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New Profile: Well i WAS updating my profile but now the new design is here, i have to update it again xD so first, no the banner isn't staying as it is i just put it there so it's not blank, and i will fix my layout so no it's no going to look so messy :) will be a week or so though, i am busy with work atm ._.

Hiya every, welcome to my profile, im Madoka and hope you like the page :) My bio can be found at the bottom, i have done a quick move around and will be featuring anime above myself because, it's what we want to see anyway. This is a new layout im working on so sorry if it's not as bright as my old one.

Featured highlight explanasion: below you will notice a new segment to my page (or not notice it's new if your new xD) i have named Featured Highlighted series, which will feature any series (new or old, likely not airing as they should be finished) which i have watched (normally recently but others might appear) which i recommend strongly, with reasons for such. Im hoping this will bring attention to series which deserve it and encourage me to work hard with my thinking hat, this section will be updated randomly, sometimes it could be weekly, others monthly, if i don't watch anything really great it might stay the same for a month (which then i will find a older one). It will normally feature a "Featured Highlight" series and sometimes a runner up "Runner up Highlight" (not always), and sometimes a Featured movie (not always).

Featured Highlight series Rank 1 Of This Month/Week (June 19+):
Suisei no Gargantia
Rated 5 Stars
Full Trailer (see bottom for Shorter TraileR)

Suisei no Gargantia is one amazing series which has slipped through my net for so long which is a little sad to learn but may i tell you now it is one amazing series. The series focuses on mech pilot Ledo and his Mech Chamber, The series is based in the future after humanity had left earth and is on the move in space fighting an enemy called the Avalon, After a battle with them Ledo helps buy time for his squad to evacuate by buying time, he is knocked by a blastwave through space and one day awakens to earth. Earth has re-evolved and now live on the oceans, Ledo must learn to merge the new cultures and understand earthlings with the help of Chamber.

Now i wont deny im a fan of space but you might be thinking "Mechs?" well i did at first, im not a mech fan, some of you might not like space either, well don't worry this isn't about space, it's a story of someone stranded on a planet, the story has some strong feelings as we follow Ledo, Chamber and Amy (the main person who makes him welcome on earth and helps him along, a friend). The story covers some sad moments as Ledo learns of the Avalon and tries to merge with earth. It's never easy to explain what makes a series great but i assure you this one is worth the time, remember im not a Mech fan and i loved it (it's not about Mech's by the way, Chamber is mainly a translater for Ledo to understand people, he does have plot points though), It's full of great writing, well written characters, interesting plot and lots happening, the general feel the series generates is one of which i might say is quite amazing.

I don't often throw a 5 star around now days but this for sure earned it, everyone time i finished a episode i couldn't wait for the next and was real sad to see the series end.

One of the best "Person in a strange world" genres i have watched in a long time!
Deserbes Rank 1 hands down.


Here was full of content recently, it will be again shortly, i will slowly continue to update my profile page and rebuild this Segment!

So please don't bug me about it xD


I left the below as i haven't reviewed what is staying yet (most will)


If you like visual novels, like me know... I love them :D i played a few, not loads but the numbers are adding up, if you enjoy them, let me know i love talking about them D:

Now ima Add Random image of Nagato >:D

(thats pretty dam awsome) anyways i love 'The Disapearance of Haruhi Suzumiya', Yes the real reason Nagoto is sitting here so nicely is because it's my favourite movie ^_^


Like Music? Me Too :D Add My Last.Fm or just see if i have any music taste alike you? Or heck come by and just say hi or see what music i got on at that second ^^

My Last.Fm page


Thanks for visiting my page :)

I appreciate is so much i made this special image JUST for you guys :) ok actually i just put alot of images together but it comes with lots of feeling from me, i really appreciate your time :)

Thankyou For Visiting

Hope you like my choice for images, there is something for everyone there ;)


This is just a quick note on how i recomend stuff and how i like to be different fro others in this area. It's common for people who recommend stuff to only do it because shared genre types or minor things. so someone might say "if you like romance you will enjoy this because it's got some high school romance" or "these two are alike because both share a love story between a xxx guy and a tsundere girl", or "you will like these two because they contain gore", i don't just do this but actually explain what is alike. I never recommend by genre alone and rare link two series just because they contain a killer or gore or whatever. So if two series Genre match i wont recommend unless they are alike.

Of course rec's have to be short so i try to keep it short, "you might like xxx series because xxx and yyy share a similar plot and develop in a similar fasion, both contain a focus on mystery solving or similar comedy" is the sort of thing (in short) to expect, of course a little more detail will be present, that's just a example so i can't say much.

So just remember, i rec by how similar a series is and what aspects are alike, not that ganre the series is or if it is gorey or not. To end here, thanks for reading my page and thanks if you have made use of any of my recs :)

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If you are like me, you love something new, this applies to our profile pictures, i find myself change mine and then want another new one 3 days later, not because i dislike my current but because i found another great one. I feel bad sometimes dropping a cute/sad/funny ect image so quick so i decided from now (December 2014) i will log all my previously used pics here, so they are never lost in time. Sadly i can't revive many of my older ones before hand because i just don't have them anymore. Anyway so here are the pics from now onwards.

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tsumiki says...

We have vacation now so I actually get 2 weeks holiday anyway xD Though I'm grateful I have somehow become a God and gotten rid of the blasted plague :P Also what's this... it seems that blocking anime from my internet proved to be frustrating for my father because it slowed down the internet so now it's back!! :D me- 1 father -0 

I always wanted to be teacher because I used to like the idea of bossing people around, pretty funny because now I hardly talk to anyone and when I do I usually end up doing what they tell me xD I'm way to shy now!! Plus with my record of throwing sticks at people I'm sure they wouldn't allow me to teach children T^T 

You ran away from school? When I was young I begged my mother to let me go to school so I ended up going a year early... little did I know that the decision I made as a 4 year old was about to ruin my life :P

Don't get in my way and I won't throw sticks at you! Unless... I hope you not a stick magnet, I like you so you don't deserve to be hurt by sticks! :D

-____- I just.... I have nothing left to say on this topic, he wasn't even cute when he was dressed as her, that was just really insulting!

I would be the best leader there ever was... well probably not since I didn't set free slaves or save people from poverty or anything, but I'll be better than Hitler at least!... I think I might have a weird obsession with Hitler O.o help....! 

Humans, hah, the only good humans are the creaters/watchers of all things anime/manga! Everyone else can be stupid and pick fights and fight over who is the most powerful strongest person ever and who is smartest but they can leave me out of that! xD

Sadistic characters! <3 I love them so much, i don't know why but they just make me smile, does that make me a sadist? I don't even understand it, I just wanna hug them to death :D 

Yep, I'm like that, I have 2 friends that always say i'm a "people person" but I don't really understand that, I think I'm more of a people pleaser, I just do whatever people ask of me because I can't be stuffed arguing, I'm actually really lazy and unsociable and if I could I would never visit anyone ever, but yeah, school -_- I dunno, I guess I come across that way because I like talking to people online and I can sort of hold a conversation, but in real life I stutter and never know what to say so like this is easier! ^_^ Weird is good, makes things interesting!

That's why i wish that i was rich because then work wouldn't take up much of my time so I could watch anime! But at the same time I'm not so sure if I'd like to be rich, I think it's be sort of boring and I get really excited when i've almost saved up enough money for something! Brings me so much happiness :D 

Imagine the teacher reading your notebook that just had faces all through it, but imagine it was a really old teache and she/he could make sense of it and thought it was some super secret code for cool people and... -_- I always get carried away ahahaha sorry!

My friend just gave me sooooo much anime and I'm kind of dying, he gave me Nagi no Asukara and I'm going to finish it these holidays and I'm just really pumped because he gave me so much good stuff!! :D I feel like Kuroki from Watamote, have you seen that? Oh my gosh it's so embarrassing how much she reminds me of myself, though I'm not quite as awkward and I don't play ecchi games xD

I have been healed! Haha didn't take that long! xD I always get distracted while writing these messages, they're so long and people talk to me, then i gotta google something then I better check all my emails and... oh hang on I'm supposed to be writing this! haha, happens all the time :P

Apr 4, 2014
tsumiki says...

Hey :D I'm sick now, everyone's getting sick! :o I'm still at school though, I can't be bothered doing school type stuff, wow! What a shock :P

If there's cake I'll definitely be president! Actually if there's just any type of sweet food! :P And I'd only make one decision as president. No one must attend school! They can go if they please, but we'd save a lot of money as a country because we don't need a bunch of teachers! One time my teacher was watching movies while we had to copy notes from the textbook, -__- so much fun.

I just like the time of saddists that throw sticks at people, killers are alright but they actually need a reason to kill people in my opinion, plus I prefer the type of saddists that just laugh at other people's saddness and make fun of them, so basically just a bully, but... I dunno I don't like bullies, I think I'm just thinking waay to much about this and am just confusing myself xD

Screws loose? I think he lost them all! His brain is probably just rolling around in his skull, why does that part even exist? It just frustrates me so much -.-

Well... I can't even watch anime online anymore, my parents have blocked anything tagged as anime from my computer (what is this maddness?!) I'm at school currently so I'll be able to go on here during school but yeah, once I am president I will force children to watch at least one series because that will make them love anime and then I'll make sure parents let their kids watch it! ^-^ My goals in life are pretty weird.

Yeah, sigh, I guess I'll have to settle for humans, though I think that can wait because I'm not all that interested in actual real people that I've met! :P

It's actually sort of funny how you have all varieties of personalities but even those are split into heaps of other sub categories! I really like air-heads like Yui from both Angel Beats and K-On, the energetic air head that forgets things easily and is loud and happy, they're so cute! :D Wow... I think you're sort of changing my mind about Yandere, I haven't really seen anything other than school days with Yandere characters so i suppose I probably just don't like them because school days is ridiculously stupid -_- I actually need to watch Mirai Nikki, my sister and some other people on here always tell me to watch it :P

Passerby friends, haha I have had a lot of those, I'm not really good with socialising and all of that stuff so it's no wonder :3 

I think that is just you, I can watch series after series after series if I had enough time, though I do obviously need a few ten minute breaks to stretch and all that stuff because I can't sit in the same spot all the time, I get too fidgety so maybe i actually probably couldn't, I'd start playing with something then want to draw, nope, maybe I couldn't sit in the same spot for more than 5-6 episodes :)

Faces make it easier to read! I'm sort of weird about them, whenever I read something that has a face next to it if it's a different face from before i read it slightly different :P

I've only seen 2 episodes of Nagi no Asukara!! T^T I just left it too long then too many episodes were out and everything else was airing then the new stuff came out and more of Nagi was being released and ahhh! I couldn't keep up! I only ended up finishing 2 series from this season :/ 

Mar 31, 2014
NeiniAurora3500 says...

True, combinations of genres work out pretty well overall. Some game series like the Tales of series seem to combine fantasy, science fiction, and many other genres seamlessly. Even though there are some genres that are more based on real life, and harems that aren't as interesting imo as things like fantasy and mystery.

Interesting news about Psycho Pass it looks like they're taking a move similar to the Madoka movies, where the story is retold in a movie (though its hard to imagine 22 or 24 episodes properly compressed into a 2 hour or so movie) Madoka had to split into 2 movies for 13 episodes and they still had to cut some things. It will still be interesting to watch though. I enjoyed how there were some remixed soundtracks in the Madoka movies, Sayaka's witch transformation gives me chills. Yuki Kajiura is truly a genius. 

I was pretty satisfied with the ending to the 1st season of Psycho-Pass, though it will be interesting to see what happens. Since its Gen Urobuchi, its very unpredictable, he could pull a Madoka ending, a Saya ending, or have a completely new twist.

Higuashi is pretty confusing since there's a ton of spin-offs. I seem to have a problem acknowledging spinoffs not made by the original creator(s) as canon though. The biggest example is filler overall in series. It typically feels so different from the series it spawns from that even if you don't know its filler, you can tell its filler at a glance. It becomes a problem with big series like Bleach and Naruto. Do you think that filler could be acknowledged as canon if it turns out to be as good as the source material?

Alice seems to have a lot of personality quirks. I wonder if that's the main thing that makes her very interesting. It seems like characters automatically get more interesting if they have some type of personality quirk like Ayu saying ~uguu. Or Kotomi reading in the library on the floor. Then there's L and his sitting position, and fondness for sweets. Rika's ~Nipaa Aselia's "Nn" also makes her very intersting. It seems like Yuuto also has a verbal tic similar to Ayu. He says "Uuu" and I even think he said uguu once or twice.

Ah yes, based on your Randomly featured anime on your profile I decided to check out Hanasaku Iroha. It is pretty good, at first I only cared about a few of the characters, mainly Ohana and Nako, but they've all grown on me throughout the show. Its interesting how anime can make you do that. Watching Ohana, I think this anime being a slice of life anime, its helped me appriciate my own job and life overall a little more. Its interesting how I go to anime and games for the intentions of escape and fun, and sometimes (mainly the slice of life ones) they help make this world that we live in less scary. Awesome recs!

It turns out Aselia is still ~$30 I was probably thinking of another game that I bought around a similar time that was around $25. I'm on the 3rd playthrough now and I've logged in about 132 hours of playtime (including breaks probably) but still. I've certainly gotten well more than my money's worth. That is the strength of visual novels, they can be very long and have many routes and new game+ for the RPG/VN hybrids. Which give it a great amount of life long past the 1st playthrough which can be longer than 60 hours. With a game this great being at such a reasonable price, similar to how you said, it is horror to see how many of the big companies exploit the consumers with the $60 price tags (It horrifically is probably even higher in other countries) Even worse is that they'll release DLC for those same games, and it will make the consumer feel like their game is "incomplete" without the DLC. One game can cost someone $100 taking this into account. That certainly is exploitive. It would be easy to get 3 or 4 Aselias for that amount. Its probably my main problem with the modern game industries, which is why I turn to the older games as well as VNs

Even if my computer died suddenly I wouldn't mind starting from scratch and replaying every route again. As long as I have the disc, I'll have this game for a long time. 

I loved Aselia's ending their daughter Euphoria is adorable. It looks like she comes back in the sequel. Hopefully it'll be released this year at somepoint. I certainly plan to get the sequel once its out. Becoming an eternal is an interesting concept. In exchange for cutting all ties with worlds you've been in before, its like you go to an observer's position as an existance unbound by any universe's space and time. What's good about the spirit endings is that even though everyone else and Kaori forget Yuuto, he isn't alone since another person becomes an eternal with him. I'm looking forward to getting the other endings.

Yup Lesteena is the princess and later queen, its good to hear that her route is good. Its probably going to be the saddest if Lesteena doesn't become eternal though. I can't imagine what Yuuto will go through to have a deep relationship with her and have her forget about it. Though it will be awesome regardless. I wonder what Yuuto's reaction will be when he finds out about Lemuria lol. I'll find out on the 4th playthrough

I'm liking this hard difficulty. The save file turns blue so I can tell which files are on normal and hard mode it seems like. What color does it show on the highest difficulty (super hard mode) if you remember? It looks like the harder strategy is taking place in this mode like you said. Some of the enemy squads I attacked seemed to retreat back to town to heal when I damaged them. Before they probably would've followed me back to my own base and I would sit in a town with its advanced defenses and healing and destroy every squad that came near. It'll be interesting to see what other types of traps they have. Its going to be difficult to train for awhile since I'll need to build a strong ether converter to get enough ether to meet the high cost requirements of my characters.

The enforcers certainly act as more than dogs despite how they're regarded as such. Their thoughts, and hobbies are pretty interesting to see. And a lot of them like the "old fashioned" ways like not relying on holos for clothes and stuff. They do most of the detective work as well, it seems fitting as a criminal likely knows how other criminals think. And even just knowing how other criminals think makes it more likely for you think like a criminal as well. Going by that logic it makes sense why the Sibyl system has Officers (I think that Akane's rank is) monitor the Enforcers while they do the detective stuff and search for other criminals.

Even though Makishima does pretty horrible things to many of the characters in the show. They do well in explaining why he does what he does, why he thinks what he does, and his motivation behind defeating the Sibyl System. He was a perfectly suited antagonist for this show. The parallels with Kougami also help with that. It seems pretty common, though I find it interesting when there are a lot of qualities that an antagonist has in common with a protagonist yet due to some type of event, they go down two paths completely opposed to each other. Its just as easy for the protagonist to become like the antagonist and vice versa. Light and L seem to have a lot in common. They both scored perfectly at Todai (I think the university they went to was) and think in similar ways, yet they are completely opposed to each other. Yuuto and Shun are also like this. Their love for Kaori has greatly affected them due to their unfortunate circumstances. With Kaori being Yuuto's only family. And Kaori being the only person to show Shun kindness. Though they become very different people.

The Sibyl System assigning a job also sounds pretty interesting. It could be very useful, for people to be assigned to a particular job if they themselves don't understand what they want to do. Sometimes I feel like I want a big power like the Sibyl System to tell me what type of job/career I will do so I stop continously thinking about what I'd like to do. Though it causes problems for the people who want to teach and are assigned engineering instead. It could help a lot by ensuring everyone gets a job and eliminating unemployment. And people like Akane who are good at many things also have trouble finding something. The System basically gives several options like many people have in this world.

Mar 24, 2014
Anudevil13 says...

Shameless Self Promotion >.>

Surprise Surprise

Courtesy of

Hope you like the surpriseeeee :P

Mar 24, 2014
tsumiki says...

Maybe I'll throw sticks at everyone excluding the people I like, which there aren't that many people I actually like so a lot of people will be hurt in the process of making me president even though I probably lack the education to run a whole country :P

I think I might be a bit of a sadist, I don't know, I really love sadistic characters though, seriously any sadistic character is usually my favourite, they're just... I don't know, fantastic!

Oh my gosh!!! -____- when that part happened I wanted to strangle that guy, I can't even understand why he became a cross-dresser, usually I understand weird stuff like that, or try to at least but he was just so stupidly stupid that I didn't have time to be understanding, I only had time to scream at my laptop and cry because they weren't really seeing Menma! 

It was really brilliant, I've watched that death so many times and I cry every single time, it's really beautiful and I don't think the ending would have been quite as good if she lived, it's sad sure and I don't want people to die all the time but it needed to be done, no matter how sad. I just wish i could find some more shows with sad endings like that, it's so hard for me to find them!!

I had the biggest crush on Fujimoto for like 2 years, haha it's so embarrassing to think about but the amount of dreams I had about him is unnatural, plus I like him paired with Kobato over me... it breaks my heart but she is more suited to him :P I haven't seen Usagi Drop but I am going to watch it, I've read and heard so much about it that I think I'll really like it! :D

I only like air heads sometimes, sometimes people can really over do it and the air heads can be too annoying, or maybe you like them like that haha I don't know ^_^ Do you like yanderes? I was just talking to someone who said they liked them and that worries me, how could you like someone who hurts people just because the person they like talks to someone else... freaky O.O though, I try not to judge people's tastes yandere really freaks me out :P

Haha that friendship with those two lasted 2 days and they can't even remember my name so I guess I can't count them as my friends :P I have 1 friend who likes anime and he's watched sooo many, he's been watching anime since he was like 8 and he knows EVERYTHING sometimes it scares me because I'll tell him to watch a 12 ep show and he'll be done that day and give a whole review O.O he does hardly any school work xD I'm not really fussed about ages either but sometimes I feel really immature when I'm talking to people way older than me... even though they do watch anime xD

Thank you... even if you went into technical mode and explained it all I'd still be super confused haha, I think I put too many faces in my messages. 

Have you checked out the list for the anime that's soon to be released? I haven't really looked at it but my friend has been telling me all about the ones she wants to watch, they don't really sound like the ones I'd be into but I don't think you ever really know until you watch at least one episode :)

It's only 10:30pm and I think you write better replies when it's 3am haha :D

Mar 23, 2014