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Green Green

Sep 13, 2011

Green Green


First i would just like to say dispite the constant negative reviews i didnt find the anime all to bad, there are many of both Pro's and Con's in this anime and i will try to comment on them as i can. The anime isnt bad though i would like to strech that before going on.



Right i wont deny the story is odd in how it works. The story line its self isnt to bad providing you narrow it to what the story is "supposed" to be about. The story is set to follow Midori and Yuusuke, Midori seems to be oddly in love with Yuusuke from first sight but he doesnt seem to know who she is, she proclaims she knew him in a past life, at the start of each episode it shows the same scene (which becomes annoying) about a love which was forbidden in its time so they moved to a later time frame after dying over and over to one day be reuinited and marry and live on happy (this isnt a spoiler as each episode says it stright away). Midori is egar to persue Yuusuke in this world and so with him not remembering who she is she only has the one choice to make him fall in love with her again, but that wont be easy in the acadamy, espically with only 1month and the perverted male students of Yuusuke lurking the corrdiors.

The story is actually good, or i should say could be, it gets great near the end of the show but throughout the show it feels like the same thing over and over and practially it begins to ignore the idea of it having a story, though it is a comedy so its ok to a degree to have some weird random episodes with no plot but i just felt at some points is was like a episode of lucky star or pani poni just with more a plot in it, and more 18 rated.

So in summary, its simple pro here is its story has some great potential and gets reall interesting near the end, but does also feature some good parts earlier (i think the whole story with Futaba-chan going missing was good and her affections for Yuuske felt real aswell, the cons are it feels like it doesnt explain anything till the end, it doesnt follow much of the story and just random events start flying of the gun



I dont have much to say here, they was average really, the scenery never looked to exception and didnt stand out to much but it wasnt by any means bad, it was ok for any standards i guess, i think the hotspring scenes was well done and dispite me regretting saying this, character body design (skin wise) was quite nicely done.


sound isnt much from animation, its soundtrack doesnt stand out to well but personaily i did enjoy its opening and closing songs, i admit i do buy some my favorite anime soundtrakcs (Things like Angel Beats and True Tears), and this wouldnt be a soundtrack i would buy, though it isnt bad its just not to memerable.

EDIT- I borrowed the OST for the anime + Games from my friend and would like to be fair and add the soundtrack CD's are actually really good, they have some great tracks on and are rather enjoyable so i am knocking sound up to 8 (from previous 7)

Also i came to learn this is also in english dub, i havent tried the seris i only watched 10mins in english but it sounds awful, i dont mind dubs but i recomend keeping sub here




All in all the characters start off as a great laugh but become annoying. Futaba was by far a favorite character for me, i loved how she expressed her feelings and denied them, i also found her cute, but her sister Wakaba was also a favorite for me, her and her love for her cactus was fun but her using it in attacks was funny, and i liked her in the OVA bonus with its super attacks :D (the weird scene as she did it in the ova was odd but suiting xD). Otherwise some characters are cute, like Saneai and Wakaba, some had a mean streak and some was revolting, but all in all the characters arnt to bad, just by the middle some them wil be irritating (from the guys anyways) but they do get better at the end). My only issue here was mainly the fact that the main 3, Yuusuke, Midori and Futaba, feel boring, well 2, i loved Futaba to be fair, she was interesting but the other 2 was quite plain.



In summary the anime is under rated by some way, its got a few issues and over uses fan service though it is Ecchi so thats not a unexpected thing. The show does have a fun good story line and could be great, it looses points as it doesnt spend much time round the story untill the final 2/3 episodes which is a shame. In all i would recomend it for a laugh, it can be ammusing and some scenes are halerious, the only problems with comedy is some jokes are used Way to much but it can be funny, i recomend watching it along side something you enjoy or another anime, to watch this alone might become boring as to many episodes a day would seem simular but it is good for over time watching and can be real good for all people to enjoy if you like adult humour.

I do recomend watching the Green Green 13: Erolutions ova as it is a great way to end the show, the ending is really good and not what you expect, the origonal OVA doesnt touch to much on continuing the ending though but the Erolutions OVA does follow on from how it ended and gives a end for Futaba chan aswell.

i would say it isnt as bad as people make it sound, but do remember its part Ecchi so it does contain large amounts of fan service



6.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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Symmetrical Jan 5, 2012

I know Green Green is a really shitty anime......but just something about how it felt made me really love this show....