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Hello Fellow Earth User... or whatever planet you might be from (being on that subject, Neptune is a pretty cool planet, right?)

The Name is Madoka... well at least on this site, you can use my real name if you prefer (i wont post it here though because I'm a tease o.o... clearly), believe it or not, i love anime! Seriously though, i enjoy most genre, my favourite are quite large but vary from Slice of life, School life, Comedy and mystery. Mystery or detective type genre are great, i love the mix from casual to serious, i also love how the two blend, take Gosick, it starts quite casual, whilst the cases can be serious the tone the series takes is laid back but it quickly whips into an amazing series... It's not like i am forcing you to watch it or anything! As said, i love most genre, so just because it isn't a favourite doesn't mean i wont love it, heck some of my overall favourite series aren't always amoungst them genre, i am happy watching most stuff.

Character wise, i have unique tastes (apprently), I can be picky on characters, whilst i like more than dislike, i still find a bad character can and will ruin a Great series. My favourite characters usually are either the lets say spirtful type (not as in a spirit!) or in other words the energetic and playful type, apprently these aren't so popular but i love them, ever watched Little Busters!? Well if so, im talking about Haruka type characters (Neptune from Neptunia, Yui from angel beats ect). Otherwise, i like a lot, i wont deny i usually like cute loli characters just because they are adorable, yes my next one was i like cute characters :D Essentially if they aren't annoying or really plain, i will like them, some i even love just because their hair (i love pink and blue hair colours :D).

I am big on the forum here at AP, whilst i have been away for a month i like to discuss airing shows there so if you use the forum feel free to say hi sometime.

My favourite series overall is probably Yuru Yuri but let me be honest, there are so many contenders it is impossible to choose, so i will give it YY just because i love it and it's rewatch value is great but know i have many favourite like Nagi no Asukara, Gargantia, Gosick ect.

Well thanks for reading this pointless intorduction to me, in other news, I'm a random person who talks about anything from your favourite series to how much cold water makes me cold to how bad my foot itches right now *scratches*, but if you prefer i can be normal (somehow) as well. I live in the UK (England to be precise) so yes, im a British person *SHOCK*. Aside from anime, i love Japanese Culture and music, I'm huge on Japanese history and whilst not the best on knowledge questions i just love hearing about history and folke tales from Japan, my favourite JP music artist/band is Nano.Ripe (some will know them for doing OP/ED's for series like Hanasaku Iroha (another of my favourites) and Non non Biyori).

I will update with images sometime soon D:

One more thing, i am a huge sucker for a sad ending, now i could list of some sad series here and now but i can't do that as i don't want to throw spoilers your way (yes i know it's not a spoiler to say a series endings sad but it does give insight), now sad is vague, i like sad from lonliness to heartbreak to death of a character we grow attached to and also though it seems odd but even just to seeing a good series end like say GJ-bu were half a group graduate whilst splitting them from their club members, yes i know it's not sad but i think it a sad scenario as it is a upsetting thing to split friendships like that (it must be done right though, a normal graduation and all ends doesn't cut it). So yeah i like sad stuff!!! I-it's not like i'm a sad or lonely misserable person... i just think a series has more 'feeling' put into it and it helps us connect better, i like feeling them emotions flow okay! It's hard to explain .__.

Previous Avatars

If you are like me, you love something new, this applies to our profile pictures, i find myself change mine and then want another new one 3 days later, not because i dislike my current but because i found another great one. I feel bad sometimes dropping a cute/sad/funny ect image so quick so i decided from now (December 2014) i will log all my previously used pics here, so they are never lost in time. Sadly i can't revive many of my older ones before hand because i just don't have them anymore. Anyway so here are the pics from now onwards.

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xCanaxCherry Jun 17, 2014

I love your avatar and your profile ^_^ You have a really nice taste in anime :)

tsumiki Jun 1, 2014

When I grow up I reckon I could ditch being Prime Minister to be a sneaky little postmaster! >:) If you betray me you will believe all of your friends hate you! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Oh my gosh that movie, I was talking about that with someone from school only half an hour ago and he was almost in tears because he hasn't yet seen it and I was saying about how sad it is (he hasn't yet adjusted to finishing the show) man, I can't believe how completely sad that is, like.... grrr, someone asked me is Clannad is sadder than Anohana (he doesn't watch anime just heard about it from some people from his school) and I wanted to throw sticks at him because of the memories of those shows like... Anohana to me is sadder but that's because I just love Meiko so much, but.... urgh it's so hard!! TT^TT

I wanna here "the story of the fairy which made me eat trees." sounds pretty interesting, maybe that's why you're a stick? xD

Damn, well I guess because short isn't all bad, I got the idea from watching Lucky Star, I go to the movies using a childs ticket so I get to pay less >:D Konata has some pretty cool ideas... is that illegal? I don't really know :P I'd bail you out of jail and we could go on a hugging rampage!

Stooooopp!!! T^T Yui isn't allowed to cry! No crying! :T

But... if you were a dog then who would feed your dog? Who would feed you?! Oh my gosh, I will take full responsibility! :D

I understand, I will make sure your ghost needs are met, though I'm sort of an idiot so I'll probably die being hit by a car or eaten by a cow or something O.O If that happens I won't even tell you I'm in your house and I'll move stuff around to freak you out! >:) I really hate ghosts T^T I am the law! Don't you throw sticks in my fridge or... or... I'll throw you into your own fridge!

Penguins sliding on ice? *story time* This just reminds me of this time we went to see the penguins at a penguin place and there was this little girl who randomly grabbed my hand coz she thought I was her mum and when I pulled away she started crying and the penguins were surrounding her, maybe she was speaking to them, ohhh, also at that place the wind was so strong all the seagulls were being pushed around by it, it was so funny xD Anyway. What were we saying? Oh yeah, O.O Wow you actually are pretty good at being Tsundere kyaa~ W-well it's not like I want to waste my magic on you... b-baka! There's an anime (I think it's called Panda Cafe) and the panda talks really fast while eating bamboo and being crazy, so i think panda's would talk super fast like me... wait but then again, his parents talked pretty slow... that's a tough one xD

Well yeah, I guess it does mean you're a little crazy but don't worry "we're all mad here" ahaha, we're doing Alice in Wonderland for our production this year and I'm in it wooo :D Not anything too mad though >.<  Yeah I suppose I probably would read this because we're super dooper cool and if I wasn't this cool I would like to read these messages to learn from our coolness xD

You want sticks thrown at you do you? Well too bad, I don't throw sticks at people who can't defend themselves, ehehehe! (that was meant to be a really stupid witch type laugh, not a girly little giggle) 

Don't ever call me cute because I might end up think you're a pedophile O.o Or I migth just become full of myself and eat a bunch of cake and get fat and cry myself to sleep :3 But I'm not going to not accept cake from strangers! Of course I want free cake and at the risk of my own life or my freedom I don't care... wait no... depends what kind of stalker this person is, if it's just someone who wants to buy my love and lets me live in a huge house with cake and all kinds of sweets I'm sold! :D If it's something else then I may have to transform into a mahou shoujo and kick some bad people butt! (I may need my sticks back) Yeah slugs are pretty gross, I used to collect them when I was little then my dad fake-ate one and it looked real so I never touched them again, poor slug T^T

Hmm... I see what you mean, maybe just let these people/cows keep doing as they please, acknowledge the cuteness but don't comment, only if they use the power of cuteness to extreme are you supposed to comment of it xD (little life lesson right there)

Hey! You're just using me to rebuild your clan aren't you?! That's so rude! I will make sure she never hears from you about whales again! It's not like I want you to myself or anything... I just want you to only talk to me. (what you gonna say to that Tsundere moment >:D )

People are a bit dramatic, though I don't think suicide should be taken lightly, but then again, I guess in the end it is the person's choice and there's no way to say this without making me sound like the most horriblest person in the world so lets stop this now >.<

I know, I dropped PE as soon as I got the chance, seriously, no thank you, I would rather keep away from all things that scream "rape" O.O Oh my god I would never be able to fit the job title of PE teacher, perving on boys, and so openly, I could never do it that's way too embarrassing, and well, it doesn't interest me in the slightest, what a creeper. I shall remove PE from all education when I am Prime Minister, and all ex PE teacher must pay for therapy for all those poor children who had to take the class! Also Summer is waaay too hot to have two uniforms on, like 42 degrees celcius too hot, I prefer the cold, the snow, the rain, anything that isn't over 10 :P

We have similar classes, I only did cooking for a while because the teacher went through the basics too much, both of my parents are chefs so I know how to cook from them! We can select from subjects like; cooking, textiles (which for some reason I thought was tile making until my 3rd year, haha I'm smart), ceramics, wood work, media, studio arts (I do this class it's asnboring as heaven), Visual Communications, Psychology, Legal Studies, Business Managment, Health (PE) and child development, it's hard to choose but I've got really bad subjects TT^TT

I don't really have a long enough neck to be a flamingo or giraffe or ostrich, but I guess I am getting some pretty cool animals in here! :D 

You should never start a race at full speed, so you shouldn't have typed so quickly in the beginning, I am the wisest person on this earth! (don't forget to brush your teeth!)

I'm trying to convince one of the boys in my class (have you noticed how I never say friend, haha, I'm so weird he's not even my friend but I'm annoying him with this) to dress as Ayumu for psychology day, I think he's starting to crack!

You're trying to steal Hitler-kun from me aren't you?! You're mean, Hitler-kun was mine first... it's not that I like him or anything! >:T I wanna eat cake with you guys, Hitler-kun, Penguin-sama take me with you! T^T

Yeah I watch them whenever I'm feeling a little sad, because she just wanted to lose weight, poor Haruka and Chiaki though because they were freaking out :'( That and the pen trick are my favourite, Oh my gosh, you know when they have that picnic and heaps of people come and Housaka goes to the wrong place, aww I felt so bad for him! 

Well that doesn't matter if you don't understand half of the stuff you say, because I understand all of what you say! Penguin-sama you're very intelligent! Kujira-chan agrees with me!

You get them mixed up?! Are you mad? Okay... I get them mixed up too. It's not my fault, if I ever see these two on a multiple choice question I will cry!!

I knew it would work! >:D I always say "ne ne" to people now, it boosts my cuteness, though, now I say that it doesn't sound cute at all, gomena penguin-sama I have failed again in the cuteness category! 

I was laughing at this because I had already googled it, it's not very entertaining for most, but I am not most people ^_^ (ohhh deep)


Kujira-chan is not amused -_______- *pet* good Kujira-chan.

Oh my gosh like those stickers that have pictures of apples and you scratch it and they smell somewhat like apples (partly like death but lets ignore that part)

Penguin-sama, (I literally am imagining you as a penguin, so now all I can see is a penguin wearing a santa suit... tried to draw it but... it's not very good xD )

I thought you were saying I have a croaky smokers voice! But then I realised what you meant, see I understand 100% of what you say! :P

I would too, my brother has a huge collection of dinosaurs, I used to use them to attack each other but I think they all know who the boss is now >.< Me! :P

Oh my gosh, that is such a devious plan! Are you trying to trick those poor cows? You're worse than Hitler-kun used to be! :o Though I guess tht does make sense since you're so evil xD

You as a girl huh? Hmm, well i reckon she'd probably be jealous of how cool you are, really, and you're so popular she'd probably just say mean things about you :'( 

ehehe the power of typos >:) I think i meant, I'm not good at cooking, not that kind of thing anyway xD Well... not most things T^T I want a personal chef, for now I have two, both my parents, but they don't make me everything I want! 

(totally stealing your identity!! >:D ) Matthew... are you my long lost cousin who isn't really lost because I saw him like... ano... 2 months ago!? No, you're not, but that would actually be pretty funny, I used to sword fight that guy and now he's like 22 living with his girlfriend and doesn't like sword fights.... T^T Tragic life. Names are names, I don't really see how names suit people, I don't particularly like my name, but I think because I hardly know anyone with the same name and people with the same name are really meanies!  No, "so what's your name?" fine... it's not like I wanted to tell you anyway T^T

(*whispers* it's Christie-Lee, or just Christie for short, any shorter and I may as well be called Christ, oh my gosh like that guy from Angel Beats xD)

Train hard Sensei! I know one day you will master the art of being a cow :'D

I wasn't being mean I promise!! I just... *cries* (my non-existent fan club is coming to throw sticks at you for making me cry!)

Ne ne, onii-chan, I'm not mean am I? 


Computers on 0%!! what!? hahaha!!

Ja ne.

NeiniAurora3500 May 27, 2014

True, when alternate worlds aren't taken seriously the appeal is lost. An "Anti-World" for example where everything is the opposite of what the original world is, or a candy world where everything is made out of candy. It simply doesn't feel there is as much point to them. They need to have something in them that makes one think about a different world's inhabitants, and connect with them.

Anyway as for alternate endings done in anime rather than visual novels. Not sure how I feel about it. Anime feels different from a visual novel in that you're watching rather than interacting. Though most of a vn is also watching aside from the choices. Regardless, it feels like anime is meant to be linear, and it feels strange when an episode after another one focuses on another route. Though Higurashi manages to do alternate worlds in a good way. like with episode 1-1, 1-4, then going to 2-1. I suppose it isn't too different from how ovas show alternate worlds. If a show managed to do what Higurashi did in showing several worlds in the same linnear path that anime follows. I think I would like an anime like that.

Good to know about Hanachirasu. It sounds like its the next priority Nitro+ game. If they even gave an estimate for a release date, I would be very happy. Interesting how they take fansubs from groups that work on it. Most of the work is done on it already, and after polishing it up, it becomes avalible to the rest of the world in an easy to get form. It doesn't matter too much how they get the game into an english language format as long as we're able to play it.

Exactly. It is a great idea that suprisingly isn't seen in may games/VNs It helps people who aren't familiar with otaku/science terms understand them better, and helps people who are familiar with otaku/science terms understand the topics better than they did before. And Steins;Gate is a game that feels very close to reality with all of the terms reflecting things in our world (with the expeption of changing names like IBM to IBN or CERN to SERN) It was interesting to research IBM's old computers. And see some pictures of the Large Hardon Colider of Cern's. Simply because a game made me curious about them. Not everyone wants to refer to a seperate text file if they don't understand something. It breaks immersion from the game. It will be fun to see you joining on the fun once you get a new laptop :D

Though not exactly the same, the Tips reminds me of Metroid Prime's logbook system. I may've said it before. But it is one of the best gameplay mechanics ever invented, and a major part of what made Metroid Prime an awesome game. The game series overall was science fiction (though because of the various planets it feels more like science fantasy) Since its a foreign culture. We don't understand things about what the history of the Chozo empire is like, or what the Sheegoths or Shriekbats are like. The logbook allowed the player to collect information about these things, and allow them to understand what they're like. In some rpgs there is something like this in the form of a beastiary. Though the logbook takes it further by allowing you to study the lore of the planet you're on. Though I don't see it very often in non-rpg games. It is fun to research information about the creatures of a foreign land. Especially in fantasy settings where creatures are different from the ones we understand in our world.

The big advantage to visual novels is that they just have to worry about file size you said? I'm beginning to understand that as I've been studying computers in college for the most part, since 1 character only takes up 8 bits, or 1 byte. A ton of characters can be stored on the system before reaching even a Gigabyte. From the visual novels I've installed lately, they've mostly required about 1 GB of space on my harddrive. I'm guessing 80% of that is just the text used in the various routes? It is fun to see the potential of VNs looking at how long they can be. Even in most books, they can only go up to a certain word count or page count without breaking the physical spine of the book. I guess this is the reason authors divide their series into trilogies or multiple trilogies when they want to tell a long story. Though with a VN a long 60+ hour story can be put into one game, and concluded easily. It is crazy to think about some vns that have 20+ endings. I think 5-7 endings is enough for any VN to give long replayability. Assuming the story is long.

It is amazing how limited anime is when thinking about vns. I suppose it could help people appricieate short anime more if they understand how a long story has to be compressed to 13/26 24 minute episodes. The way they could include everything would be to have it be 50-100+ episodes, but that can be hard for people to commit to. Inuyasha did well with having around 160 episodes, but as much as I would like to rewatch it, I don't think I could do it again.

Yup, I did think that ES Online would be free-to-play, that seems to be the common model for mmos. That sounds pure awful. Not only in how most free to play games lock out content unless you become a subscriber, but monthly fees are a terrible model. I'd rather pay 40-50 once and be able to play whenever I want. But instead you need to keep paying. Sadly I believe I understand why these companies do it. it gets them more money in the long run, similar to how the microtransaction model tricks players in free to play games into thinking they're not spending much, but if they keep spending $1 100 times for a small game boost, that gets them more money than a one time 50 fee. And if a player spends 10 throughout the whole year, they lose 120 while the company gains it.

That is a good point about the guild leader being the rpg hero. That's probably the reason they become the leader. It still feels strange, since many protagonists still follow the orders of a leader of an organization or a king/queen in many cases. Rather than be the leaders themselves. And if not, they normally act independently, and don't lead anything. With Elder Scrolls, somehow they lose their appeal over time. Even though people enjoy the freedom/sandbox model of gameplay, it feels overwhelming since there's so much stuff that can be done and I don't know where to start. I think I enjoy games that have some linear model of progression, but can have a few areas where it deviates depending on your choices.

It does suck that the only way to get most pc games nowadays is through pure digital. Though considering how I have a small house, I don't think I could hold enough space for every game I have. And with how Steam has DRM, the disc can only be used once and then it becomes pretty useless. For games that have DRM, it feels much better to get the digital version of them. One of the benefits is attaching them to an account so they can easily be installed on a new computer without the original disc. Though naturally it doesn't feel the same as getting the physical version.

For the JAST products, I fully support physical when I can, since they don't have DRM, and it feels awesome owning a physical version of a VN. Especially the limited edition.

Yup, Seinarukana is so tempting that I drool just thinking about it :p Not sure how much the battle system has changed, but all the changes from what I've observed look like major improvements. With all squads being able to switch to all rounders, the skill storage, and 6 digit hp. It looks like there's a new mana system. A skill storage is also useful for putting away Eternal Skills for when your characters on a new playthrough can't use them in the beginning. Hopefully the enemy spirits will also have 3 skills for each category. Since they only had one for each in Aselia, they could only use a few skills before running out of uses while the player had more skills to use. According to the gameplay videos, it looks like hard mode, and super hard mode are still in it. and since skills can be stored, there will be at least 18 playthroughs I imagine to get all skills.

It looks like Euphoria from Aselia will be in this game. Which is awesome. While the game is a new story different from Aselia, Eternals and Spirits still exist the same as they were from Aselia. It makes sense considering how Eternals travel to different worlds, and Euphoria might be in this story on a mission. And she'll get to be with the new characters.

Utawarerumono sounds good considering how it's similar to Aselia with its VN/SRPG elements. I'm curious to see how it would play out, from conquering the country and renaming it Tsukuru and eventually the whole land. I saw the anime which I enjoyed a lot, so I would expect the vn to be even better. Is it true that there are no routes in Utawarerumono? A friend said that there was just one route similar to Higurashi. I imagine there isn't an easy way to get it unfortunately.

Real Time Strategy is much tougher. I think the thing that makes it tough is that you can't plan out things in the long term very well. And you have to instantly tell units to react a certain way before they get killed. If I can't plan, I've got nothing. That might be what makes turn based strategy easier. In Aselia, you can see your Spirit's conditions as well as the enemy spirit's conditions and plan ahead on whether you'll use your blue spirit to attack or block, or your green spirit to defend or heal. to either incinerate an enemy squad with high defense/low attack. Or defend against a squad with blue spirits attacking and red spirits supporting. Even in a game like chess, which could also be classified as turn based strategy, its pretty easy to arrange your pieces in a proper way according to the enemy's position and plan. In RTS that luxury is non-existant. And can't always see what the enemy's position is like. 

The "Super Guide" that Nintendo has put in their recent games is the biggest evidence that they support games being easier. With it, pretty much anyone can beat "New" Super Mario Bros. even if they failed 1000 times. It does seem like an insult to our generation who did the Nintendo hard NES and Atari games and were forced to become good at them without many guides. Like you said. Taking a break and coming back later is a great way to beat a game. After taking a long break from a hard game, I somehow find that I was much better at the game than I was before. Maybe it has to do with having a clearer head. Psychology is everything, losing a lot causes frustration, and poorer descisions result from that frustration, but after taking a break, the frustration vanishes, and new energy comes in. It would be interesting to see the new generation of gamers try a game like Zelda II, the original Super Mario Bros, or Centipede. They will be able to master these games if they don't give up on them easily or rely on a super guide.

New game + will be useful for taking on those endgame lvl 40 dragons in the Sargios Forest area (forget the name of the forest). I fought a dragon in my current hard playthrough and it was the same lvl it was in the normal mode, so my lvl 32-35 party of Yuuto, Esperia, and Nelie was able to beat it without too much trouble. Luckily the dragons don't get stronger. Since I'll need everything I can get to take down that lvl 60 Neutral Dragon with 99,999 hp. As you said, its fun to try for that higher ranking. Its been tricky, but I've gotten mostly SS and S. The Sardbart mission sticks out to me in particular since the spirits get a big difficulty spike gaining powerful new skills, Green spirits getting better at defending, and Blue Spirits having the dreaded fury skill. It took some time until I was able to beat the mission without casualties in the normal playthrough I even had to lose a town I just captured to avoid having any of my spirits die.

True with Arika being "too kind" when a character threatens to kill/torture/rape you for no reason, there is no room for forgiveness there except to ensure that character pays for the threat they made. She wouldn't be able to say that everyone can be forgiven no matter what. Arika goes through good character development overall anyway. That may've been what saved her in the sense of being a good character.

Yup it seems I also have the habit of getting sidetracked. When new thoughts you didn't have before pop into your mind, it can't be helped but to write them! Getting sidetrackd seems to also open up new subtopics which are fun to think and write about.

wolfbankai May 24, 2014

Hello there , I noticed you added me. Thanks and I added you back! 

How are you doing? Awesome taste on anime. :D

Shivichan May 24, 2014

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa , your profile is full of HUMONGOUS comments, and you also type very long comments :O It requires talent to do so xD! Well, I simply love your profile! 

Everything from your bio to avatar, is simply awesome !

Keep up the good work (and long comments) , Man! xD