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Hello Fellow Earth User... or whatever planet you might be from (being on that subject, Neptune is a pretty cool planet, right?)

The Name is Madoka... well at least on this site, you can use my real name if you prefer (i wont post it here though because I'm a tease o.o... clearly), believe it or not, i love anime! Seriously though, i enjoy most genre, my favourite are quite large but vary from Slice of life, School life, Comedy and mystery. Mystery or detective type genre are great, i love the mix from casual to serious, i also love how the two blend, take Gosick, it starts quite casual, whilst the cases can be serious the tone the series takes is laid back but it quickly whips into an amazing series... It's not like i am forcing you to watch it or anything! As said, i love most genre, so just because it isn't a favourite doesn't mean i wont love it, heck some of my overall favourite series aren't always amoungst them genre, i am happy watching most stuff.

Character wise, i have unique tastes (apprently), I can be picky on characters, whilst i like more than dislike, i still find a bad character can and will ruin a Great series. My favourite characters usually are either the lets say spirtful type (not as in a spirit!) or in other words the energetic and playful type, apprently these aren't so popular but i love them, ever watched Little Busters!? Well if so, im talking about Haruka type characters (Neptune from Neptunia, Yui from angel beats ect). Otherwise, i like a lot, i wont deny i usually like cute loli characters just because they are adorable, yes my next one was i like cute characters :D Essentially if they aren't annoying or really plain, i will like them, some i even love just because their hair (i love pink and blue hair colours :D).

I am big on the forum here at AP, whilst i have been away for a month i like to discuss airing shows there so if you use the forum feel free to say hi sometime.

My favourite series overall is probably Yuru Yuri but let me be honest, there are so many contenders it is impossible to choose, so i will give it YY just because i love it and it's rewatch value is great but know i have many favourite like Nagi no Asukara, Gargantia, Gosick ect.

Well thanks for reading this pointless intorduction to me, in other news, I'm a random person who talks about anything from your favourite series to how much cold water makes me cold to how bad my foot itches right now *scratches*, but if you prefer i can be normal (somehow) as well. I live in the UK (England to be precise) so yes, im a British person *SHOCK*. Aside from anime, i love Japanese Culture and music, I'm huge on Japanese history and whilst not the best on knowledge questions i just love hearing about history and folke tales from Japan, my favourite JP music artist/band is Nano.Ripe (some will know them for doing OP/ED's for series like Hanasaku Iroha (another of my favourites) and Non non Biyori).

I will update with images sometime soon D:

One more thing, i am a huge sucker for a sad ending, now i could list of some sad series here and now but i can't do that as i don't want to throw spoilers your way (yes i know it's not a spoiler to say a series endings sad but it does give insight), now sad is vague, i like sad from lonliness to heartbreak to death of a character we grow attached to and also though it seems odd but even just to seeing a good series end like say GJ-bu were half a group graduate whilst splitting them from their club members, yes i know it's not sad but i think it a sad scenario as it is a upsetting thing to split friendships like that (it must be done right though, a normal graduation and all ends doesn't cut it). So yeah i like sad stuff!!! I-it's not like i'm a sad or lonely misserable person... i just think a series has more 'feeling' put into it and it helps us connect better, i like feeling them emotions flow okay! It's hard to explain .__.

Previous Avatars

If you are like me, you love something new, this applies to our profile pictures, i find myself change mine and then want another new one 3 days later, not because i dislike my current but because i found another great one. I feel bad sometimes dropping a cute/sad/funny ect image so quick so i decided from now (December 2014) i will log all my previously used pics here, so they are never lost in time. Sadly i can't revive many of my older ones before hand because i just don't have them anymore. Anyway so here are the pics from now onwards.

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Stryk3r117 Jan 15, 2012

Hey. Great to hear from you again. I temporarily dropped Strike Witches for my own sanity, too much pantsu o.o (The flight scenes are fun though). Perrine is annoying so I won't count her, but Sanya is what kept me sane >.< She actually wore tights...

As for the site... I think it might be working. We're seeing a few new people in Chatango. Though at the same time, we're losing a good few old members, mainly due to how Pico and Kira are handling things.

When Pico placed a poll up, people reacted BADLY to "Avatar" being in the options. He pretty much backlashed by calling everyone who was complaining a whinging child, and locked the thread Aurora posted about it. Reading through it really pissed me off to be honest. That was bad enough, then they went off and linked "Teen Titans"! Feels less like an anime site to be honest...

Oh. I logged onto the public chatbox one time where I was talking to CommiEmo, out of nowhere Kira just started attacking him. It's ridiculous for a (former) moderator to have to intervene because a super admin decided to bully a member for offering his opinion.

Anyway, for some reason or another, they decided to restructure the whole rank system and wipe away the moderator class. I've been demoted to a member, and apparently when moderators do come back, they'll be moved to the bottom staff ladder.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being demoted. If people rise above me in terms of rank good on them, but when I asked what had happened, Kira just questioned by competency as a moderator before explaining.

I feel like a fool for only realising now that my only duty was to shut up and nod with everything Kira and Pico say. They completely disregard anything lower staff and members say, and either demote you or link to the"Logout" function and tell you to get lost >.>

I'm not sure I want to go back. The only thing that is really keeping me is the rest of the community.

NeiniAurora3500 Jan 14, 2012

No problem! I actually really apriciate this as I have something awesome to look forward to tomorrow! I understand. I actually wanted to add some stuff for when u reply. 

How do u change your name on this site? I've been wondering how to do that. And another thing it may be hard to refer to u as Madoka. Since I'm used to calling u momiji lol. Just wondering why u changed your name.

Rachii1994 Jan 13, 2012

I love your icon! And your new look! C:

Yabble? lol and good luck in college! No worries, I'm taking computer science myself :3

I want to be a computer technician, I already know enough about computers, so why not? XD

And I am not going to punch you just because you don't like Maid Sama. Everyone has their own opinion and views on shows and other things.

I'm not going to force you into liking it. Yes, the trio of idiots I will admit are stupid, but that's why they are called the Trio of Idiots lol XD

Hm... never heard of Strike Witches, is it good? :3

Sorry if I am jumping from one thing to another, I am still tired so I am trying my best

to remember everything from your long, yet awesome comments XDDD

We have a two-hour delay and we might get called off. So I am really hoping for that. x3

I love using faces, makes the conversation more fun, what do you think? 8D

LOL now I am yambling, as you put it XDDD

I've never seen Haruhi, but it does look pretty interesting. I might take a look at it C:

How are you today? I hope things are going well! C:

NeiniAurora3500 Jan 10, 2012

Its all cool. Its good to know to get a reply eventually May'vesaid this before but I'll try to reply to everyone within aweek or 2.

Weird thing just happened now. I was writing this reply and then google chrome becomes unresponsive so it needs to be closed and I was like Damn! I'm going to lose what I've written for this reply. I was able to save& backup the reply luckily this clip from Lucky Star describes what happened kinda. Thou guess I'm luckier as I backuped this post lol.

Funny thing is I used to get upset when people didn't replyright away. Like I could see they were online and they didn'treply to me. I was in a horrible emotional state a year ago.Always being jealous and hurt by everyone. That's another storyif you'd like to hear it but I won't go into it now. Luckilynow I'm able to think about it differently. I assume people areeither busy, just checking, or not sure what to say yet.Everyone fits all of those here at some point it seems.

If I could write at school like I could here I'd get an A ineven AP Lit/lang and Comp! (AP meaning Advanced Placement is a program in america where u can take college-level classes in high school. Pretty hard. Dunno if the UK has something similar or not) We write so much here yet when it comes to school papers we never think of anything to write lol.

In that case I'll possibly try my luck at a Mirai Nikki review, or Elfen Lied review since they're kinda my favorite shows now. It could change later when I see more anime thou.

I enjoy thinking of characters like Konata like gods. She would make a great god after all! She'd give all us Otaku's freedom and acceptance! Infact Otakus would rule the world as they should :D

Speaking of god-like anime characters there is a religion called Haruhiism. Where Haruhi-chan is worshipped as a great god! Its pretty interesting.

Watching Haruhi (2009) now and wow! The endless 8 is pretty tough to get through. They must have their reasons but it practiaclly makes up half of the show. Nothing compared to what Nagato-chan went through thou. 15,500 times of repeating the same summer! Dunno how Nagato ever did it! She's incredible! Thou u know that without me saying it most likely lol.

Wonder if there are conditions to being reincarnated into Japan if they exist? I'd probally do everything I could. As I could live out a more ideal life being reborn in a place I belong in! Shall we meet in Japan then?

You say you're self-teaching yourself to speak/write Japanese? That's pretty good and cool. I'm in Chinese in a class at school still. But not doing so well since I'm losing interest in school. If I had classmates like u thou it would be a lot better and easier thou.

Its sad to see it wouldn't happen. Why people always have to favor confidence and "yang" characteristics. There must be a place for "Yin" people like myself right? Dunno where that would b thou. Just have to search for it then if I dunno where it is.

We got a bunch of projects to do which expect you to be confident and have a strong and sure voice... One that required us to sit through all the lunch periods talking about stuff no one really cares about. Our teacher in that class is psycho... (in the bad teacher psycho way) Obviously it doesn't fit my charcter as u know so I went into the normal "school depression" again that I feel almost everyday at school. Thou it was pretty severe last week. But I'm better now.

I have to wonder why nothing is being done about the scum known as bullies that they allow to life and breathe in this society with genuenuly good people like us.. As u said earlier they need real punishment. They need to know it is not fine to pick on people because they're different somehow. There's all types of groups that want to stop bullying. Why their voice isn't heard. I dunno.

True dat. Anime planet is to me like facebook is to others as well. I guess anime-planet would b considered a social networking site (thou its mainly an anime list site like myanimelist) but being able to talk to people about the same stuff makes it better than other social networking sites. Here its all about anime. Shame I only discovered this site a few months ago. Would've been so useful back then. Felt the same about ELF after watching Elfen Lied. About ELF (or Nyuanime as its called now) I want to talk about that. Thou it should b in a private chat or something like that. Since I don't want other people from ELF to hear some of my thoughts. Since there are other ELF members on ap now.

Would u happen to know how many words 20000 characters might b? One day I shall reach the character cap on this site (if there is one) Hopefully with some new subjects we can think of our replies can get bigger!! lol

No worries. Its important to express how u feel. Even if I use too little or too many simles it doesn't have to change how many u use.

Oh!!! Almost forgot to mention! I really like your new Avatar! It also looks like something I would use. Looks similar to my current ap icon as well. It seems we also have similar tastes in internet icons. I use different anime icons for different sites. Thou some people use the same icon for all sites. Dunno what your "style" is when it comes to choosing icons.

Stryk3r117 Jan 10, 2012

Against my own preferences, I guess I'll give Strike Witches a try O.O Damn I wish I had friends that bought me anime for Christmas :(

And do you mean Gojjirob? I think he filled out most of the Wiki.

I just hope the expansion fulfills its purpose. If it doesn't, it'd be a lot of wasted time and effort for nothing and also a lot of the members aren't very happy about it. It'd be a shame to lose members over this.