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Angel Beats Epilogue

(the only spoilers in here are to them who havent finished the seris, i might touch on the ending of the origonal seris so please be aware)... i dont not give spoilers for the short episode here though

for them who dont know, this is basically a alternate ending to how the show ends, the DVD version of the show ends with angel leaving the world after there friends have all departed onto there next life, the scene of the roof is followed by a small scene which shows a girl who represents angel and a guy to represent otanashi, otanashi was attracted by the song Kanade (angel) was huming thus following the Asian philosohpy of reincarnation and "red string" which basically is supposed to represent true love meaning there fates are always tied to one another and destined to meet


Story here:

so whats new? this story is what is known as the true ending, before Kanade departed Otanashi suggested staying behind together to help new comers to the world and help them move on, explaining about how they can find peace ect. In this origonal or "alternate" ending (though it is the true ending people see it as a alternate as it isnt the ending given in the box set), Kanade does infact leave the world but the ending is how its shown, Otanashi is infact left behind all alone now, the entire SSS has moved on and now he's alone.

This epilouge takes place a little later (time frame isnt given but i assume its not long) and otanashi is infact funny enough the student counsil president, and after some time a new student joins the world.

Otanshi must quickly strive to help this student understand the world, and with encouraging words help them move on, but is he up to the task? i think the end is well suited and carries the story on well, though many like to belive it might lead to a season 2, it does leave the possibility open but i doubt you will see one, as dispite thisbeing the real ending it wasnt choosen as the real one in the production of the show.



It uses the same animation and sound of the origonal seris so no problems here, i was let down to not here a Girls Dead Monster track play, but theres no band to play it so i guess only way woulda been a CD or something.



the show only has otanshi and the new comes but still they are well done, its nice to see how otanashi is, and how he faces the place alone with his friends moved on, its also nice to see how hes changed but how his heart is still set on its goal. so i have no complaints



its 3mins i cnt say loads, but its worth watching, even if you watched the dubbed Angel Beats, its only 3mins of Subbed, i strongly recomend forthem who thirst more from the great work of Jun Meada and Key, its a interesting ending to the show and it helps for them who want to know more. Though it does leave space for them to make a new season (keeping otanashi but a new crew) you are unlikely to see this, there isnt much left to the show, all ended well but i still recomend watching :)


9/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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semai Jul 2, 2015

I read this from an interview from the main maker ( Maeda Jun ) of Angel Beats: "Take this with a grain of salt, but i personally don't want a second season - it ended fine, as is". So i'm almost 100% sure a second season or remake wont come. But atleast in 2015 a new anime from the same makers will come out called 'Charlotte'. I don't know what it is yet but we'll see :).

Jashadow Nov 4, 2012

A lot of people think a 2nd season would kill the series, but the first season leaves a few questions that could be answered.  I assume it will be answered in the manga, but once it's done, we won't know.

ShiningStar Oct 2, 2011

i liked this aswell :D

Madoka Oct 2, 2011

i would enjoy seeing a second season, there is alot of potential on how it could be constructed, espically if they use this ending from bonus ending (it was the "True" ending afterall)

jack96 Oct 2, 2011

Hope there is a season 2 for it ...