyway, this buddy of mine, who likes talking smack can be relocated to Neptune when I am prime minister! Also I actually am really proud of my hilarious joke about me being to cool for Australia because Australia is hot, it's gonna be my campaign slogan when I run for Prime Minister "Need a PM you can trust? You can count on me, Australia may be hot, but with me PM I will make it slightly cooler. Also you can have no choice anyway to vote for me!" (That last part is kinda what Hitler did, people could vote but he was the only person to vote for xD not saying that I'm gonna be like Hitler because that's a big no no)

Hooray! Sometimes I think you think I'm boring because you're way funnier than me, but if you liked my mirror story than I am really happy (totally not looking smug right now....) Mirror-kun has always been one to trap people, you're his next victim, he'll lure you in with your most unexpected desires, you'll be married in no time and you'll have beautiful children... but then... he shows his true nature and you'll be living a life time of regrets, stay away from liquor, I wish someone would have given me that advice when I met Mirror-kun, my liver is a mess, my life is in ruins and my children *sob* they'll become your step children... you've been warned Penguin-sama, stay away from your deepest desires if you do not wish to get hurt! (After reading this again i feel like I could have almost made this philosophical but... that requires too much effort and I am pretty stupid xD)

So mysterious O_O I'm just gonna pretend that you're also 16! :3 Speaking of Ronald McDonald, there was this weird opening day for McDonalds in my town (ahahaha we only just got McDonalds xD) and when my family drove past there, the real Ronald McDonald (obviously not the hired actor, he's the real deal) was jumping around on this stage thing... it was actually the scariest thing I have ever seen, I'm not usually scared of clowns unless they have a scary face but this one.... he was happy but also so crazily terrifying!

You didn't even put the # in front of the words that took me ages to read because there were no spaces, what kind of 12vie emo grunge boy do you think you are?! (My mother asked my sister if she was a type of grunge and my sister replied with "well...yeah... but like.... the cool kind you know?" she always pauses between words its so frustrating to talk to her!!!! D:< )

I admit that me and Mirror-kun are pretty cool (have you noticed if you touch mirrors they are often cold? I have mirrors in my room and put my face against them when it's hot.... that's not even  weird... I'm not weird... no... not at all...... TT^TT) but my sister, who is a 13 year old, blonde-blue dip dyed hair, grunge/emo/cool kind chick, who can barely ride a skateboard and says yolo and lol heaps in person is definitely way cooler than us, she's so cold even the penguins (not you, actual penguins xD) wouldn't be able to live near her!

That can be another of my campaigns "Vote for me, I'm like a Turkey in July... yeah... tell me about it!" ahahahaha you're so funny xD

Nothing of the sort with happen, as all pineapples across the globe are invincible, try to eat on and you will catch a highly deadly disease!! Pineapples are annoying to eat sometimes anyway because if you eat too much it makes your tongue feel weird... or is that just me? It happens with coconut (which I don't really like anyway) and kiwi fruit TT^TT (so maybe I'm a cannibal and eat my distant relatives but whatever!)

Yes, emotionally unstable is mostly suited to girls, guys can be some crazy stalker yandere people too though... not to mention aren't you pretending to be a 15 year old girl right now? I think you'd fit the part of Yandere pretty well Penguin-sama, you may continue with your dreams, however you must find a significant other to be Yandere for, murdering people for yourself isn't cute at all! O.O

Also if you had to go to them, they wouldn't be expecting it, I think it's best that they know they're about to be killed, it'd be scarier.... that I think about it, the will it/won't it thoughts of being murdered on a particular day would pretty terrifying :o But yes, moving is unhealthy and I shall send them straight to your house, they'll think they're meeting me but actually they're meeting death!

"Show her who can fight fire with fire" well, then I'll just set her bed on fire and extinguish the fire and make her sleep on a gross burnt bed!! Mwahaha!

How could you let your brother turn into one of those people you dislike!? :o Although, I cannot talk, my little sisters would be the kind to think you brother is "hot" most likely, when really the only thing warm temperature wise would be his blood but that's the same with everyone (unless he has a fever?)  No one in my family watches anime.... TT^TT my older sister used to, then now she's all like "why watch anime when you can watch videos of hyunkundksndikfldsn riding a bike and kimlumsumnumrunpum laughing at me" (names may not be real xD) but she gave up anime for k-dramas and all that Korean stuff *sheds tears of disappointment* my little sisters are like boy obsessed hipster clones, they copy everyone with everything and are rude to my parents and break the rules and lie -__- I'm not saying I'm perfect but I never did anything like that (mostly because I hardly have any friends and I dislike seeing my friends outside of school so they're probably not even proper friends xD) and my brother... he's 9 and he beats me up, he's only my half brother and my step dad favours him so if I ever hit back to protect myself I'd be the one getting in trouble for being beat up O.O

and there you have my life story xD I'm such a loser, apparently I look like my sisters except my hair colour is brown and everyone other sibling has blonde hair. Signs I was adopted *celebrates*

You just hugging people makes you sound so confident, if someone went to hug me I'd embarrass myself and block those people from my life forever... it's not like I care what they think about me though!

Annoying people is fun, especially when you do it in secret and no one suspects you! Like throwing stuff at your friends in class, or moving stuff around in your sisters room when she's not there so she thinks she's losing her mind or, like my sister, that there are "unholy spirits" in your house ahahaha >:D now that I think about... this might be more harassment than annoying people.... meh *shrugs shoulders like the emo fish I wish I was*

That is way too harsh! I can't use a sandpaper machine! I'm not some crazy murderer (.....heh...heh....) that could do that to someone! Maybe....


Gilbert might laugh in my face about the Penguin... for all I know he could be a secret Penguin killer, there's a lot of those types of people going around these days... you can never be too sure of anyone anymore! However I will write him an anonymous letter about it written in fake blood! >:) and I'll put it in his locker.

I have to work so much over the Christmas period.... I'm gonna have money but... I don't think it's worth it *wastes $5000 a day xD

You wouldn't be an inconvenience... but it's not like I want you to be Yandere or anything, just do whatever you want!

It's okay to lie every once in a while, just be careful!!

I understand, however, everything was easy to read and in order, you can now publish your book "500 ways to fake your age and be a popstar"

tsumiki Nov 30, 2014

Hey Hey Hey Penguin-sama!! :D *becomes cutely excited* (I’m not weird I swear) xD

Well, I guess one must be extremely forgiving when someone like you is considered their friend, don’t you agree? Hehehe no, I’m only joking, I’m just so forgiving and a bit of a pushover by nature so of course I’d forgive anything you do wrong… unless you want to take my throne and kill me, I know you’d be a far better candidate for the throne as you seem to have such a passion for animals (or is it just for the cows) and you’re relatively nice to the general public, I’d say a little more towards me but I’m guessing you’re just buttering me up so you’re next in line for the throne then once I am least expecting it you will “get rid” of me. But who knows, that could just be my imagination running wild (I actually have no idea how this reply turned out like this, it was only supposed to write a couple sentences… I think I’m catching your disease Penguin-sama! That settles it! Become my butler! Pleeeeeeaaaase! You know you can’t refuse me right? Don’t make me call in special forces to you know… “lightly encourage” you to do as I say, hehehe I really don’t like violence.

I’m just going to add here that it’s very hard to reply to some of the things you say because if I reply I feel as though the joke will be overused so just know that I pretty much laugh the entire time I read your messages because you’re super funny… I’m not just ignoring stuff I swear! :D

I didn’t mean to be offensive, but how will you know if I really do moo? Where the proof huh? Like I could say “welp that’s all done and dusted” but how would you really know for sure that it was done and/or dusted? Unless Penguin-sama… you didn’t put cameras in my house so this means… you’re the “hobo” who sits outside my window using the internet, right? If that’s not you then who else could it be, maybe I’ll talk to him next time. (All joking aside, we used to have a hobo living in our shed down the back of our backyard, he was there for a couple weeks, just sleeping there and he’d go away in the day… how creepy, my dad caught him stealing a pair of jeans off the clothes line, one of many pairs to go missing :o ) Homeless people can be kinda scary sometimes, but I’m sure my parents would feed you if you’d stop running away all the time :P

How old are you… your body would appear to be young (me just making assumptions) but you would be much older than your body appears right? That’s deceiving and deception is not nice! Well.. I guess I wouldn’t want people to experiment on you… so it’s okay…. It’s not like I care about you though… I just need you to help me find the code! That’s all!

No way! You’d clearly be a main character, which makes you a love interest! An me… fufufu >:D The homosexual supporting cast*! (*based on a quote from Ouran High School Host club… in case you didn’t understand)

Why would the moo’s main weakness be water? I think this is a trap… it must be, water really  improves the strength of the moo right? You’re just saying that to trick people! >:)  (don’t worry if anyone is reading our conversations I’ve just cleared up the weakness for you, and obviously they wouldn’t think to read the stuff in these brackets so they haven’t just realised it was all a lie!)

I almost asked why you have bit yourself but I must admit I have bitten myself many times, this was only to become immune to biting, however this technique did not work, maybe I should go into hardcore training, I’m writing this at school and my “buddy” (person who I don’t like and is sitting next to me… who just walked away to go talk to some other person because I’m too awesome for all of them so they gotta talk smack about me…) just looked at this biting talk and got a weird look and left, how rude of her! She shouldn’t judge me, I got some pretty good issues, like… presidency after priminister…cy? priministerhood? Whatever it is. Anyways, I think this just proves that I’m too cool for Australia (literally because it’s so hot here, hehehehehe I’m pretty funny sometimes!) xD

Welllllll when you got a face like mine of course your true love would involve a mirror! Once I married a mirror, I thought it was my pet llama Phillip however I suddenly remembered I did not have a pet llama and would not like to marry one, so the mirror and I divorced, he got the kids, and I was left with nothing but a bad drinking habit. I’m not even sad about it anymore, the kids would have just reminded me of his square frame and shiny reflection that reminded me a lot of myself (tears in my eyes from laughing) *wipes tears dramatically* it’s painful *looks to the sky* but I will.. be okay. xD I’m too funny sometimes :P

Okay… I really have to ask now… how old are you really? I can’t believe that you’re an adult Penguin-sama, you’re god-like and funny, but sometimes it just seems to… immature… I don’t think we can be friends anymore. #rejected #yolo #didyoubelievemebecauseI’mjokingofcoursehowcouldIlivewithoutyou! Seriously though, you’re cooler than the coldest place on earth and you’re funnier than me and my mirror-husband! Definitely the funniest friend I ever had (that’s 16 years by the way! That’s a super long time to not have a super funny friend!!!!)

No comment on this invisible clothes stuff because it gives me the creeps :o

Hime suits me? Mostly because I’m bossy and controlly right >:D (I act happy but I hate these qualities of me… hahaha joking, I’m so shy in person if I gave an order either no one would hear it or someone would simply say “no” and I’d cry xD I have issues hahahaha xD )

I could kill too, I’m a silent assassin ninja warrior pineapple! (You never really can trust what people say on the internet but my word is absolute!) Yandere is good for people who have a lot of enemies and a lot of people they dislike, because if something bad happens and you’re gonna get into trouble for murder, just blame you’re girlfriend/boyfriend (I’d say it’s more of a girl thing though, I think girls are just too emotionally unstable and needy!)

You have some crazy ways to murder people! I like that about you kid! (I keep questioning your adulthood so I’m gonna stick with Penguin-sama, kid-man) Let all of my fans take this as a warning, Penguin-sama is a crazy killer who will kill you when he’s not busy eating or watching anime/crappy TV… but please be kind enough to go into his house to be killed because Penguin-sama doesn’t like the outdoors (I don’t know if the last part was true but all of that was pretty much true for me!)

Why would you dislike the tree in your garden? That’s very sad to hear! Honestly I am crushed! TT^TT

No the story about my cat being stolen by my neighbour is true!!! We didn’t even know where she went and she was gone for a whole 2 and a half days (so maybe that’s not a whole but it’s still a whole half, you know?) but yes, we won’t on the journey to the pound and explained what had happened and the woman next door was warned not to touch the cat again “or else” *shaking an angry fist at the sky* connecting printers would be uber cool, but also really expensive -__- I thought this plan was bulletproof but obviously not :P

How are you “in fact an Onii-chan… well kind of so”, do you mean you actually have a younger sister/brother? O3O little sisters rule! (except my little and older sisters do not -_- ) I don’t really hug anyone because hugging is for wimps! *looks at hugging couple* do not cry…. Do… not…. *cries*

Hahaha the rule “I should always win” (I referring to you of course) is literally the funniest rule ever. I’m super good at chess >:D But I suck at pretty much anything else… oh except Rummy… or is it Rummi? I dunno, but I love that game! Rearranging stuff just to annoy people makes me feel super happy :P

Wow?! You were a fighter! You’re totally crazy!! You could probably just touch me with one finger and steam would go everywhere and I’d cry and be bruised all over! You’re such a ninja (I’m actually getting super fired up but I think it’s dumb when people fight ahahah) Okay I just found out you have a little brother! You’re super cool Penguin-sama! I respect you 100000023% for sticking up for people! That’s the type of fighting I’m okay with, if it’s to get people to stop bullying other people!! Dumb bullies!

My skills for naming things is strong! Mimi is still an excellent piano! I have a gilbert in my class and he is the worst, everyone says “Gilbert’s so hot!!!” but seriously he has this gross beard and is a jerk to 99.6% of people… well people like me anyway xD

Be careful out there! The Yandere world isn’t for everyone! :P

That last sentence made me really frustrated!

Bye-bye Penguin-sama!! Don’t take a month to reply or I will really become Yandere! :P

P.S stop being such a robot! :P

tsumiki Nov 24, 2014

Awwwh! You're so cute ^_^ I'm glad you haven't gotten a life! (That sounds so much worse than it should!) I mean c'mon! Your life is serving my every need with these replies! You belong here... With me... Er I mean us... With us! 

I totally get why you haven't rewritten the reply remember those times I accidentally deleted mine TT^TT that was the worst! But it was fun to reread your message because you always make me laugh! :D

also you did t again, I wrote a couple lines and you wrote me an essay hehehe, I dont think its weird to name your computer and harddrives I name weird stuff to... Like....erm.... Uhmm.... Hmmm... Well I dunno, I named my piano Mimi-chan, maybe that's not that weird actually, oh and I named a couple trees at my school, Chihiro and Makoto, for no reason, I think they might be tsundere trees if I'm quite honest :p

anyway the point of this message was for me to just say I'm glad you're alive and I'll put my tsundere lifestyle away for another day, because tsunderes are the best! N-not that I'm dere for you or anything! D-don't get your hopes up! 

Cant wait for your reply in "2-3 days" (weeks, I don't mind, just missed you a little... a-and I mean it, only a tiny bit!) ^_^ 

tsumiki Nov 23, 2014

Penguin-sama.... TT^TT don't tell me you've gotten a life an abandoned me!!!

*extreme sobbing and rocking back and forth in the corner of your bedroom*

I'll never forgive those people who took you away from me! *turns slightly Yandere*

tsumiki Oct 26, 2014

I accept your gracious apology! I will forgive and forget all of your mistakes from before this very second in time, however if I am ever put through that amount of pain again… you’ll be a toasted cow! No more mooing for you kid! What the heck is a squirrel… of course that was just a joke, I have learnt from spongebob that a squirrel is a furry animal that has huge cheeks and wears a diving suit because it lives under water! (it also is best friends with a sponge if I am not mistaken)! I am living a powerful life as usual, as long as you do not fail/disappoint me again Penguin-sama (I seriously imagine you in a fancy suit, kinda like a butler, whenever I say “Penguin-sama” haha I don’t even know why I just feel like it suits! :D I hope you didn’t eat that orange… the reason you were keeping it in your pocket is because…. *dramatic pause* …. I’ve waited too long so now I have forgotten :o Teenybopper is what I am! >:D I’m a teenybopper ninja mutant turtle… sometimes, only when I feel like fighting crime but usually I’m the cause :P Don’t threaten the health and safety of my grass you criminal mastermind!!!!!!

I have no clue what you just explained and now I’m confused whether you are laughing at me or not O.O all I know is that you’re a horrible person for eating emo fish!! They’re emotional enough! TT^TT RIP emotional fishies!

HEY! Listen here kid! And listen good! You can’t go raising the moos from 302-304, they one too many, I think we can negotiate and settle on 0 moos from me since I AM THE RULER OF ALL THINGS HUMANITY AND…. Oh wait… we’re not playing barbies right now are we? Whoops, okay, I’ll start the mooing, but I will seek revenge, just you wait! You’re good at maths?! :o (don’t know if you were seriously good at it or not… I just get this crazy feeling that I can’t trust you!) But I’m pretty good at maths myself, Matrices, algebra, you name it, I probably have some chance of attempting it (now doesn’t that sound promising?)

I’m down for this plan, we’ll just do as you say (obviously you thought carefully about our strengths, you mooing and me eating chocolate, you can’t go wrong there!) I’m sad that you say you’re immune to death, because this means that one day, when I am dead, you will not be dead and we can’t be in heaven together continuing our search for the code (you know the code I’m referring to, right…) and searching for tsunderes…. N-not that I need you, I’m perfectly capable of searching on my own! It just… wouldn’t be the same without you!

Wow this just turned really weird, sorry I didn’t think the plan through, obviously I should spend more time thinking about you in the shower O////O that was supposed to be a joke and I could erase it and not ever let you know that I( even attempted to say this to you but I think it’s really embarrassing and you’d probably find it funny, but I have changed my mind about this whole invisibility cloak idea you can just “get rid” of your neighbour however you please xD I definitely have been awakened to your true power, mooing me to safety and all, maybe you could just moo yourself out of the shower situation… errr I need to stop talking about it, it’s too weird!! *bows* gomena Penguin-sama!

21 seconds to find my true love? Are you crazy?! I’ve already found my true love… it’s embarrassing to admit but… when I saw that one person I knew it was love, my heart fluttered and I couldn’t think straight and I couldn’t help smiling, the person smiled right back but then… I realised it was just my reflection and I have wasted these 21 seconds trying to find someone else! xD I bet my true love is Japanese (maybe my Japanese teacher, he looks like a teenybopper but he’s 28… too old for me? Probably not, I could just get my parents to meet his parents and force my parents to pretend force him and me to get married (fool proof) and we’ll be kinda happy for however long!) anyway, I think you’re not being very open minded about love Penguin-sama, I don’t think you really need #5 (Santa in case you’ve forgotten your own list)

Be careful, a tsundere moo could cause chaos! I do rule the world, and I of course do love anime, and how could you even have the slightest doubt on whether I do or do not love Japan?! OF COURSE I LOVE IT!! (glad we got to clear this up :P)

Oh my god… you are so creepy sometimes! Wearing your invisible enemy’s clothes… why would the clothes get lonely?! You shouldn’t think these things… (this may or may not be a good plot for an anime horror….)

(but you are locked up… in my basement >:D )

S-so… do you think H-Hime suits me?... N-not like I care what you think or anything! O////O

I’m collect 5c coins because once they’re gone no one will ever remember them and they’ll just be left to rot (kind of) in the sewers (maybe), your 10p story really touched my heart, I can totally relate with the weakness of shiny coins, one time I walked home because a 50c had a windmill (don’t know why that’s one of my weaknesses but it is) on it and it was shiny and I decided I couldn’t just give it to anyone! (so I sent it to my friend who lives in America and she was totally confused and I told her that Australians worship windmills and she said that when she lived here her neighbour had a windmill and now she thinks everyone loves windmills and it’s actually only a passion of mine to stare at them! :P

I actually kinda understand, I hate most people that hate me so I’m okay with it… well I wouldn’t use hate, I just pretend like they do not exist so I have nothing to hate (: It’s so logical right? Fine! Kuudere if you want! But only Yandere if you’re killing people close to me out of pure jealousy! (ideal relationship… this is why I have no friends)

I’m touched that you would battle with my crazy fans just to continue talking with me! However, I will not forgive them and have them beheaded if they even think about killing you (you page stalkers but learn this!!) of course, I myself would not behead them and I wouldn’t even watch them be beheaded, so maybe they’d bribe the axe wielding beheading man and run away (I’m okay with that too because I’d feel bad if someone got killed!)

Looky here Mr, you can’t just go around claiming cows as your own! It doesn’t matter how much you love the weird looking things you just cant go stealing, that’s plain wrong! My magical girl senses are picking up that you’re becoming a danger, I don’t want to have to fight you but if you’re not careful you will leave me no choice! Free the cows… or else! (you’ve been warned… kinda… I’m totally intimidating!)

You’re taking this very seriously, you’re a pro when it comes to crappy TV! :o I never knew of this power!!

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!! I didn’t know you spoke English… this makes this less confusing! :o Yes yes, envy my future wife/husband/tree, envy everything I am and everything I have! It’s all because deep down, you don’t realise it yet, but just like in anime everyone already knew… you…. Are… in love with……… all the cows and you’re sad because all those cows are now my fans and don’t love you back. W-what did you t-think I was going to say?! O////O

Jelly beans you say… alrighty you’ve swayed me! I’ll continue as you best friends (because obviously I am the very best!) No need to fret my dear best friend… the only thing I ask is that you fly here and become my new neighbour because my neighbour stole my cat and that’s really rude and she took her to the pound (don’t worry we got her back!!) but I do need you to do this for me… also there’s one more thing, I need you to let me connect to you printer so I can print messages to you, like wouldn’t that be the best thing ever! If my neighbour let me connect to their printer I would print a million pictures of Justin Bieber to them as punishment for the crimes against my cat. So as long as you fulfil my wishes, I will forgive you :)

O/////O You d-don’t like it when I call you O-O-Onii-chan… well whatever, I won’t do it again….. hahahahahaha, *hides in shame* you’re quite bold though, really, hugging random people, I hardly hug my family as it is… I’m kinda hug deprived I think hahaha I hang off my friends a bit… TT^TT not that they’re too chuffed about it, not to mention I only see them at school… oh well xD

Hey! Taking over the world is my job! >:( you can’t try it because you’ll do it way better than me and I’ll have no followers! T^T you’re cruel! Oh wait.. I just realised this wasn’t a take over the world plan, it was a plan for people to die. Fufufu I challenge you! Man who is immune to death!

I don’t know what I’ve told you, all I know is that you’re the only one who knows but now we’re both probably just scared and confused xD

I’m 16, but people say I look 10 so… hmm maybe age actually doesn’t depend on existence, maybe we just level up when we’re ready :P I think it’s an insult against your pride as an adult, you’re a man and should take is seriously and begin to abuse anyone who says you look young… or that’s what I’d do at least, and if you hit like me then you won’t actually hurt anyone! :D You shouldn’t give anyone jellybeans but me! :o (that might sound cute but I’m just selfish ^_^ )

I’m glad they don’t let you attach voice file (who is they? :o) because I don’t need an even louder voice mooing at me… I can here you from here!! N-not that I w-want to hear it… it’s just a coincidence!

I went all the way to a different state! :o over 24 hours in a car with 7 other people it was funtastically horrid (fantastic is another of my weird words) It was for a mission though so keep it on a need to know basis alright :D

It’s fine that you make everything really long! It’s more fun that way!

 Oh my gosh I could totally read all the writing, that’s what I did as training while being a spy! :D

Also I don’t mind you taking up all the room on my page, I like that you waste your life talking to me, it just means I have yet one more henchman! :D You know you wanna be one!

I guess this is the end of the reply… until next time Penguin-sama *wipes tears dramatically*