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Hi, Madoka here :)

I'm one of them helpful type people who like to be of use, so if you need to know anything about the site or just want help finding a new series to watch, i will help in anyway i can (can't promise for the new series though lol). My personal preferences in series are quite large, im a big fan of slice of life, school life, comedy and pretty much any dectective type series (Gosick,Kamisama no Memo-chou  ect). That being said i watch most genres like action, sci-fi, horror and well just... anything. Only genre i don't put effort into is sport, not my thing, i usually find them quite boring.

I love talking so if you need help witn anything, watched a series i have seen and want to discuss it, want to just chat about anything from anime to what you plan to have for dinner, whatever, just leave me a message and i will try to reply within the week.
Im a big fan of the forum here so drop by if you wish to join us, we are very friendly people and love to talk. (I Especially hang out in the "currently airing series" section).

I don't have much more to say so here are some series i like, this isn't a top list of favourites or anything, i have too many series i could never choose favourites from, so it's just a random list of some series i have really enjoyed in some way or another:

Random list:
(Here is the random list with some personal comment, i used to write a lot more but to be spacious i kept it shorter). Remember these aren't favourites per-say, they are deffinetly some great series and amoungst some i love but not all assured are favourites, i tried to cover 1 series of at least the main genres...

Don't feel obligated to read this list, i keep adding to it so it gets longer but im trying to shorten it.


Yuruyuri is actually a series which is a favourite of mine, i love the style of comedy and the characyers are great, it's a great example of SOL/SL series. The comedy never feels to old and you find yourself attached to characters quite easily, i never find any episode feeling like it was made as a filler and i find it all so enjoyable. It also features my favourite soundtrack :)

Hanasaku Iroha

This is another great series, Some people have overlooked it but it's quite a well told story. It is actually quite serious, though it does have it's laid back side as well, the story tactles similar events which could happen in reality as Ohana gets a dose of reality, she is forced out of dreamworld to tactle hard working and sad results, life isn't always a matter of work hard for results, and this series shows that, With great OP(s)/ED(s) mostly done by Nano.RIPE (my favourite JP band) it's a great series for sure!

Darker Than Black (Kuro no Keiyakuya)

A series more in the supernatural/action genre set, The series to me is very well done, People gained abilities after a certain gate appeared on the earth, certain people it was pretty random but now these people are silently hunted down and commonly accused of crimes they don't commit which brings in lots of action, of course many use the powers for bad anyway. The story is actually very well told with lots of detail and the second of the series is quite more serious of i found it to be quite sad at times, but non the less a very enjoyable watch indeed.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai (Ano Hana)

First let me say this is a series not to be taken lightly, it was a well written masterpiece of art and i think if you haven't seen it you should asap. The series tackles grief and how it effects people over time from childhood right through into later life. I think it is a good idea to have some tissue ready for the eyes as it's a real sad story and i can't speak for others but i was a victim of tears to this series, a amazing watch and strongly suggested to try.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

Now normally i link to the first season but i choose the second in this case. Higurashi is a great series in the horror genre, it's not scarey as it is gorey, and though the first season is great it is split into indivual parts, though these all link and the second season explains it i found the second season to be something else, it is great and full of constant consistent plot, it keeps you watching for hours, gore and horror aside the story line for me was just amazing.

If you like visual novels, like me know... I love them :D i played a few, not loads but the numbers are adding up, if you enjoy them, let me know i love talking about them D:

Now ima Add Random image of Nagato >:D

(thats pretty dam awsome) anyways i love 'The Disapearance of Haruhi Suzumiya', Yes the real reason Nagoto is sitting here so nicely is because it's my favourite movie ^_^


Like Music? Me Too :D Add My Last.Fm or just see if i have any music taste alike you? Or heck come by and just say hi or see what music i got on at that second ^^

My Last.Fm page



Thanks for visiting my page :)

I appreciate is so much i made this special image JUST for you guys :) ok actually i just put alot of images together but it comes with lots of feeling from me, i really appreciate your time :)

Thankyou For Visiting

Hope you like my choice for images, there is something for everyone there ;)


This is just a quick note on how i recomend stuff and how i like to be different fro others in this area. It's common for people who recommend stuff to only do it because shared genre types or minor things. so someone might say "if you like romance you will enjoy this because it's got some high school romance" or "these two are alike because both share a love story between a xxx guy and a tsundere girl", or "you will like these two because they contain gore", i don't just do this but actually explain what is alike. I never recommend by genre alone and rare link two series just because they contain a killer or gore or whatever. So if two series Genre match i wont recommend unless they are alike.

Of course rec's have to be short so i try to keep it short, "you might like xxx series because xxx and yyy share a similar plot and develop in a similar fasion, both contain a focus on mystery solving or similar comedy" is the sort of thing (in short) to expect, of course a little more detail will be present, that's just a example so i can't say much.

So just remember, i rec by how similar a series is and what aspects are alike, not that ganre the series is or if it is gorey or not. To end here, thanks for reading my page and thanks if you have made use of any of my recs :)

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NeiniAurora3500 avatar NeiniAurora3500


Dec 2, 2011

It was one of the biggest WTF moments I've ever seen in anime! Teresa's death was another event that was like that. Though that was so sad :'( curse you Pricilla!! 

Rusty Hearts is online multiplayer. Servers provide the game basically. If you've played Runescape or something similar it will be like that. Though its a smaller overworld. the action takes place in sections of this castle that you'll gain more access to as you level up.

I've also been into Skyrim lately its freedom and the character you can create are epic!

Finally the weekend is here so it is anime time! You're continuing with Jigoku Shoujo it looks like. Is there an episode where a character doesn't pull the string that you've seen? Just curious for when I return to watching Jigoku Shoujo.

There is something of a good way to split old and new animes I'm finding. With shows like Ao no Exorcist I watched a few episodes but I'm waiting for all the episodes to come out then I'll watch it all in one sitting. But with Mirai Nikki it hasn't been fully released yet so I'm watching the episodes as they're released. With this I can still watch shows like Sailor Moon/Jigoku Shoujo/ and HunterXHunter while watching new episodes from new animes little by little. It's a nostalgic way of watching a show and I've forgotten the thrill of it lol.

Bramblestar avatar Bramblestar

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 1, 2011

Thanks! In 7th grade, I had an amazing English teacher. I figured it out then. :)


Rachii1994 avatar Rachii1994


Nov 29, 2011

LOL XD Yeah I know exaclty what you mean XD

Eh, I grew up watching too much crap. Anime has always been apart of my life X3 And it always will. ♥

And I have to agree, I couldn't really understand why all the girls on FB loved Yuki either. xDD I found him more girly then manly.

However, Kyo was a sexy beast <3 I fell for him first X3 And then the pervy Shigure xDD I love it when him Hatori, and Ame make perverted jokes XD Makes my day!

Same with Kaoru and Hikaru in OHSHC <33 I love thw twins! And Honey-senpai! <3

I just love too many Anime's and way too many characters D:

And to Answer your question. I mainly prefer Anime that actually has a good plot and is not meshed into gether to make it an 'Anime'. Sometimes, I feel some of the Anime now a days are lacking in the 'good plot' department.

But some are getting better. There is still so much more that I need to see. Romance, Action, and Other are my main. I love Action within an Anime, and some Angst. That's always good too.

I don't know... you ask a very hard question ;3; All I know is that, if it doesn't have a good plot and follows what it should, I probably won't watch it.

But who knows, I make exceptions to a lot of Anime.

How about you?

NeiniAurora3500 avatar NeiniAurora3500


Nov 29, 2011

As of now I finished episode 13. It was pretty intense! Have you ever seen airplanes try to run over people? I did in this episode and it was like omg! lol

To answer your question in an earlier reply Rusty Hearts which is a RPG is amazing! The characters are all cel-shaded so they look very anime-like which is big. And the Dungeon crawling aspect is fun. You also find weapons for your character that get better and better which is satisfying. If you want to play a new game play Rusty Hearts. Its completely free to download.

What sucks is that in my household we need to be in bed by 10 o'clock so I can't do anything after that but regardless of how I sleep I always feel the same at school. So on weekends hopefully I can do great anime marathons starting at 11 after playing games for the whole day. So hard to find time to watch a lot of anime :/

Its awesome but bad at the same time that new anime is coming out because I want to see a lot of anime already out as well as more anime from the Sailor Moon/ Neon Genesis Evangelion generation. And more new anime will make that harder. Trying to make up for lost time from childhood lol

Bramblestar avatar Bramblestar

Great Anime List!

Nov 29, 2011

Hi! We seem to like similar things. :3

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