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School Rumble

Mar 26, 2012

School Rumble

Do note i intend to review School rumble 2, im still watching it but only have 3 episodes left and it is much better than season 1.Also i will be writing this review a little differant from normal but it should still be just as fun (i hope).

Anyways lets get on with it ;)

Highschool crushes can be endlessly enjoyable but quite the brute force of stress aswell and school rumble understands that. School rumble does a great job in excelling normal high school events and romance and taking it to new levels. Unlike most school life/life of life styled animes school rumble doesnt so much rely on fortunate events occuring to make stuff happen nor so much school filled events, the characters create a real feel for reality as they themselfs make what happens.


Well the plot is simple, mainly focusing on Harima and his crush for Tenma the series is full of additional characters wishing to confess there love. Now before i touch on that a good note for each party, if you dont mind a romance comedy, but you find that being overloaded with romance ruined it dispite how people talk of this i would worry, its true it had so much focus on love and the sort but the truth is dispite it all you will have a good laugh and shouldnt feel to overloaded with lovey dovey stuff, if however you love lovey dovery stories this will be enough to make you happy and you should have a good time. Anyways the story follows Harima's desperate attempts to confess to Tenma, luck doesnt land on his side though, with Tenma's dence'ness and other interuptions things really start kicking off.

The comedy is played quite well, tenma being so dense and oblivious is quite good as it makes Harima's life that much harder, which really creates lots of fun little happenings throughout the series. The romance is enjoyable to, it doesnt ever feel to forceful in your face sorta thing and feels rather realisticly put together.

In all the story is ok to follow, it holds some strong up points but some episodes are just killed with minor background characters and you feel like there just 'filler' episodes used for killing time, the sad thing is season 2 holds many of these but otherwise is rather enjoyable.


Sadly school rumble wont hold the best animated medal of the year, why? Well some characters are... plain, very cheaply drawn and feel like little work was put into practice on them. This being said i think alot of characters play there part quite well for design purposes and arnt all to shamefull.

 This is one thing i wish to touch upon. Kurasuma... as you can tell.. his eyes lack any detail and this is about the most emotion he shows throughout the show. Now i feel this was done intential (cant be sure) as his character (again i think intentially) is written as a boring lifeless person with no real traits of interest. The thing which bugs me is how cheap he looks, wether he is meant to be boring and so look it i feel they went a little overboard in ruining him, but heck if nothing else he's fun to laugh at.

(he kinda reminds me of yuki sohma... lame xD funny fact, appanrltly his english dub voice actor play yuki it fruits basket english dub, coninsidence much? :D)


Annoying? very... To clarify the opening of this anime drives you insane, its not a personal opinion either, almost everyone who watches it says the same, its just annoying. It's ending is a improvement, still not my sort of music so i cant say i enjoy it but its tollerable (i dont mute my tv like i do with the op), but some like it so i wont call it awful. for BGM i cant comment, nothing outstanding or memorable really... i cant touch on character songs as i havent herd em.

Otherwise tis cast isnt to bad, some annoying voices thrown in but heck they all work out in the end i suppose. I found Harima and Yakamo's voice actors did a great job. I actually took the liberty to watch this in english as well and the english voice actors seem to have done a reasonable job in dubbing the anime aswell so bravo to both sides, it can be enjoyed no matter how you like your anime ;)


Some anime's have great characters... some no so great, this has both. i personaily find Harima a never endling joke, hes truly great, the way he reacts to stuff is to die for and he is real funny. Tenma however i find to be very annoying... really its a ongoing portal here a love hate thing, but i hate the group of 3 (dont know there names and dont wanna) the huge fat kid, his kid with his stupid high hair... the fat kids friend and the other losser with them, god there a eyesore (litterally), its like there designed to be hated, they drive me up the wall everytime i see them, therefor costing this anime in points here. But shoving em aside, i took well to Harima, Yakomo and Hinai (however spelt), same with the blonde one Ereeie or something. Never understood the point in Akira, she was half guy and half girl in my eyes and just was a shadow to the show. I never took to mokoto either but as i said theres some great ones and some not so great, its a mix and match i guess. I still fail to see why Tenma likes Kurasuma though, hes plain and boring with no emotion, how crappy a character, so he annoys me and to be honest shes just a complete moron.

All in all (or Overall):

Season one of this is average, its a good time killer and enjoyable to put a smirk on your face or just give a nice sense of romance. Personaily i say if you watch this, ensure to watch the second semester (second series), its more enjoyable (besides the end is feeling a bit lame), but its got alot more happening in it really.

But in all for a romance comedy i say its worth checking out, it will be a hit or miss at worst!

Now lets end the review with some fan service? ;) nah just a good pic xD

Why? People honestly i must say shes the most attractive in the show.... and in all her personality is one which always makes me favor the characters ^^

7/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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