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Hello Fellow Earth User... or whatever planet you might be from (being on that subject, Neptune is a pretty cool planet, right?)

The Name is Madoka... well at least on this site, you can use my real name if you prefer (i wont post it here though because I'm a tease o.o... clearly), believe it or not, i love anime! Seriously though, i enjoy most genre, my favourite are quite large but vary from Slice of life, School life, Comedy and mystery. Mystery or detective type genre are great, i love the mix from casual to serious, i also love how the two blend, take Gosick, it starts quite casual, whilst the cases can be serious the tone the series takes is laid back but it quickly whips into an amazing series... It's not like i am forcing you to watch it or anything! As said, i love most genre, so just because it isn't a favourite doesn't mean i wont love it, heck some of my overall favourite series aren't always amoungst them genre, i am happy watching most stuff.

Character wise, i have unique tastes (apprently), I can be picky on characters, whilst i like more than dislike, i still find a bad character can and will ruin a Great series. My favourite characters usually are either the lets say spirtful type (not as in a spirit!) or in other words the energetic and playful type, apprently these aren't so popular but i love them, ever watched Little Busters!? Well if so, im talking about Haruka type characters (Neptune from Neptunia, Yui from angel beats ect). Otherwise, i like a lot, i wont deny i usually like cute loli characters just because they are adorable, yes my next one was i like cute characters :D Essentially if they aren't annoying or really plain, i will like them, some i even love just because their hair (i love pink and blue hair colours :D).

I am big on the forum here at AP, whilst i have been away for a month i like to discuss airing shows there so if you use the forum feel free to say hi sometime.

My favourite series overall is probably Yuru Yuri but let me be honest, there are so many contenders it is impossible to choose, so i will give it YY just because i love it and it's rewatch value is great but know i have many favourite like Nagi no Asukara, Gargantia, Gosick ect.

Well thanks for reading this pointless intorduction to me, in other news, I'm a random person who talks about anything from your favourite series to how much cold water makes me cold to how bad my foot itches right now *scratches*, but if you prefer i can be normal (somehow) as well. I live in the UK (England to be precise) so yes, im a British person *SHOCK*. Aside from anime, i love Japanese Culture and music, I'm huge on Japanese history and whilst not the best on knowledge questions i just love hearing about history and folke tales from Japan, my favourite JP music artist/band is Nano.Ripe (some will know them for doing OP/ED's for series like Hanasaku Iroha (another of my favourites) and Non non Biyori).

I will update with images sometime soon D:

One more thing, i am a huge sucker for a sad ending, now i could list of some sad series here and now but i can't do that as i don't want to throw spoilers your way (yes i know it's not a spoiler to say a series endings sad but it does give insight), now sad is vague, i like sad from lonliness to heartbreak to death of a character we grow attached to and also though it seems odd but even just to seeing a good series end like say GJ-bu were half a group graduate whilst splitting them from their club members, yes i know it's not sad but i think it a sad scenario as it is a upsetting thing to split friendships like that (it must be done right though, a normal graduation and all ends doesn't cut it). So yeah i like sad stuff!!! I-it's not like i'm a sad or lonely misserable person... i just think a series has more 'feeling' put into it and it helps us connect better, i like feeling them emotions flow okay! It's hard to explain .__.

Previous Avatars

If you are like me, you love something new, this applies to our profile pictures, i find myself change mine and then want another new one 3 days later, not because i dislike my current but because i found another great one. I feel bad sometimes dropping a cute/sad/funny ect image so quick so i decided from now (December 2014) i will log all my previously used pics here, so they are never lost in time. Sadly i can't revive many of my older ones before hand because i just don't have them anymore. Anyway so here are the pics from now onwards.

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NeiniAurora3500 Jan 18, 2012

lol Got pretty sidetracked recently and haven't been able to get to ur reply yet. sorry.. Was checking out Animebytes for awhile which stryk3r showed me. As well as doing school stuff :(

For a quick reply that's a pretty good length. I don't mind quick replies like that. I only get mad when I've typed an essay length repliy with 6+ paragraphs and 1500+ words, and the person only responds with "K" or one sentence that can't even cover all the topics. I find that extremely disrespectful. But I enjoyed your "mini" reply. Since I made one as well it was all cool :D

I'll try to get everything typed in this one reply. I need to constantly switch between 2 anime planet tabs to remember what you said and formulate what I'm going to say. ( I normally have at least 20 tabs from all sorts of various websites lol. So sorry if I forget to reply to a paragraph or 2..

Can't imagine how many word documents u have saved just for replies on anime planet and possibly other sites. Thou an average Word document is only around 10 kb so that's not too bad I guess. On Anime Bytes you can download a whole 13 episode series but the side effect is that it requires around 5-15 GB of storage and I only have 40 GB (soon to be 30GB probally) of free space on my computer left. So I have to download sparingly.. I did get the 2nd higurashi live action movie which I'll watch at some point from the site. I see how you paste word docs thou. Just noticed the paste from word button lol.

Its a shame most the teachers are average, everyday people you'd expect to find anywhere. Like you said earlier Why can't we have an anime final exam-like thing. Like asking questions about characters from anime or predictions on where the plot will go. Watching anime during class then doing quizzes about it. That I wouldn't mind lol free A's never hurt anyone!

Haven't seen a lot of anime movies sadly. I really want to watch the Dissapearance of Haruhi thou. Its hard to find a spot where I can spare 2 hours. Regardless I better watch it soon before I'm completely out of my haruhi phase...

Can the word addict apply to anything you've been doing for 2 or more days in a row? if so I'm the same as well. I always enjoy updating my lists before watching shows. If I don't update them then I get confused as I can't remember what episode of a show I'm on outside of my personal laptop. unless I look at my list which I can do on my phone luckily :D Anime addict is also a fun term to use :)

Otakutopia! If such a place ever exists I will pack my stuff and move there Imediately! Haven't played many dating sims. (Well I've done a few flash game dating sims but I don't know if that counts as an "actual" Dating Sim) I'm very interested thou. Finding someone awesome and buliding up a relationship level to max! Too bad it can't be as easy as a dating sim as it is in real life :/ Video Games seem to love to remind us that their reality is better than our reality...

If Haruhi does find out she has the power of a god that would mean the world would colapse it seems. When thought out logically that would seem to happen as Haruhi would likely be overwhelmed with such a revelation and her head would explode which would make the universe do the same it seems... So even thou she's one of the best gods ever she can't find out that she's a God :/ 

I still don't understand the point of Haruhi 2009. It only had one episode that really gave more to the plot. While the rest was mostly the endless 8 and the story behind the filming of Haruhi's movie seen in Episode 1 of the 1st series.. Felt kinda cheated there. Suppose the movie expands more upon the story thou. Where I watched it it only had the 14 new episodes so I couldn't rewatch the other 14 in order :(

Yea. I dunno much about it either. I'm not really one for religion as whenever people ask I say I don't have one. I have some system of belief but I'm not going to tell anyone about it. Same with politics I don't want to get into that with anyone. Since it can potentially ruin friendships. And its pretty hard to make friends mostly.

Making sure stuff is correct is a good idea. Since google translate seems to be wrong sometimes. Also Fansubs can also be wrong and cause you to learn certain words wrong. For example Mirami I thought it meant revenge at 1st since from Jigoku Shoujo "The Revenge has Been Granted" has been said in the 1st season. Thou its said the same way in the 2nd season the sub says "I have heard your hatred" so that means Mirami could mean hate instead. So I'm confused lol. Would u happen to know what Mirami means btw?

In psychology we learned about a few social terms. One of them being social loafing, basically it means that when in a group people generally don't put as much effort in as they should (its similar to the bystander effect where if there are more bystanders present then it takes longer for someone to get help). It does seem like I work better alone since I know no one else will be able to take up any slack. In a group I don't seem to work as hard or as much since I don't offer to take any roles. I normally let some type of "leader" tell me what I should do. Thou some people do work better.

Friends are able to bring more of myself out thou. If u asked anyone who knows me in real life they'd say I never really talk nearly as much as I do here lol. Easier to type than to speak maybe.

If anything resulted from that project I'm even more afraid to show my face in public. Seriously! How do teachers get such ridiculous ideas to do stuff like that!? Public speaking doesn't help confidence it seems. You need great friends to help you build confidence. Those are rare sadly. But having them is so great!

Sad to hear that. I can't imagine how you must've felt. Thank you for telling me that story. Its probally something you don't want to think about. Those fucking bastards should be dead! Not your friend! How dare they treat them like that! Why don't they pay! Its these types of people who need to be tortured and sent to eternal hell! 

I got carried away again didn't I? sorry. Also remembering as I'm reading this with some people who were bastards to me and all I could do was kill them 1000+ times in my head to calm down. Not nearly as bad as this but still wasn't nessacary of them. If I were you I probally would've tried to kill them. As they weren't just affecting me but my friends as well. A stress related heart attack is the worst way to get a heart attack :'( 

Too bad Light only kills criminals. I think depending on their motives not all criminals are bad. Like killing an attacker in self defense should not land someone in prision. but it does sadly. Or if someone has no job, no money, can't get a job, has a family they can't feed. then they should be able to steal from a rich person who has 10 meals a day and 11 tvs& bedrooms. Light should've killed bullies as well but bullying isn't a crime apparentally. Even thou it should be as I think its worse than stealing.

I am upset about ELF not being the same. In a way it kinda led me to this site and  it allowed me to get some new friends which was good. It was really fun. I just hope Pico doesn't treat the new generation of users as badly as mine, yours and the others. But I got what I needed from the site so now I can move on.

It would be cool if this site had a PM option. Even thou I don't feel really restrained now which is good. On other sites like FB and ELF it felt like I had to restrain how I talked. but on here I'm saying a good portion of my free will. People here don't seem to judge you very harshly and are more open to new thoughts and ideas. Thou I still have to sugar-coat some things a little as its public here. I don't really need as much sugar for this site. Its very great here. And hope it can remain like that.

spitzfire Jan 18, 2012

your username sounds so familiar what is it from??

Newfag16 Jan 15, 2012

Haha you won’t have to worry about replying straight away, of all people I know very well how draining a busy week can be ;)

Well in response to your question, my favourites would have to be the shows I grew up, which were  the classics of many childhoods but I never considered them anime back then e.g. Pokémon, yu-gi-oh, naruto, Dragon Ball Z and anything by studio ghibli. And then when I hit high school I met a good friend of mine who is quite interested in anime and from there he got me into more serious anime like afro samurai, death note and full metal alchemist. And since then I’ve watched tonnes more and I eventually found my way to this site and I have been broadening my horizons and watching different genres like supernatural, romance, comedies which I have found enjoyable like angel beats which I thought was quite good and I can understand why some people might dislike it but I thought it was hilarious and had an interesting but yet sad ): ending.

Oops I might have said too much, you probably didn’t want my life story :p but anyway my answer to the question would have to be that my main favourites are:


Naruto Shippuden


Mayo Chiki!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Death Note

But all that aside, I am very open minded and will welcome any recommendations (;

NeiniAurora3500 Jan 15, 2012

Hi there! Just like you let me know about your reply yesterday. I'll let u know as well. I'm not ignoring ur reply. I just need more time to think about what I'll say. Incase you were wondering why I got to other people's replies who posted later than u before urs. Thou I'll reply to a few paragraphs now. Then get to the rest a day or 2 from now (assuming school doesn't murder me lol)

Writting in word 1st and then posting it to the internet. that's interesting. It will be a life saver incase your internet crashes or a website's server goes down. I should probally do that in the future with replies like these so I don't lose them. And end up like Kuroi-sensei lol. I do symphazie with her thou. Losing bigg journal entries can put a bummer as I can't remember what I said before and don't have the energy to say the same thing again. I've been pissed when the servers suddenly go down. (thou in the mmo I play (Rusty Hearts) they notify players for server maintenance which is nice). Still doesn't leave much to do lol.

Wish I had a teacher like Konata's lol. Even playing a MMO with a teacher would be interesting.

I'm the same way with being seen online. It says I'm online 24/7 since I open AnimePlanet, and MAL upon opening Google Chrome. Thou I do update my lists as I watch anime I'm focused on that mostly and not doing other stuff. I could also be playing a game or listening to music. Which are my only hobbies pretty much...

Well Konata not doing her job it would be fine if she made the world capable with living by just watching anime/ playing games, Having wonderful friends, love interests unlimited money. No bullies, no crime, nice people. Renaming the world to Otakutopia lol. It is a utopia in mine eyes lol.

You may've seen in my conversation with Stryk3r, but I'm officially quitting ELF. The site isn't ELF anymore. It isn't even about anime as they've added non-animes like Avatar and Teen Titans. Its "Pico's" site. Hes been mean to everyone for saying our opinions. So I'll have more time to do other more important things :D its kinda freeing in a way.

Well that's all for now. I'll get to the other topics hopefully tomorrow. But otherwise have a nice night :)

Stryk3r117 Jan 15, 2012

Sorry. That had turned into a rant before I knew what happened >.<