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Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka


Due to the large amount of bad reviews i felt i should pitch the good review in here (because i found it enjoyable) and explain why people are giving it average at best (without spoilers)


Why the low score? (by others)

To explain why people moan about the anime, basically the anime is presented in a love triangle type anime, though it could question if it steps into the Harem grounds as other characters seem to show affection to the main character Junichii (do consider though its a love triangle if its only 2 main characters after 1, it needs 3 or more for a Harem). The main reason for the low score is people dont like the ending, why? simple they didnt get the ending they wanted, i try not to critisize others as we all like differant things but they all say its bas because there ending wasnt shown, i admit myself i would liked the other ending to a degree (tough i didnt hate the ending, i found it was fine) i would never under rate a anime because some aspect i wanted wasnt there. So really after talking to a few who under rate it most admit the shows great untill ep10 onwards, which i found it was still good just if you dont want that other end it might be bad, now it could be me but i think its unfair to say a anime is bad because about 11%/12% of it (final episodes) wasnt the best, so realy ignore most which only under rate due to ending, if people say they didnt like it for other reasons like say they dislike plot then they are good to follow (though i found its plot enjoyable)


Now onto the review:


(Game cover below)

The story follows a high school student (Jun/Junichi) who is also more known by his middle school nick name the Geno-killer, he apparntly had a bit of a rebelious life there and now upfollows with this nick name haunting him. It starts with him meeting a young girl being bothered by some guys, after assisting her he just wants to continue home and live normal but as luck has it shes to be the new transfer student, and it doesnt stop there either...

After joining his class she is egar to thank him propperly for assisting her but he doesnt wish to hear of it, it rises a puzzlent in class how she seems to know him upon arrival but her extended time spent around him doesnt help. After a misunderstanding the two spred apart and she goes to dislike him, but as his chances have it its been decided by there parents (behind the scenes) that she is to be his arranged future wife, how embarassing for the two. Jun is supposed to create a good opinion and view of himself as she comes to move in, but can he live up to accept a girl who set out to hate him? a girl who failed him before she met him, and a girl who hates him anyways?

The drama kicks of as she fits into normal life with jun and his sister, though she set out to hate him she comes to learn his good qualities too, the qualities only his sister and small group of friends seem able to see. The anime is full of drama and some funny scenes as he tries to make due with life with this new girl in the house, and of course though there romance isnt as sweet as some would imagine it sure holds some great plot developments. I personaily enjoyed the plot a real lot, i disagree with the many who under rate this anime just because it leads you to a misleading end, thats actually a fact i like more, i love unexpected end's or misleading ones and this one sure is out of the blue. i do however sypaphise with people on the choice, not that i hate it (i was fine with it) in this animes case i would rather seen the alternate ending choose.



The animation design in the show has a nice look and feel to it, most compliment the anime highly for its beauty in scenery and character designs. There has been some good budget spenthere for sure.

Personaily i love the character designs as there very well done and look extreemly appealing.



I loved the opening for the anime, the closing song changed very commonly though i felt that almost all of them was also very good, they both suite the anime quite well and personaily i enjoyed the opening sync with its video mainly and the parts where it said "that wont do" and "just choose". The soundtrack in the show is also quite well, the games soundtrack is alot more usefull though as it contains alot more songs which are great, the animes are good but there just good, nothing exceptional and sometimes you kinda feel its lacking some music or some scenes music could been done better, so its really one them things, i feel you will either like it or you wont, i liked it but i can except some might not.



Well the characters as almost all will say are great, they are very unique and the differant personailties developed in the show are fun.

The character design as said above is really nice, though i dont think this picture if great proof of that (i choose it for the odd style the student council pres has)

As mention the characters are very unique and the character development moves on in a nice flow, unfortunatly this holds exception to Minato, its not her character development is bad its just rushed, as ther seris starts she is in a major role and plays her part well, we begin to learn about her as a person and its blantly obvious she thinks high of her brother who has been shot down by his unfair nick name and the fact he has been alone so long in his life. She is the nice sister type and as she opens up shes fine but around the end she just spills the whole thing and rushes to who she really is... shame really. But most should enjoy Yuuhi's character development. The side characters are also enjoyable (espically in the ova) and play there roles well.

One thing i would like to add is the characters are all rather cute in there own way, though i never actually undertstood if Ayanakouji actuallu liked Jun or not.... i mean she sure semt serious on this "love rival" role she decided to play against Yuuhi but she semt origonally to just be doing it to toy with Yuuhi or make her admit her feelings but she gets rather carried away in the seris so im unsure what was going on there.



For anyone who like anyone Love rival, Love triangle, Harem, comedy or Drama anime this should appeal to you.

The nice character design and fun plot are enjoyable constant through the seris. The cute look to che characters also help make them more appealing and alot easier to grow attached to so you can dive into the anime alot easier.

The show's use of comedy is used in a good moderation, it doesnt spoil the show by trying to hard to be fun and makes it enjoyable as a side aspect.

Constant drama throughout the show also makes it rather fun and is honestly one thing which makes it a much watch for any drama fan. The ending to the show (as mentioned in the start) can feel a disspaointment as for the choices Jun follows but being realistic i think it isnt all to bad, considering who she is to him, think of who he used to be before judging. I wont mention who it is but i honestly think its obvious, i tried to keep it out but most reviews say it anyway. Really though the endiing isnt by any means terrible.

I think the seris in all was worth the watch and deserves a much better score than some are offering it.


And now some pointless random oversize image of Nagomi... why? i dunno her whole purpose in the show is random and she makes me laugh xD +shes addorable :P










8.5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Madoka Apr 18, 2012

i could probberly agree to some extent where your coming from here... Peronsaily i dont find the characters decently fitting but we all do share differant opinions so this is of course to be expected.

The plot i can maybe agree with, the thing is i wasnt ever able to discover if it was meant to be a lucky star type thing with no real plot (or better put, a Slice of Life) basically just stringing along the events as they appear or wether it was holding the story. I agree with the dumb parents, to this day i see no point in the aspect, there isnt a point is why, it was dumb and time killing... something of a filler.

So i sorta understand some area's of what your saying though my opinions differ (we are all differant ^^) but i do accept some (or many) may share simular view points to you

NerdFail Apr 17, 2012

well, yeah I personally would have to completely disagree with you on this review. And I don't really know about other reviews, but for me personally this has nothing to do with the ending. Really I think it was a good anime and was doing well for maybe the first 4 or 5 episodes, and then it started to slowly crumble, until about episode 9 where it just started to completely degrade into nothing. And it's not because of what the ending actually was, but because of how they presented everything.

Like the plot, I thought was completely out of control. It felt like they were literally just jumping from one moment to the next without anything inbetween. There was no really definitive coherency to how the plot connected. Plus it felt like a lot of the stuff they put into the plot/anime they only added simply because they wanted to add as many popular 'concepts' (for lack of a better word) as possible. The biggest and most obvious example would be the whole military idea with their parents; I mean seriously, it has almost no purpose at all (and the little that it does has is forced), and overall it's blatantly obvious that it was only included to try to appeal to the masses.

But anyways that's just my view. I also have a whole ton of things I could say about the characters, but if I started I'm unsure if I could stop. The bottom line though is that in my opinion, this anime deserves a underaverage rating not because of how the end turned out to be (even though every fibre of my being cringed at the thought), but because neither the characters nor plot were well put-together and developed.