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Hello Fellow Earth User... or whatever planet you might be from (being on that subject, Neptune is a pretty cool planet, right?)

The Name is Madoka... well at least on this site, you can use my real name if you prefer (i wont post it here though because I'm a tease o.o... clearly), believe it or not, i love anime! Seriously though, i enjoy most genre, my favourite are quite large but vary from Slice of life, School life, Comedy and mystery. Mystery or detective type genre are great, i love the mix from casual to serious, i also love how the two blend, take Gosick, it starts quite casual, whilst the cases can be serious the tone the series takes is laid back but it quickly whips into an amazing series... It's not like i am forcing you to watch it or anything! As said, i love most genre, so just because it isn't a favourite doesn't mean i wont love it, heck some of my overall favourite series aren't always amoungst them genre, i am happy watching most stuff.

Character wise, i have unique tastes (apprently), I can be picky on characters, whilst i like more than dislike, i still find a bad character can and will ruin a Great series. My favourite characters usually are either the lets say spirtful type (not as in a spirit!) or in other words the energetic and playful type, apprently these aren't so popular but i love them, ever watched Little Busters!? Well if so, im talking about Haruka type characters (Neptune from Neptunia, Yui from angel beats ect). Otherwise, i like a lot, i wont deny i usually like cute loli characters just because they are adorable, yes my next one was i like cute characters :D Essentially if they aren't annoying or really plain, i will like them, some i even love just because their hair (i love pink and blue hair colours :D).

I am big on the forum here at AP, whilst i have been away for a month i like to discuss airing shows there so if you use the forum feel free to say hi sometime.

My favourite series overall is probably Yuru Yuri but let me be honest, there are so many contenders it is impossible to choose, so i will give it YY just because i love it and it's rewatch value is great but know i have many favourite like Nagi no Asukara, Gargantia, Gosick ect.

Well thanks for reading this pointless intorduction to me, in other news, I'm a random person who talks about anything from your favourite series to how much cold water makes me cold to how bad my foot itches right now *scratches*, but if you prefer i can be normal (somehow) as well. I live in the UK (England to be precise) so yes, im a British person *SHOCK*. Aside from anime, i love Japanese Culture and music, I'm huge on Japanese history and whilst not the best on knowledge questions i just love hearing about history and folke tales from Japan, my favourite JP music artist/band is Nano.Ripe (some will know them for doing OP/ED's for series like Hanasaku Iroha (another of my favourites) and Non non Biyori).

I will update with images sometime soon D:

One more thing, i am a huge sucker for a sad ending, now i could list of some sad series here and now but i can't do that as i don't want to throw spoilers your way (yes i know it's not a spoiler to say a series endings sad but it does give insight), now sad is vague, i like sad from lonliness to heartbreak to death of a character we grow attached to and also though it seems odd but even just to seeing a good series end like say GJ-bu were half a group graduate whilst splitting them from their club members, yes i know it's not sad but i think it a sad scenario as it is a upsetting thing to split friendships like that (it must be done right though, a normal graduation and all ends doesn't cut it). So yeah i like sad stuff!!! I-it's not like i'm a sad or lonely misserable person... i just think a series has more 'feeling' put into it and it helps us connect better, i like feeling them emotions flow okay! It's hard to explain .__.

Previous Avatars

If you are like me, you love something new, this applies to our profile pictures, i find myself change mine and then want another new one 3 days later, not because i dislike my current but because i found another great one. I feel bad sometimes dropping a cute/sad/funny ect image so quick so i decided from now (December 2014) i will log all my previously used pics here, so they are never lost in time. Sadly i can't revive many of my older ones before hand because i just don't have them anymore. Anyway so here are the pics from now onwards.

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tsumiki Jan 27, 2015

Wow... I must be dreaming?! Am I dreaming? A reply from Penguin-sama???! Hooray... it's gonna take me sooooo long to type out a reply because I accidentally cut my finger at work and I can't use it because it hurts! >-<  However I will attempt to reply ASAP so you have to read another huge message just after you had finished replying >:D

What?! You don't have YouTube ads... do you watch a lot of YouTube videos? I watch a lot... you know like "how to take over the world with unicorns" and that kind of thing... I guess that explains why there's ads, because if I didn't have to sit through the hardship of ads everyone would have unicorns and be taking over the world... sigh.

I wish I could see you watching anime in your magical girl costume O_O Hahaha I'm sure you force Hitler-kun into it, he wouldn't just agree to be a magical girl.... I don't think...

Foxes scare you? I love foxes, they're sooo cute!! Yeah we have a lot of foxes around our house so I have heard their weird noises O_O It's kinda sad because where I live a lot of people hunt animals, like rabbits, foxes, etc T^T I forgot how weird our messages are... I've been messaging some other people and they think I'm weird so I was kinda being normal but I can't stop laughing at this XD

Ughhhh I hate Rap music >.< I always say that but I listen to ONE group (or duo? don't know what to call two boys rapping XD is duo too uncool?) and they're pretty good, but other than that I don't like all that stuff, I don't like not being able to attempt to screech the lyrics... also I'm kinda confused if you actually like rap or not XD

My reverse harem has fallen apart, I have given up.... it must be hard to love a little kid who talks to her cats and eats cake most of the day XD WHY DON'T PEOPLE LIKE ME?!! Ahahaha just kidding of course everyone likes me too much if they talk to me their hearts will explode with joy... so I must sacrifice myself to a life of loneliness so others can live :P

My cat just walked across my laptop and he's fat and I heard a crack noise :o

Noo! Don't take my brothers side!! I talk to him all the time and he comes it my room and messes it up like the little goblin he is, he's so manipulative!! :o Penguin-sama to defeat the villain he is becoming you much try to believe that my brother is evil and hates me! He woke me up a few days ago, at 6am and asked if I could make him lunch.... 6am isn't lunch time!! And this is holidays we're talking about!! I've wasted so ,much time being awake!

Hooray!! Butlers are cool, I read this book about this family who got a butler and he turned out to be a spy who made good smoothies XD It was a good book though... a kids book... but still good :P I think you could kinda be like that, by day a moody butler, by night a spy who serves and protects all the cows in the world.

Okay, well it's been really hot here lately... I don't think you'd survive living outside my house it's been almost 40 degrees Celsius, I don't know if that's super dooper hot? but I hate it, but you know, in summer if it gets over 43 degrees we can go home from school early!! :D You can't sell my voice on Ebay!!!! If you do that people will call me mean words... like a voice... actually I'm not gonna say the word XD

Sorry, but Hobo-san had to move on to his next house, I'm sure he's happier now, without us! TT^TT

What if when you whispered these words into the man's ear he says "yes I am into dudes" and you'd probably be really confused and scared :o I guess that would be the time to tranform into a magical girl! :P You're so modest... "like the sweet person I am" seriously, I applaud the way you don't know that you're amazing hahaha :P

Yes, I can grant your wish of being a background role... however I would much rather recommending the homosexual role because if you have seen any yaoi (let me assume you haven't...) all the guys in yaoi have "killer bodies" I can't remember who told me that, I don't really find anime guys that attractive... the only thing I look for is white hair and awesomeness!! Like Kaneki Ken!! :3 ... wait... he's not Yaoi though... I've only seen a shounen-ai so I can't confirm the Yaoi thing, however even in Shounen-ai their bodies appear to be quite... toned? Chiselled? I don't know the word  >_<

~We will now pause the replying for a quick cake break~

(you won't notice me leaving but I will)

Okay... I was gone for a whole day O.O bet you didn't even notice XD

my brother is watching a weird show right now, and tis old guy just sprayed his wife with fly spray and she said "You HAVE lost your mind!" and he replied with "big deal" I'm pretty sure I would be more defensive is someone said I lost my mind XD

You don't... get MOSQUITOS?!!! I don't care what other things bite people over there... I am moving from Australia! Mosquitoes are absolutely the worst things ever! The joy of vengeance? Is that how you get by killing people, you stare down at your victims and you're like... no... I mustn't feel guilt for this is vengeance! *dramatic staring at the sky*

I don't think even zombies eat themselves! Your parents must have been quite concerned about you when you were a child, if you went on with life pretending to be trees, thinking you were a zombie and eating you own arm or off talking to cows... although that does sound like such an exciting childhood XD

I very much agree! The moon is such a disappointment to our galaxy! For years we believed that the great moon was a ball of the most delicious cheese that could ever be real.... but when the astronauts tried a piece, they realised that the mystery of the cheese staying so fresh was that it was not cheese at all, but just filthy rock, we have enough rocks on earth we do not need a huge rock in the sky! (I feel really mean because Moon-sama cannot help what he is... and to be a little honest I like Moon-sama, he can be pretty sometimes :3 )

I am glad you are willing to vote for me, I know my slogan was pretty amazing, I thought it up in 0.29 seconds, I know that is quite a long time to be thinking of such things, but what do the people of Australia want? (Besides a real government who does good, beer, robots, not having to work, our grass to stay green all year round and no school uniforms) The want the whole of Australia to just be cooler, where people can walk in the outback in shorts and a flannel shirt with ripped sleeves, thongs (THE SHOES!!!!) and sunglasses, a beer in one hand, a backwards cap on their head and their stomach full of shrimp from the barbie (not an actual thing that we do), they want to be able to grow mullets without summer coming and making them sweat so much that their mullets stick to their necks... you do not understand the pain of all the hearts of Australia... we just want to be ourselves... to be free, but the blasted heat! I hereby vow that I will make all these things possible!


I'm sure you have a kawaii face don't doubt yourself! No... mirror-kuns children are terrifying, they're humans with mirror heads! Kyaa!! So scary!! T^T Oh that is so tragic, I was about to push my poor mirror children responsibilities onto you... but since you cannot afford it I will continue to be terrified and fight Mirror-kun in court!

Okay... when I say you're kinda mysterious... I mean you're kinda scary O-O You know, ther was this statue thing of Ronald-kun, he sat on a chair in the playground at McDonalds, my sisters and brother used to climb all over him and cling onto him and hug him and... to me he was a spy, I used to think he had cameras in his eyes and he was watching children so he knew who to lock in the playground and who to release... I don't really know what I was thinking he'd do with the small children he deemed were bad, but when I used to play in the playground if I was alone I'd sing or talk to him but stay far away so he thought I was being nice to him but so he wouldn't move and grab me or something, my parents still laugh at me because they heard me say "Mr McDonald you're not a very nice guy" before running out of the playground, even now I don't dare to go into that playground.... playgrounds with creepy statues in them should not be entered! :o

I actually had to stop reading your message for a while as I could not breath, I don't know what I said that made you think I'm upset with you, something about hashtags, but the fact that you were "unworthy of mooing for the next entire 4.3 seconds...........moo" that killed me.. I hope you timed the correctly though, got out a stop watch and everything! I'll find out if you didn't!

My sisters are all scary, they've all got their own little categories, my little sisters is the grunge- "but the cool kind.... you know?" kind of emo kid who cries and hates everyone except herself, the next sister along, is a yeah older then the emo kid and a year younger than me, she's the bimboiest bimbo out there, she goes on about boys and how she doesn't like this because "ew Laine said that's dumb and Laine's my best friend so everything we do is the same!", then there's my older sister who stirs up my brother, steals my stuff just to annoy me and "ew English music... I only like Korea"... so there's the Grunge- but the cool kind, the bimbo barbie girl and the Korean annoying one, then there's me who's the Funny Prime Minister kind!

Well, I'm just saying I meant full blood penguins, you're also a cow and a tree and a mirror and god knows what else XD

Turkey in July... did I say that? hahaha I always kinda get in a weird mood and say super weird things when I talk to you XD

I just get so very frustrated when people do that! Coconut is the dumbest fruit (is it a fruit?) ever! First of all! They kill people! Fall out of trees and people die! Secondly my dad drilled a hole in a coconut and was like "ahh fresh coconut milk" why is it milk?! How is it milk?! And it does not taste nice!! And lastly, coconuts just make me really angry and shall be banished from Australia!

That actually sounds really deep. "On my way home... it was a complete accident but... I found myself!!" Keep stalking yourself, it's good training!

I agree, fire is cool! Because it's warm and pretty and I swear it's sorcery! Sometimes I think about setting my school on fire but I remember what happened to these kids in my class when they set a air con on fire and... yeah I don't want to lose my spot as Prime Minister so I won't bother.

As a brunette I am superior to those dweebs in my family, however, it makes it difficult to go out in public, you see if I was also a blonde haired child I would see no issues in going out with dweebs like my siblings, however because I am brunette I have to wear a mask to cover my face from the shame.

I-I-I guess if someone hugged me I'd just be confused.... I guess it depends who it is... N-Not that I-I w-w-w-want you to hug me!!! O///O D-don't get your hopes up or anything! I-it's just that I'd rather you h-hug me than an strange old man!  (That's pretty funny, because you ARE a strange old man.... okay you're not THAT old XD )

It's also a memory game! Moving stuff around makes them have better memory as they try to think about how their room was exactly as they left and which things I had to move to change it XD

No!!!! Don't cry like a giant rock from Jupiter! it's not like I didn't like you idea... it's just... a sand paper machine is a bit extreme... and you'd need someone to test if it works... how about you test it on yourself? :P

Yessss! Gilbert kills penguins for fun... that's why I am so worried about you Penguin-sama! You must hide away from him! *falls to knees* P-P-P.....PENGUIN-SAMAAAAAAAAAAA!!!           (That's what I'd cry out if you died, but I'm sure Gilbert isn't after you!)

If you write the book '543 ways to be friends with chickens' can you dedicate it to me? I mean, I have chickens, and I'd really like to become friends with them, but they just cluck at me and I just cannot understand what they want from me! Are the wanting food? Water? Friendship? To declare war? I just don't know!!

Watching K-On is definitely the cooler option! You shouldn't keep having crying people as your avatar! T^T I actually wanna change my avatar again XD

I know right! Nati-On may be my new campaign slogan...

It was long! I only took one... kind of... cake break XD It's okay, like I said, I uh... don't just sit around hopelessly waiting for your messages ha...ha... haaaaa *crying*... okay I do! My life is so boring I check it every day and every day I was disappointed! But don't let that make you sad, okay? *wipes tears* my finger still really hurts from me cutting it open with scissors so this took so long.

Baka!! Dai kirai! T^T why did you show me that... I actually cried (I don't really hate you though...) Anohana always makes me cry, whether it's the music or the actual show...but that was really cool despite it's sadness T^T

You shouldn't blame me for things that are out of my hands XD

tsumiki Jan 17, 2015

Oh thank god, I thought you got caught being invisble! Hi back, I'm keeping this short because I know the last couple of messages were kinda long XD

But I just wanted to say that Hitler-kun is so lucky to be in a live action... why didn't he tell us? Or is this not a real thing... hmmm XD I've been showing people this for the past hour and no one understands why I'm crying of laughter.

Anyway I'll patiently wait for your reply, I'm glad to hear from you!

Nati-On! :')

Bye bye Penguin-sama

tsumiki Dec 24, 2014

You...... *shockingly deep breath* changed.... your avatar!!!!!!!

Good, because the other one always made me sad xD

Anyways, I came here to tell you something important!!!!!!!! :D :D

HO HO HO (I am actually Santa-sama), I'm just letting you know, that I actually meant to deliver you presents, but I couldn't find your house... it may have accidentally become invisible? So I gave them to myself instead, very sorry about that!

I hope you have a good Christmas!!!! (Unless you don't celebrate Christmas... then this is kinda awkward....)

I don't know how to finish this...



NeiniAurora3500 Dec 16, 2014

Finally finished with school for the semester. That'll open up time for anime, and games again. So many visual novels to get to. It is awesome how many can last for 50+ hours and still have several endings. Haven't heard a lot of updates on Clannad. Once it comes out, it's probably going to be the only thing I do for a week though. It is a great story, which will probably be even better from the original vn. It seems like a lot of visual novels became avalible this year. If visual novels keep getting localized like they have been, 2015 should be interesting as well. 2 visual novels I think would be very awesome to read as well would be 11 Eyes, and Utawarerumono. We'll both keep our eyes out for more news on visual novels.

With Jast updating their website it feels like it has gone through a renewal phase, it does look a lot "cleaner" compared to before. While it sucks that its download only now requiring you to go to jlist to get physical packages. The new navigation is great. It looks like Hanachirasu is to release around Feb of next year which is awesome since I preordered it a year ago. Its only a matter of time until an announcement on Seinarukana comes, if the translation is 100% complete. I would guess they need to beta test the gameplay now, to ensure everything still works properly.

It has been tough keeping every spirit alive. Even if they can survive the onslaught of Sargios soliders, the Eternals near the end of the game are very tough, and require specific strategies to beat. I once went back to a save file on Normal mode to the final boss, and had every spirit survive that one somehow, though sadly couldn't take that progress to a new playthrough since I was in the middle of hard at the time. Super Hard is going to be the run that everyone survives no matter what! I'd hope that the mana gains are colossal from the super hard bonuses!

Sad to admit I haven't followed Psycho-Pass 2 super closely. Part of it was that it didn't get me engaged as much as the 1st season had. Since I've only seen 3 episodes I expect it will get more exciting as I watch more. It's tough to watch several ongoing series and with school I've let them air more episodes for awhile. This week or next week I'm going to do a massive catchup spree to see all the series I want to see.

Good luck on saving up for a trip to Japan. It would be so much fun to do if money weren't a concern. It probably is harder to see cherry blossoms during winter, though there are likely some interesting festivals going on at winter. 

Anyhow, hopefully the holidays are going well for you.